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Do films have power to change consumer’s behavior about the environment?

Recently, we are listening to many stories about pollution or climate change. That the environment pollution can pose our health, our job and even our lives.

The World Health Organization (WTO) reports that there are about one-quarter of diseases due to the reason of environmental pollution especially children are easy to immerse the diseases more. Every day, we always breathe the harmful substances from the air which are released from industrial plants, traffic, smoking or heating.

The fact that this phenomenon becomes the most concerned problem in the world. It will directly affect to our lives and our generation lives. So we have to aware of harmful consequences from the environment pollution caused.

One of humanity value from the film, director tell stories about the environment. It can be positive story about life of animals in the forest or it can also be terrible danger for the future when one disaster happens. In general, the environment topic has become a hot topic to exploit and build up meaningful content. Almost these films are released with warming welcome and positive comment from the viewer as well critics.

One of the most concerned film recently is Trashed. Candida Brady is the writer and director who spends his feeling to make this wonderfully feature-length documentary film like Trashed. Waste and pollution are the global problem referred and focused during this film. After watching this film, you feel shocking about a few phenomenon nowadays. For example, the human use about 58 billion of disposable cups, 200 billion lit of water bottles as well countless billions of plastic bags and countless billions of plastic debris on sea life. It’s terrible and hard to believe but it’s the truth. So the director wants to wake up and raise people’s awareness about individual action. It can raise up into positive thinking for our community.

So we can assure that the environment films are posing our behavior.

Films and saving the environment

Movies about environment problems are always meaningful. It helps us understand what it means to live on the earth and how the way contributes to protect our ecologically sustainable planet.

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life

Topics about the environment has become more and more popular and hot trending because the human are aware of the role of environment in development. Nowadays climate change causes a lot of damages and loss for all countries in the world, both developed and developing country. Disaster is not excluded any nations. So saving the environment are responsible for cross-nations.

As consequences, social media including films, music or newspaper are taken opportunity to share knowledge about the environment.

Via content of films, it can supply people information to track the quality of the air and water around, tips to reduce recycles or benefits of growing more trees. Not like strict teaching, this meaning gives indirectly by conversation and thought of actors. It’s simple and persuadable.

On the other hand, technology has given us thought and action about the environment which is a shared resource. Films has become an important tool for us to access to influencing or disallowing environmental decisions. It also creates a general way to connect people and the local environment closer and closer.

We can check list of films about the environment protection which should be watched soonest such as: Chinatown (1974), Princess Mononoke (1997), Soylent Green (1973) or the latest Avatar (2009).


Besides benefits about entertainment, advice or teaching about any field, films brings emotion and awareness about the environment. Actually, it’s familiar to us daily. But by unintentional ways, we are distributing destroying our lives.

Having an advice for us that enjoy more films about the environment so that you can understand detail about problems and issues happening. It’s hot trend for the young who always care about the new generation.

The best 4 films about environment problems

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life. So, watching films about environmental topic helps you to clearly understand about threats and accidents we can face in the future. Let it watch and change though about the environment immediately

Prophecy was released in 1979

It is a horror movie about prophecies of scientists. Frankenstein’s monster appeared, the fallout of our nuclear weapons until deep diving directly into the environment. You have to wake up from mistakes to save the world

It is highly recommended for the environment topic of film

Avatar was shown in 2009

Starting from unoriginal premise, then it used violence as the way for problem-solving until speeches and battles for death. It is remarkable effort of human to protect history and lives.

It is considers as a bloated, sentimental blockbuster film

The Last Rainforest was seen in 1992

It is an animation with many deep meanings. It connects between humanity and the planet. The main rendition is Australia’s rainforests where the life was magical within the woods

It is reviewed as a treasured environmental films

I Heart Huckabees was invented in 2004

It is a strange film about two existential detectives and their work. The outstanding feature is all actors cared about climate change and action for environmental protection. Actually, I Heart Huckabees called as a rare non-documentary films of the past decade.

In this film, people were aware of about consequence of destroying the environment, so they were serious to protect values of conservation. Through stories, the director implied to remind solution from thoughts to actions so that we can keep and save our earth forever


human-awakening film about environmental disaster

Erin Brockovich – 2000

The topic of environmental protection is one of the difficult topic to exploit in cinema, because to make an art-rich film brings a message about the environment is a challenge. However, “Erin Brockovich” can please the majority of viewers about the environment subject.

The environment is becoming an issue that is of interest to the whole world, especially the directors. Many of the works of art on this topic have been successful with winning prestigious Oscar. Erin Brockovich had received 5 Oscar nominations including Film / Director / Female / Male / Nomination / Excellent Original Screenplay. Finally, Julia Roberts won an Oscar for Best Actress.

This is one of the rare films revolving around the theme of the environment being done in an engaging way. The film has a good script, impressive acting (female lead Julia Roberts), when it opened, “Erin Brockovich” had a big won in terms of revenue. In fact, when watching a movie, the audience will be so caught up in the movie that they don’t know if they’re watching a movie about environmental issues.

The environmental aspect of “Erin Brockovich” is about an unscrupulous industrial group that poisoned the water in a residential area, causing people here to suffer from deadly diseases.

The story of the film is based on a true story, in addition to the great content of environmental topics, “Erin Brockovich” is also intriguing with the story of the vitality of the heroine of the same name. She used to be in distress when she had to feed her three children alone and still owe a debt after a traffic accident.

After finding a job at the law office, from a “failed” woman at the beginning of the film, Erin bravely pursued the same lawsuit against a poisonous discharge plant into the environment, she became a branch hero. judicial state of California. Erin alone faced the wrong to finally force the company to pay compensation to the sick.