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The Environmental Film Festival


The Environmental Film Festival (DCEFF) is one of the most premier show about environmental films in the world. With mission and responsibility to wake up the human awareness before threat of the environment, DCEFF organzie annual festival, year-round programs, and online resources. DCEFF always welcome the environment films to register the contest as common action to protect the human life.

There are two main categories related to above topic: short films and feature films. About short films, it requires running time by or less 40 minutes then they will be considered to award “the Eric Moe Award for Best Short”. The another category is feature films. The running time is required more than 40 minutes with 2 proposed reward: the “William W. Warner Beautiful Swimmers” and “Shared Earth Foundation Award for Advocacy”.

Award and prize

In 2014 environment film festival has established “Shared Earth Foundation Award”. It is boosting and praising as well  inspiring directors to join the environment festival more in a new challenge of topic. The award is a 10,000 dollar cash prize. It’s huge amount to encourage many directors.

Not stopping at one award of ““Shared Earth Foundation Award”, in 2015 environment film festival has continued to establish “William W. Warner Beautiful Swimmers Award” by by the Warner family to memorize author of  the “Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay” book. The award also values a 10,000 dollar cash prize.

Besides it, the award of “Best International Film” has been founded by Hausman Foundation for the Environment. It will praise the best film which can focus on the environmental issue relevant to the human life. The award only is a 5,000 dollar cash prize.

Finally, Eric Moe Award is spent for the best short film on sustainability. This award has been established by Julia and Richard Moe to memorize  their son. If your film can express balance between needs of humans and nature, it can be reached this award. The prize is 5,000 dollar by cash.