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Movies that teach kids about climate change (part 1)

Although climate change is a tough issue to discuss with kids, these kid-friendly movies are a great way to start the conversation.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is an appealing animated movie with lots of catchy music. It has environmental themes about humans intruding on natural habitats but avoiding the questions of how to solve the problem. The movie features some chase sequences and elephant seal scenes that might be scary for younger children. However, the film’s messages of social acceptance, integrity, and embracing your own uniqueness shine through.

Police Patrol

Police Patrol is a computer-animated movie telling the story of a cute VW Bug police car that is fighting with two brothers who attempt to steal the water of a quaint village as well as wreak havoc with the environment. The overall shrillness in the characters’ voices and the simplicity of the story make it become a movie best enjoyed by young kids. Its strong pro-environment stance may be a bit much for some. However, overall, the movie’s message should resonate with those who concern about the use and abuse of water, land, and air, and should inspire discussion with younger children about the importance of protecting and saving these resources.

A Beautiful Planet

A Beautiful Planet is a stunning IMAX documentary that brings viewers to the International Space Station to view Earth from space. There’s no shortage of incredible views, including the drought-stricken California landscape, a massive typhoon in the South Pacific, and the melting Greenland ice sheet. Children will learn about life on the space station and see the huge impact of humanity on our planet, from deforestation to greenhouse gas emissions. The images (particularly in the IMAX scale) may be a little overwhelming for younger children, but anyone interested in space, science, or the environment will certainly be blown away, and the astronauts are role models who demonstrate the importance of cooperation and communication.