Unprecedented: The 2000 Election

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election examines an allegedly suspicious pattern of irregularities, injustices and voter purges — all in a state governed by the winning candidate’s brother. Filmmakers Joan Sekler and Richard Ray Perez rehash the dramatic events of the 2000 presidential election, exposing a chain of incidents they claim led up to the battle for the presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. Narrated by Peter Coyote, this revealing documentary is powerful and it is damning. And at that, it offered only a sampling of the vile tactics used to discourage black voters in Florida. The film sounds like a polemic. But it is hard for a documentary not to sound like a polemic in a situation where Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State, was working for the Bush campaign and yet did not recuse herself from making the decision to certify the election results without allowing for a full recount of disputed votes. A simple statement of the facts sounds damning because it is damning. I am still mad about this election, and how our votes were not counted. As a lifelong Floridian, the events of 2000 are an embarrassment. It does do a good job of discussing the flawed voting purge lists. This documentary shows us that as far as too many office holders are concerned, we are a tin pot democracy ripe for the stealing. They lie, cheat, and steal. They do it in offices we put them in. They do it with our money. They do it for their own benefit and not ours. They have changed public office from a public trust to public office for personal and political gain. They belong in jail. I’m not upset with this election because the candidate with the most popular votes didn’t get the electoral college vote. I am upset and offended because I am an American. I’m concerned because the popularly elected candidate was not sworn in, but instead the Supreme Court picked the president. Appointed, if you will. The numbers of votes do not lie. The conflict of interest among those in powerful positions in the State of Florida alone corrupted this election. And the evidence is clear that they did indeed abuse their positions and confuse the voters to create a complete debacle. And yet he still didn’t win the vote there, but enough confusion was created that the courts had to be called in to decide. Some favors were called in, and we all paid the price. We’re left with a weakened, corruptible election system. Some paid the ultimate price in an unnecessary and personally vengeful war. A part of America died. I’m not upset with the election because Gore lost. We soon saw what kind of leader GW Bush really is. It will take a long time to heal this damage caused by warmongering. I suppose those Americans who wanted Dubya to win really did get what they deserved in the end. Documentary 2002 UR 49 minutes.


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