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Soylent Green- an environment film review

Unfortunately, pollution, global warming, climate change, deforestation or any other environmental topics are hot stories of our day to day discussions. Seemingly that the human aware of risk and danger from the environment when we treat it badly.

To give meaningful message, many films about the environment achieve success and reaction to watchers. This article will review about one of the most famous film in the environment topic in 90s- Soylent Green.


In general, Soylent Green was one of the first films to refer the environmental issue directly. It also belongs kind of solid science-fiction movie. The stories in film takes place in 2022 where almost natural food like fruits, vegetables and meats are extinct. The main reasons cause this terrible status include overpopulation and pollution and effect from the heavy industrialization of the 20th century.

New York in the year 2022 has over unbelievable 80 million while about 40 million are starving and poverty who live in the streets. The only way can help the poor to survive is using “Soylent Green”. It is a high-protein foodstuff from plankton cultivated in the underwater.

Unluckily, the president of the Soylent Company was murdered while their company did business well. One police named Thorn Charlton Heston made research and investigated the reason of the murder. Then he found out terrible secrets about the world’s biggest conspiracy involving Soylent- the mysterious food for all people. The detective story of Thorn brought thrilling feeling for watcher. In the final message is environmental awareness. This phenomenon is not illusion imagination. The author takes inspiration from real experience in the future which is predicted by scientist. Therefore it looks a strong ring for anyone about awareness for protection the environment.

From feedbacks of critics and audience, Soylent looks good to watch with many impressive scenes and good acting from professional actors