Top ten kids’ movies with the environment issue

The environment plays an important role in the human development. We can’t live without breathing, eating or drinking anything. So to wake up children’s mind about protection planet earth.

Continuing the previous article, we discuss more kid’s movie about the environment issue. Hope that your kids can understand their responsibility to preserve the earth forever.

3/ Over the Hedge

A group of animals feel extremely surprising when they wake up after a long hibernation and realize that their houses are being destroyed by the human. Almost all woods in the forest have been cut down and replace by high building.

This firm has inspiration from the film no. “United Media comic” launched in 2006. The meaning is great to think twice about something happened in the past.

4/ Avatar

This film has background from post-apocalyptic world when the natural resources has been severely exploited by the human.

Now our lives will completely depend on another habitable moon called Pandora. When Na’vi- a humanoid species is living in Pandora, the expansion of the human can threat them. So what can people do to save their lives? The answer will be replied in this film.

5/ Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

This cartoon seems funny and colorful to introduce about the terrible consequence when the human don’t protect and preserve the environment.

Through a lot of humor, director wish to give meaningful message to the children that to save our lives, they have clear awareness about importance of the planet earth.

6/ Stallion of the Cimarron

This is a great story about a wild horse. He has been caught by someone who wants to tame and teach him. To save life himself, what can he do?

The fact that, almost children don’t know about herds of wild ponies so this film introduces new information and though about horse.

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