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Top the best environmental films all the time

Nowadays, the human is facing disasters from the environment. The reason why we are polluting and destroying it seriously. Besides actions to reduce effects to the environment population, we should build up positive awareness to protect our planet. Education through films should be encouraged more and more.

In this article, we will share top the best environmental films all the time which you must-try to discover and deeply understand consequences of pollution.

7/ Chinatown & Soylent Green

Both films are ranked on the 7th position because they have familiar content. While Chinatown was launched in 1974, Soylent Green was produced in 1973. Actually both films started in the time when inspiration about films with the environment was encouraged.

Both films made deeply impressive about consequences of the environment when people felt angry about a threatened environment. They expectedly understood that our thought and action caused danger and risk for our generation.

8/ China Syndrome

It was launched in 1979. This film told story about the anti-nuclear movement in the Untied States in the meltdown at 3 Mile Island which lasted within 12 days. All senses refered at China Syndrome.

This film wakens up awareness about bad effect of nuclear. Therefore, it also contributes to protest the nuclear war in the world.

9/ Erin Brockovich

This film was deserved to watch for anyone. It referred to the many issues of the environment with a perfect performance such as the local water supply. All contents expressed movingly and truly to waken up awareness of people about pollution. Furthermore, Julia Roberts as the main actor in film made deeply impressive and reached many prizes thanks this film.

10/ WALL-E

WALL-E is the newest film about the environment you should watch. This film was a picture about a landscapes of the human with wide range of garbage as well no devoid of life. Besides it, it expressed by humorous sense so it gave a meaningful message to everyone in the world.

Do films have power to change consumer’s behavior about the environment?

Recently, we are listening to many stories about pollution or climate change. That the environment pollution can pose our health, our job and even our lives.

The World Health Organization (WTO) reports that there are about one-quarter of diseases due to the reason of environmental pollution especially children are easy to immerse the diseases more. Every day, we always breathe the harmful substances from the air which are released from industrial plants, traffic, smoking or heating.

The fact that this phenomenon becomes the most concerned problem in the world. It will directly affect to our lives and our generation lives. So we have to aware of harmful consequences from the environment pollution caused.

One of humanity value from the film, director tell stories about the environment. It can be positive story about life of animals in the forest or it can also be terrible danger for the future when one disaster happens. In general, the environment topic has become a hot topic to exploit and build up meaningful content. Almost these films are released with warming welcome and positive comment from the viewer as well critics.

One of the most concerned film recently is Trashed. Candida Brady is the writer and director who spends his feeling to make this wonderfully feature-length documentary film like Trashed. Waste and pollution are the global problem referred and focused during this film. After watching this film, you feel shocking about a few phenomenon nowadays. For example, the human use about 58 billion of disposable cups, 200 billion lit of water bottles as well countless billions of plastic bags and countless billions of plastic debris on sea life. It’s terrible and hard to believe but it’s the truth. So the director wants to wake up and raise people’s awareness about individual action. It can raise up into positive thinking for our community.

So we can assure that the environment films are posing our behavior.

City without water- a film about the environment problem in 2019


“City without water” focus on the daily lives of poor citizens with many problems about water source, food source or budget. The government care and solve problems for an infrastructure overhaul to combat the crisis. But climate change becomes barriers to be against them. Actually they have ignored the warning signs for many years about the climate change, therefore they can’t control danger and risk from the climate change to our new generation.

Content detail

The United Nations warn that the human people have to face severe water scarcity. Estimated that this crisis has a threat greater than other crises like the unemployment or crime. Because when our water supply is completely out of water, we can’t have enough the ability to keep ourselves in every side. Another way, we can’t live without water.

Cape town is the South African capital facing to the shortage water in the world. The officials make other research and investigate how Cape town are struggling to manage the crisis and how citizens are fighting for their lives with the endless drought.

To make stressful for film, the situation is direr and direr. Rainfall levels are well below average so all citizen have to save water the most. According to the regulation, residents are relegated to use only 50 liters of water per day. This capacity is less more than European citizens to use water in their toilets during a 24-hour period. So the number is extremely terrible.

Almost trouble is coming to the poor because the wealthy use the bottled water to supplement these restrictions by paying more money than usual.

The impacts of lacking water is very serious. The train is for poor families who are facing to make ends meet every day.  Whether where can they take water for their lives. Further, it also badly affects to tourism. It is dwindling while the unemployment is creasing.