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WALL.E – Listen to Pixar telling a love story

Wall.E was established in a simple love story. A lovely guy, met his dream girl. He went for her to go out into the big world and did great things for love. Finally they had a happy ending, they loved each other and lived together forever. Director Stanton himself affirmed that, he only created a love story, the political or environmental significance only came later as spices.

WALL.E is still Pixar’s first and only love story. And you know Pixar, nothing is impossible, right? Why not create a friendship story between children’s toys? What good is the world of cars? What about freedom for beetles?  You want a love story? So even the coldest, coldest things which are the robots that can love each other. I like it! This studio’s fearless creative spirit is always amazing. And they use that spirit to create the cutest robot in the world.

WALL.E’s life is very fun with the thing he worked, played, raised a pet, a funny guy. And one day, from heaven, an angel appeared. She was extremely beautiful, something new and unprecedented in WALL.E’s world and he soon fell in love with her. But of course Eve was also very chic. She was a diligent civil servant, only paying attention to completing the task. But WALL.E was persistent, stays with her, helped her to complete her mission, made her laugh, made her angry, or even worried. And of course no girl can’t fall in love with such a cute guy. WALL.E is clumsy, simple but kind and if he has to do anything, he does his best to do it.

In 2019, the color of the year is Greenary, green. The color of the natural mother’s revival, hope, like the WALL.E and Eve sprouts protected. What an exciting start if you choose to review WALL.E. Especially for those who are still in shocks after HBO’s Westworld series, also talk about robots, but this version is much darker than WallE.