Trinity & Beyond

Trinity & Beyond, The Atomic Bomb Movie, uses jaw-dropping footage that was previously classified by the U.S. government, this fascinating documentary compiled by special effects filmmaker Peter Kuran and narrated by William Shatner chronicles the development of the atomic hydrogen bomb. Highlights include an underwater detonation of an atomic bomb designed to test the effect of the blast on ships at sea, as well as an interview with nuclear weapons developer Edward Teller. May be the most thrilling – and the most chilling – documentary you’ll ever see. The terrifying power on display is absolutely mesmerizing. The rapid increase in power from one test blast to the next, as presented in director Kuran’s fast-paced cut, shows how obsessed the atomic project leaders became with squeezing out the maximum destructive force from the tiny atom. The score adds to the overall impact – operatic in feel, the grandeur of the music fits nicely with the “weightiness” of the subject matter.  It is the most complete documentary on Nuclear and Hydrogen bombs I have ever seen. These bombs are clearly the most destructive man-made objects on this planet. The bombs that were dropped on Japan are firecrackers compared to what is out there today. One Trident missile can carry up to 14 warheads and with 24 missiles on a boat. This is a must-see for everyone living under the threat of the Atomic Bomb because it shows you the amazing and frightening power of nuclear fission. Another documentary titled Radio Bikini documents the human suffering as a direct result of the U.S. Government/Military’s efforts to increase the destructive power of the Atomic bomb. As a child of the “duck and cover” era of the 50’s, I feel that this film should be required viewing in high schools. Documentary 1995 NR 1hr 33m.


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