The four best climate-change films in Hollywood

Hollywood is well-known with series of action or romantic films whereas it is usually frosty to the environmental movies. But the fact that Hollywood has some outstanding films about the environment topic. They made strongly impression and affection to audiences. Here is the top four climate-change films in Hollywood.

Rank first: Snow-piercer

Scene of the Snow-piercer is a small society of 21st century with multicultural and multimedia but it only has 1% in charge of the engine. When the climate is changed by engineering destroying, the Earth is pushed into a new ice age where few people can survive by a huge train that perpetually circumnavigating the globe.

These discrepancies, argument or conflict among people go round in circles without any solutions. This endings seems familiar to our situation nowadays.

Rank second: The Day After Tomorrow

It’s nominated by director Roland Emmerich. This film was a greatly clear statement about the environment in Hollywood. He wanted to wake up awareness and consciousness about the eco system. Although the content seemed strict and serious, it expressed by the humor style. A few people could scare about the sight of southern American climate refugees along Mexico’s border. Some people feed lack of faith on the climate change in the globe.

Rank third: Hell

This film was also produced by Roland Emmerich. Leaving Hell in Germany in 2011, there was a strange look about the Earth. It includes in rising 10 degree daytime, vampires round vacations or some society’s remnants wander. This film opened a post-apocalyptic playbook where the human had to go the Hell as consequence. A little amazing and thrilling when you saw scenes in hell.

Rank forth: Beasts of the Southern Wild

This film told a story about six-year-old hush puppy with other southern magical-realist fables. A little imagination about ecologic and premonitions of prehistoric, this film reminded us climate change as real blockbuster event of the human survival.

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