What is Wrong with Movies

What is wrong with movies that makes adults complain there aren’t as many good movies today as in the past?

The cause can be traced to changes in the type of audience. Specifically, many adults stopped going out to the movies.


Many adults went to see movies during the first fifty years of movies. Movies were one of the cheapest forms of entertainment when many people were poor through the Great Depression and World War II.


After television came along, many adults stopped going out to see movies.

The development of radio and then television in the 1950s suddenly provided a cheaper and more convenient alternative to movies, where people could stay home and watch free television paid for by advertising.

Also, television surpassed movies role of providing entertainment occasionally by providing needed entertainment every evening after work, and all the days as well.

Initially people could only see whatever television shows the three networks decided to broadcast (in the USA).

So there was still some need for lavish movies on the big screens of theaters.


Video stores began to appear in the 1980s, each offering a room full of films to choose from.

So even fewer adults went to theaters to see movies.


Netflix began in 1997, sending DVDs through the mail, and then started streaming movies in 2008, now offering over 100,000 movies to choose from.

So even fewer adults are going to theaters to see movies.


Kids and teenagers have increasingly become the dwindling audiences that movie producers can lure into theaters, where they make most of their money.

So movie studios have gradually reduced making movies for adults and increasingly make more movies for kids and teenagers, most recently movie versions of comic book heroes.

And with domestic movie-theater admissions down almost 20 percent in the past decade between 2003 to 2013, the business finds itself on the precipice, with the iPhone and Xbox leaning against it.

So now many adults complain that there aren’t many good movies today as in the past.

But there are good docudramas and documentaries available, many of which go unnoticed because they are not widely promoted like dramas and action movies and romantic comedies that can get bigger audiences to go to theaters.

Modern Life is too busy to waste time watching bad movies!

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