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The Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Andrew Dufresne is imprisoned after murdering his wife and her secret lover. In the Shawshank prison, he was isolated and lonely at first, and the unpleasantness seems to be continued over and over again. However, “Hope” is something that always lies deep inside each person. Times flies and his hope gradually returns. He realizes that he can be a part of this life again, when he has a new friend “Red”, and starts to pursue his dreams. He can live with ease and feel the happiness while the body is locked but the spirit is let free.

A movie without nerve-wracking twists or any captivating plots, but still capture the attention of the public from the very first days it was released. One strong point of the movie is the good screenwriting, and another good side is the wonderful acting in roles of characters. Although there are still some bad comments about its content and scene arrangement, movie critics overall were quite generous to give compliments for it.

This movie is considered one of the best portraits of the 90s. This is not only a film about hope, it is also the film about love and faith. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are in roles of people with contrast characteristics, but they are connected and close. A movie with 142 minutes in length will lead you through a friendship with courage, trust and love.

Based on a short story of the notable writer Stephen King, this movie is really “touching, warm and rewarding”, according to Nev Pierce from BBC. If you have not enjoyed it, why not give it a go? It would be an exceptional interesting journey with moving lessons that you can learn from.