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Award winner for the prize “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” 2020

The film about environment topic become popular and effective to our mind. By other methods, it can boost our awareness about the role, importance, attitude as well protection action our environment. According to this trend, there are many prizes for films with the environment topic publicized and praised annually to emphasize meaning of the environment films.

In this article, we will discuss one reward about the environment topic, named after “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” in 2020. Sure that you feel admiring about award winner of this competition.

This foundation was established in 2014 which inspired for all advocacy stories about other features, factors or challenge to the environment. As soon as foundation, it has been warmly welcome by directors and actors when their talent, value as well devotion should be recognized and highly appreciated by audience and critics.

In 2020, the winner of “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” is OKAVANGO: RIVER OF DREAMS. This film is produced by directors Dereck and Beverly Joubert at Botswana in 2020. Although it only lasts 94 minutes, it brings other good value about our awareness before destroying of the nature.

The background of this film is Botswana which is one of the most special rivers in the world.

Firstly, it is great due to location. Unlike other rivers, its water flows toward the inland through Angola and Botswana. Then it disappears surprisingly in Kalahari desert.

Secondly, it is house of many animals like lions and leopards, elephants or crocodiles so on. It’s breathtaking to discover the exotic flora and fauna.

By talent of director Dereck and Beverly Joubert, they made the stunning images and visual stories about the animal world. Sometimes audiences realize several meaningful stories from animal themselves. It looks moving and highly recommended.

Top the best environmental films all the time

The films about the environmental topic have been popular with all walk of people. It is a useful way to express importance, role as well danger from the environment to the human life if only we destroy it.

This article will share top the best films about the environment which have been existed and valued all the time. Let count down top the most important environmental films ever made in the world.

1/ Koyaanisqatsi

Produced in 1982 by Godfrey Reggio as a director, this film was on top the best environmental film you should enjoy although it was launched from many years ago.

This film was an epic, wordless exploration about a slogan called “Koyaanisqatsi”. It means life out of balance. This film told a story about spectacular image of nature with the frenetic coming then going fast of a small urban. The film was also related to culture and tradition of Buddhist meditation about the environment. Sometime you feel tired or down mood, but finally you can see amazingly about the importance of the nature.

2/ An Inconvenient Truth

This film was launched in 2006 and received good reviews from audiences because the director dared to refer the global warning issue under the scientific case. The fact that, warming global will continue to cause much damages and danger for lives and infrastructure of the human. The director tried to invest big budget to make terrible sceneries about the climate advocacy movement without AI Gore at the podium.

3/ The Day after Tomorrow

This film was completed and shown in 2004. Still referring to the climate change, but this view is different of film “An Inconvenient Truth”. It took audience to discover a disaster roller coaster in a terrible melt wreaks in New York city.

After this film, you made some questions without correct answers about the future of the next generation or how the human life under the climate change.

The four best climate-change films in Hollywood

Hollywood is well-known with series of action or romantic films whereas it is usually frosty to the environmental movies. But the fact that Hollywood has some outstanding films about the environment topic. They made strongly impression and affection to audiences. Here is the top four climate-change films in Hollywood.

Rank first: Snow-piercer

Scene of the Snow-piercer is a small society of 21st century with multicultural and multimedia but it only has 1% in charge of the engine. When the climate is changed by engineering destroying, the Earth is pushed into a new ice age where few people can survive by a huge train that perpetually circumnavigating the globe.

These discrepancies, argument or conflict among people go round in circles without any solutions. This endings seems familiar to our situation nowadays.

Rank second: The Day After Tomorrow

It’s nominated by director Roland Emmerich. This film was a greatly clear statement about the environment in Hollywood. He wanted to wake up awareness and consciousness about the eco system. Although the content seemed strict and serious, it expressed by the humor style. A few people could scare about the sight of southern American climate refugees along Mexico’s border. Some people feed lack of faith on the climate change in the globe.

Rank third: Hell

This film was also produced by Roland Emmerich. Leaving Hell in Germany in 2011, there was a strange look about the Earth. It includes in rising 10 degree daytime, vampires round vacations or some society’s remnants wander. This film opened a post-apocalyptic playbook where the human had to go the Hell as consequence. A little amazing and thrilling when you saw scenes in hell.

Rank forth: Beasts of the Southern Wild

This film told a story about six-year-old hush puppy with other southern magical-realist fables. A little imagination about ecologic and premonitions of prehistoric, this film reminded us climate change as real blockbuster event of the human survival.

Top 3 the best film about environment issue in 2019

Films have the power both as political tools and as cultural influence. So there are many films about environment topic released so that human people want to wake up people awareness about role of environment.

Here is top the best film about environment in 2019. Top films are the latest and nearest in our mindset about our survival.

1/ City without Water

Directed by: Dorothe Dörholt, Antje Christ

Purpose: “City without Water” is a true portrait of an arid landscape as well a rallying cry for change and a wake-up call to all nations in the world. Anytime they have to face the similar fate as nation in film.

Main concept: The situation in Cape Town is terrible. Because the rainfall rate is below average, the Government have imposing strict policies on water usage. The crisis impacts on many factors: pricing of water bills has been risen, the increased unemployment, economy issue so on. Throughout the film, the director want to focus on the daily lives of destitute citizens who face up to the shortage of water.

2/ Thailand: Holiday Paradise in Danger

Directed by: Johannes Höflich, Jo Angerer

Purpose: It seems a wake-up call to local people and visitors in traveling to Paradise that corroding ecosystem have gradually reached its breaking point.

Main concept: By natural beauty, Thailand attract many tourist annually with spectacular island views or the myriad of sun-drenched beaches. However, it causes danger for the environment where tourist visit as throwing garbage out of the waters or sandy beaches. When ecosystem is dwindling, it endangers to quality of life for humans and wildlife.

3/ The Diesel Disaster

Main concept: The Diesel Disaster inquires harm of emissions and explain what it means for the future of “green” automobiles. By combination environmental scientists and medical professionals, the filmmakers makes debate about impacting of diesel disaster on the health.









The best 4 films about environment problems

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life. So, watching films about environmental topic helps you to clearly understand about threats and accidents we can face in the future. Let it watch and change though about the environment immediately

Prophecy was released in 1979

It is a horror movie about prophecies of scientists. Frankenstein’s monster appeared, the fallout of our nuclear weapons until deep diving directly into the environment. You have to wake up from mistakes to save the world

It is highly recommended for the environment topic of film

Avatar was shown in 2009

Starting from unoriginal premise, then it used violence as the way for problem-solving until speeches and battles for death. It is remarkable effort of human to protect history and lives.

It is considers as a bloated, sentimental blockbuster film

The Last Rainforest was seen in 1992

It is an animation with many deep meanings. It connects between humanity and the planet. The main rendition is Australia’s rainforests where the life was magical within the woods

It is reviewed as a treasured environmental films

I Heart Huckabees was invented in 2004

It is a strange film about two existential detectives and their work. The outstanding feature is all actors cared about climate change and action for environmental protection. Actually, I Heart Huckabees called as a rare non-documentary films of the past decade.

In this film, people were aware of about consequence of destroying the environment, so they were serious to protect values of conservation. Through stories, the director implied to remind solution from thoughts to actions so that we can keep and save our earth forever