Award winner for the prize “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” 2020

The film about environment topic become popular and effective to our mind. By other methods, it can boost our awareness about the role, importance, attitude as well protection action our environment. According to this trend, there are many prizes for films with the environment topic publicized and praised annually to emphasize meaning of the environment films.

In this article, we will discuss one reward about the environment topic, named after “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” in 2020. Sure that you feel admiring about award winner of this competition.

This foundation was established in 2014 which inspired for all advocacy stories about other features, factors or challenge to the environment. As soon as foundation, it has been warmly welcome by directors and actors when their talent, value as well devotion should be recognized and highly appreciated by audience and critics.

In 2020, the winner of “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” is OKAVANGO: RIVER OF DREAMS. This film is produced by directors Dereck and Beverly Joubert at Botswana in 2020. Although it only lasts 94 minutes, it brings other good value about our awareness before destroying of the nature.

The background of this film is Botswana which is one of the most special rivers in the world.

Firstly, it is great due to location. Unlike other rivers, its water flows toward the inland through Angola and Botswana. Then it disappears surprisingly in Kalahari desert.

Secondly, it is house of many animals like lions and leopards, elephants or crocodiles so on. It’s breathtaking to discover the exotic flora and fauna.

By talent of director Dereck and Beverly Joubert, they made the stunning images and visual stories about the animal world. Sometimes audiences realize several meaningful stories from animal themselves. It looks moving and highly recommended.