Top ten kids’ movies with the environment issue (Part 1)

Recently, we have heard news about climate change, greenhouse effect or pollution which badly makes our world in danger. So wake up kid’s awareness about life, parents can share and watch the film about the environment issue together. It seems obvious evidences to make clear knowledge for kids.

This following will recommend top ten kid’s movie. Let’s spend free time in the weekend and enjoy it with your kid.

FernGully- The Last Rainforest: this cartoon was produced in 1992 when the environment problems didn’t become serious as nowadays but it can predict something bad for the future. Beautiful fairies lived in magical rainforest peacefully day by day. But one day, their lives were threatened by destructive loggers. They cut down a tree and release Hexxus as an evil. Crysta- the fairy with her friends finds solution to defeat the pollution-loving demon and protect their home.

Through this film, the author wants to call people preserve the wilderness areas still left on. Please don’t destroy the nature because it is the key to protect our earth longer and longer, even forever.

WALL-E: It is a hit film from 2008 which takes place in the next 700 years. In this time, Robot WALL-E is the last sentient alive in the deserted, trash-covered ghost town while the human have fled to gigantic space ships in the space. One day, robot EVE comes to the earth then they fall in love. Both robots come back the space and adventure to convince to returning the earth and start a new life.

This message from this film is warning about our earth in the future if we continue to contribute to destroy the environment, then in a not far day, our world will disappear our planet. Then we can’t control or determine whether how we can live well.

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