The Big Fix

The Big Fix is a documentary turning cameras on the devastating 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, where two filmmakers unearth a stunning stream of corruption. If you think you know the story of the Gulf spill by BP (British Petroleum), take the time to watch this brilliant film that re-tells that story with details that have been purposely hidden. It also helps connect the dots between how and why we are consistently lied to and our health compromised in the name of corporate profits. It features investigative reporting in the Gulf and interviews ranging from the Gulf to Washington DC in an attempt to understand how this disaster could have been allowed to happen. This film presents some important on-the-ground journalism about the BP spill that is not being done by many others. Where is the media? The movie delivers a lot you won’t get from the mass media. If one relies on just what the news media feeds you or the government tells you, then you will only get a very small part of the story. These types of documentaries are good to watch to get another more in-depth viewpoint on a story. This film pulls no punches with interviews — the interviews with local people are heart-wrenching. This documentary exposes the corruption that allowed BP to get away with the worst oil disaster in the history of the US. It exposes the betrayal by bribed specialists, scientists and technocrats who have sought to cover up the damage this event has caused to the ecology of the ninth largest body of water on Earth. It exposes the fact that our governments, both state and federal, are corrupted by the trans-national corporate oligarchy. This doc tells the story of the history of BP starting in Iran, the story of oil in Louisiana, and the career of oil opponent Gov. Huey Long. There are details here that I did not know: 1: Do you have any notion how VAST this “spill” was? I’m betting no, because no one has a full handle on it, and they sure as hell didn’t want you or I knowing. But the information is there….see that one graphic, showing the spill of oil lake covering about 75 percent of the Gulf. 2: The spill has been leaking long after BP, Obama and the media said it had stopped; the spill still has not been adequately capped — therefore oil may still spilling out (who knows?). Having been to Prince William Sound, the site of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, years after the “cleanup” attempts….. there is NO WAY they will ever get this BP spill cleaned up. 3: It investigates the use of extremely toxic dispersants to effectively hide the oil. The truth is, they DO use dispersant to COVER things up, not to CLEAN things up. Its name “dispersant” alone tells you what the stuff does. It’s not “oil be gone”, it’s “oil be hidden”! Out of sight, out of mind. So they just spray this Corexit on everything and there you have it, nothing more to look at on the surface. BP uses this highly toxic dispersing agent (banned in the UK) which was criticized because it caused health problems after the Valdez cleanup. Not surprisingly, lobbyists from the manufacturer have some sway in Washington DC. 4: The U.S. Department of Defense buys more energy from BP than any other company. The picture that evolves is the destruction of the ecosystem — the marine equivalent to mountaintop removal mining. So the BP oil spill is still happening in the Gulf of Mexico through fissures in the cracked ocean floor and the toxic dispersant Corexit is still being used, poisoning the seafood, people, etc. One of the producers got chemical poisoning while filming there. At the screening I was in, one of the audience members actually had a panic attack. Eye-opening. It opens your eyes to not only the harmful effects of this spill, but to much deeper corruption within our government that we continue to allow. Hardly surprising that Big Oil is paying off the government to cooperate and keep quiet. The fact is that we live in a petroleum-based society. The real truth this documentary emphasizes is that big corporations are the driving force behind U.S. politics and policies. Most of us know this is true, but either just don’t care or think we cannot make a difference. Powerful movie exposing pervasive corruption in an intense, disturbing, manner. Shocking even for the informed.  A must-see for anybody concerned about the meaning of our system of Democracy…uh, oops…Bribery. A disturbing fact-based, real reveal of what the Oil Industry, Government, and the Corporations are doing to our environment, people, and freedom. So saddening. Highly recommended. A MUST-SEE. A must-see if you care deeply about the future of people’s health, the planet’s health and the well-being of the American way of life. Now, why can’t this movie be played throughout the U.S. in theaters across the nation? So thankful for Netflix. This film should be playing in every theater in America! Documentary 2011 NR 1hr 30m.


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