Top the best environmental films all the time

The films about the environmental topic have been popular with all walk of people. It is a useful way to express importance, role as well danger from the environment to the human life if only we destroy it.

This article will share top the best films about the environment which have been existed and valued all the time. Let count down top the most important environmental films ever made in the world.

1/ Koyaanisqatsi

Produced in 1982 by Godfrey Reggio as a director, this film was on top the best environmental film you should enjoy although it was launched from many years ago.

This film was an epic, wordless exploration about a slogan called “Koyaanisqatsi”. It means life out of balance. This film told a story about spectacular image of nature with the frenetic coming then going fast of a small urban. The film was also related to culture and tradition of Buddhist meditation about the environment. Sometime you feel tired or down mood, but finally you can see amazingly about the importance of the nature.

2/ An Inconvenient Truth

This film was launched in 2006 and received good reviews from audiences because the director dared to refer the global warning issue under the scientific case. The fact that, warming global will continue to cause much damages and danger for lives and infrastructure of the human. The director tried to invest big budget to make terrible sceneries about the climate advocacy movement without AI Gore at the podium.

3/ The Day after Tomorrow

This film was completed and shown in 2004. Still referring to the climate change, but this view is different of film “An Inconvenient Truth”. It took audience to discover a disaster roller coaster in a terrible melt wreaks in New York city.

After this film, you made some questions without correct answers about the future of the next generation or how the human life under the climate change.

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