The Yes Men Fix the World

In The Yes Men Fix the World, two pranksters known as the Yes Men employ monkey business to highlight bad behavior by corporations. In this film, the Yes Men go after a collection of corporations who have injured the world in one way or another. They go into corporate meetings and conventions posing as heads of business to expose how greed and instant stock satisfaction destroys lives. One such was the political and economic shenanigans surrounding the ecological catastrophe of the 1984 Union Carbide disaster in India of the Bophal industrial accident that killed over 10,000 people when a pesticide plant exploded. Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno pose as spokesman for the Dow Corporation (which took over Union Carbide) and go on live TV apologizing for their role in the incident and pledging to fix the wrong. I was dumbfounded watching the BBC World News allow these guys to say Dow was going to reimburse India 12 billion dollars on camera live, worldwide, which wasn’t done for laughs, but as hard punch in the face of a multi-billion dollar American company that got away with murder and didn’t even bother cleaning up the toxic mess left behind. The pranks in this film are great. Yes they are illegal as fraud but they make a social commentary. The Yes Men target selectively and explain why they target these corporations. Other pranks involve addressing HUD for screwing New Orleans, and Halliburton for making money wherever disaster strikes. The final 15 minutes is worth it to see a future bogus New York Times newspaper put out in Manhattan with all the good news you’d want to read. I just kept saying to myself, I cannot believe these guys haven’t been arrested for impersonating officials. But I love their brave attempt to open our eyes and challenge the theories of traditional business activities. I found this film to be funny, but more than that it was a sad commentary on our society. It was well put together and even inspirational by the end. Well done — way to go! Documentary 2009 NR 87 minutes.


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