Video Store Dilemma

The Video Store Dilemma is: Which Movies to Choose?

Has this ever happened to you?

You walk into a video store hoping to find a good movie to watch.

Inside the video store you have a whole room full of movies to choose from.

But the only titles you know much about are the movies you have already seen!

You may have heard the names of some others, but you have no way of telling if they are good or not.

You can’t trust the advertising on the movie container, because all movies are advertised as good, even if they are bad.

The usual result is that you often wind up renting a movie you know very little about.

And many times you wind up disappointed after watching the movies you rented.

Because many movies are not very good.

The movie’s bad, and you’re mad, because you paid for it – and wasted an evening.

Most of us have taken countless trips to a local movie rental location on weekends to scour the shelves, trying to find a movie everyone actually wants to watch. If everyone can compromise on something (which is usually no easy task!), and the movie is actually in stock, you wait in line to pay for the movie, buy some overpriced popcorn and drive back home for an evening of entertainment. And often the movie is disappointing. Then hopefully you remember to take the movie back before you get a late fee. Does that scenario sound familiar to anyone?

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that video stores appeared and gave people several hundred movies to choose from.

Now Netflix offers you over 100,000 movies to choose from.

This has created a new problem of over-choice – far too many movies to choose from.

Netflix has greatly increased the Video Store Dilemma.

The problem is that of the 100,000 movies to choose from on Netflix, you’ve only heard of a few.


So how can you find the best movies hiding among so many to choose from?

First, you might choose to see one of the recently made movies you’ve heard about because of the advertising of 100 million dollars for some films.

Second, you might wait until after the end of the year when the awards shows like the Academy Awards pick out the best movies of the past year.

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