TWA Flight 800

TWA Flight 800 is a provocative documentary that examines the fate of this flight to Paris, France, which exploded in 1996 just minutes after takeoff from New York. It includes interviews with official investigators who claim that the catastrophe was no accident. The film presents a thorough investigation, as well as interviews with credible witnesses and investigators. It also goes into great detail about how our government tried to hide the truth and how they failed miserably to cover it up. It avoids sensationalism or the drawing of any political conclusions. I am a lawyer and I do not consider myself a gullible person. I don’t believe in UFO’s, 9/11 conspiracy, or any other kook stuff you see on the “History” channel. But this movie has convinced me that this was a cover-up by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). This movie presents the producers’ theory of what occurred, without speculating on motives, and I believe their theory is supported by the evidence. Two pilots flying nearby testify that they witnessed a missile attack on Flight 800, and the missile was also seen and corroborated by hundreds of witnesses on the ground. Crash investigators from a variety of agencies believe that physical evidence of the debris also corroborates the missile attack. And radar data appears to show a high velocity explosion consistent with a missile attack, not a low velocity explosion from inside the plane. Then you listen to the attempted explanation by the NTSB and the CIA. After I heard the government version of events, I was even further convinced of the film’s viewpoint. Like I said, I am not one for believing in conspiracy theories. So take it from me: the people shown in this film are worth your attention. This is a staggering indictment of the NTSB Managers and especially the FBI officials that are proven to be liars. Verified evidence of FBI tampering with the tags indicating where debris evidence was found, along with intimidation and threatening of witnesses and NTSB investigators — the list of deliberate acts to obfuscate and hide the truth is jaw dropping. There was a blanket policy of discounting eyewitness accounts in this case, and that should tell you there was a cover-up. The conclusion is unmistakable. Flight 800 was destroyed by the external explosions of three separate missiles — and the NTSB, FBI and CIA acted to cover up this fact. Watching this film you will be easily convinced that those in positions of responsibility were actively denying any wrongdoing by the military. We have been lied to. Well, at the present time many years after this incident, it is now common knowledge that agencies in this country as well as the media are often not to be believed. This documentary is helpful in that it adds validation to the view that events are taking place around us that are falsified by powers that be. The involvement of the CIA makes it even more likely that our government is covering up a BIG issue here. This looks like a case of how the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetency) and CIA can coerce another Government agency, the NTSB, to cover up a covert government operation. This is a slap in the face to the American people and people everywhere. So there is blatant evidence that three missiles brought down TWA 800, but what would be the motive in shooting it down? The question never asked on this film was “Why”? Why did whoever was responsible strike down this airplane full of innocent people. Why was the destruction of a passenger plane by three missiles covered up? Was it a military training exercise gone wrong? That theory would seem to be ruled out by the fact that there were three missiles fired from three different spots. Could it be there was someone or something on that plane that the US government did not want to arrive in Paris? But this is not a conspiracy theory movie, because a conspiracy theory would give an explanation of the alleged dark motives that caused the events to occur. This is no 9/11 type of conspiracy movie. If you are interested in facts, research and due diligence, definitely watch this documentary. If you are the type of person who dismisses every allegation questioning the official statement of an event as a conspiracy theory, this is a film I would recommend. If you are the type of American who thinks that your government is always completely honest in their statements, this is a film I would recommend (and pray for the intellectually underdeveloped sorts that call this a “conspiracy theory”). This is proof of how easy it is to fool some Duh-mericans and make them believe everything the combined propaganda machine of the government and media tells them. As frustrating as it is to know the lengths our government will go to stonewall investigations, it is also uplifting to see some people in this country work tirelessly and never give up to expose the truth, like the makers of this film. This is an excellent investigative documentary about what happened to TWA Flight 800. They cover all angles. Catch the doc yourself and decide — at the very least it will make you seriously question the government’s findings and conclusions. This really makes the government look bad for not being honest with citizens. I hope someday there can be an answer to the questions this film poses, for the good of the victims’ families. This is an outstanding documentary — well written, well filmed and researched. Very interesting! I heartily recommend viewing this. I give this a 5 star rating as it goes into great detail of what seems truly to have happened. I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Documentary 2013 PG-13 1hr 31m.


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