The Revisionaries

The Revisionaries is a documentary that looks at a pitched cultural conflict over school textbook standards in Texas, as determined by the state’s Board of Education (BOE). Watch as people who think that humans and dinosaurs co-existed decide what is taught in our schools. This documentary opened my eyes up to something I never knew about — I never knew how the Texas Board of Eucation’s decisions on what to put in textbooks could affect the nation as a whole, because that huge textbook market influences what goes into textbook editions that are also sold to the other states. So people should watch this film to understand that what happens in education in Texas affects most of the United States. The film focuses mainly on Don McLeroy, a dentist and BOE member, who believes that creationism should be put in textbooks, rather than evolution. I find it rather disturbing that people actually voted a man into the state school board who believes the earth is six thousand years old and that Man walked with dinosaurs. While there is nothing wrong in electing a religious man onto a school board, it becomes a problem when that man chooses to ignore science and attempts to throw away hundreds of years of scientific theory. Although some may not mind Don McLeroy, I can’t help but think that most will be outraged by his behavior, his words, but most importantly, his effect on the education of our nation. Having students ages 5-18 be misinformed on one of the most fundamental pieces of modern science could only lead the United States down a bad path. This is really a battle of a religious interest group to shape the USA they way they see fit–deconstructing science and bringing back the Bible. When watching this documentary, the information presented and the views of the “religious right” are shocking. During the textbook adoption approval process, they are making amendments to change the wording in the texts in order to insert phrasing of their ideology into these books, and ultimately into classrooms. Going through books line by line and changing wording to suit this person’s religious agenda….I was hoping things like this didn’t happen in the USA! As a Christian college student, even I find this horrifying. Yeah, it’s great if you believe in God and whatnot, but as soon as that belief gets in the way of practical, scientific and rational learning, you’re not just harming yourself, you’re harming the intellect and the potential of hundreds of thousands of children who are under the Texas system.  I grew up in Texas and was educated there, and it took YEARS of self-education and reading to undo the ludicrous nonsense I was exposed to in the classroom. And that was in the ’60s and ’70s. I pity the citizens of Texas who have to continually fight to give their kids a true science-based education. They are indoctrinating our children with information that would put them at a huge disadvantage against the knowledge and capabilities of children around the world. This movie shows us the scary reality that Texas is making our nation less equipped to lead in science, history and in any form of rational thinking ability in the world today. I have to say I don’t use this language easily, but I felt true hate welling up in me watching the clear misrepresentation and willful ignorance of the religious right in this documentary. This is an important documentary to let people know there is a struggle between secular and far-right religious groups, who are both fighting for how they want to shape the future of this country. The scary thing is they are making changes, and you leave this documentary wondering what if the religious right does really succeed? It’s tactics like these that made people burn books and kill people in history. What a scary look at the current state of American education! Don’t ever live in Texas if you want your children to have a good education. It is incredible how the Texas school board has twisted the purpose of education to suit the religious beliefs of those on the school board. If they feel so strongly about what they believe why don’t they just home-school their kids instead of imposing their convoluted beliefs on everyone else? For the Christian fundamentalists, go ahead, teach your kids fictitious religious dogma but leave everyone else’s kids free to learn the truth. Basically it comes down to this, believe whatever you want just don’t try to force it onto others. This documentary should be viewed as a call to arms to those who do not want pseudo-science taught in public schools. Those who want to break down the Constitutional wall of separation between church and state are tirelessly seeking to do so. And the rest of us must be vigorously opposed. (and I don’t just mean atheists like myself but all people who understand the importance of church/state separation regardless of their worldview). Easily one of the most important documentaries I have ever watched. EVERYONE should watch this film. Definitely a must-see from no matter where you stand. Whether you are Christian or not, a student, a teacher, or a community member, the “Revisionaries” informs us all on what has been happening behind closed-doors, and the effect of such behavior. Everyone must see for themselves that there are people in politics changing the wording in textbooks. Warning — watching this slow political process is like watching sausage being made, but it’s important that voters know what is going on. Be prepared to be surprised and outraged. Five stars for content, and for making the documentary. There would be no stars for the Texas State Board of Education. DINOSAURS ROAMED THE ARK! Hard to say I like a movie that made me shake my head in disgust. But it’s scary when the Texas governor appoints a man to head the Texas Board of Education who openly believes that Man walked with dinosaurs because Noah’s Ark was large enough to hold them all — he even has a model that shows that the ark was tri-level. The bottom level was built specifically to hold all the animal poop — I be’s disgusted cuz I never gots me no edumacations ’bout dat before. Documentary 2012 NR 1hr23m.

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