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Top the best environmental films all the time

Nowadays, the human is facing disasters from the environment. The reason why we are polluting and destroying it seriously. Besides actions to reduce effects to the environment population, we should build up positive awareness to protect our planet. Education through films should be encouraged more and more.

In this article, we will share top the best environmental films all the time which you must-try to discover and deeply understand consequences of pollution.

7/ Chinatown & Soylent Green

Both films are ranked on the 7th position because they have familiar content. While Chinatown was launched in 1974, Soylent Green was produced in 1973. Actually both films started in the time when inspiration about films with the environment was encouraged.

Both films made deeply impressive about consequences of the environment when people felt angry about a threatened environment. They expectedly understood that our thought and action caused danger and risk for our generation.

8/ China Syndrome

It was launched in 1979. This film told story about the anti-nuclear movement in the Untied States in the meltdown at 3 Mile Island which lasted within 12 days. All senses refered at China Syndrome.

This film wakens up awareness about bad effect of nuclear. Therefore, it also contributes to protest the nuclear war in the world.

9/ Erin Brockovich

This film was deserved to watch for anyone. It referred to the many issues of the environment with a perfect performance such as the local water supply. All contents expressed movingly and truly to waken up awareness of people about pollution. Furthermore, Julia Roberts as the main actor in film made deeply impressive and reached many prizes thanks this film.

10/ WALL-E

WALL-E is the newest film about the environment you should watch. This film was a picture about a landscapes of the human with wide range of garbage as well no devoid of life. Besides it, it expressed by humorous sense so it gave a meaningful message to everyone in the world.