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Top the best environmental films all the time

The films about the environment topic has become close and popular with many audiences, both the old and kids. Parents usually encourage kids to watch useful films about the environment to wake up awareness and knowledge about the life around them like water population, air population, destroyed forest or disaster about typhoon, storm or drought. It is important to educate all people to increase awareness to protect and keep the clean and clear environment.

In this article, we continue to share top the best environment films for your reference. It’s great to select any film from this ranking then assort it with your family in the weekend.

4/ Whale Rider

This film was launched in 2003 which made deeply impression about the nature and the animal kingdom. This film tell a story about a strong girl who wants to become the most outstanding girl by becoming chief of her tribe called Maori.

Among the world with traditions and customs, how she can do to make her dream to become true.

5/ FernGully: The Last Rainforest

FernGully: The Last Rainforest is a silly film for kids. Actually it is highly appreciated as the most important environment all people should watch. This film tells story about conflict in though of the young when they stand between 2 choices or resources or the fragile rain forest environment. They are confused because of the front benefits. After that, the nature can win to protect the human life.

6/ Avatar

Some people compare the value of FernGully: The Last Rainforest and Avatar although two films had different time about launching. If The Last Rainforest was produced in 1992, until 2009 Avatar was been introduced. The same inspiration from the nature as well the same idea to develop story, both films have been received positive comments from watcher.

Ferngully – The Last Rainforest- A film about the environment issue for Kid


Nowadays, our kids are born in a world with endangered environmental issues like climate change, warming global or pollution.

It’s difficult to explain to kid about danger as well risk from the environment issues by words. So animate film or cartoon are useful to give perfect lessons to teach kids about environmental themes and issues.

Ferngully – The Last Rain forest is a must-see film to be recommended detail as the following.

Content of this film

This film was first launched at the theater in 1992 by famous director- Bill Kroyer. Story tell about a men who have an adventure among the animals and enchanted spirits in the rain forest. He is Zak. Also in this forest, there is a young fairy named Crysta and an evil named Hexxus. Luckily that Hexxus is trapped inside a tree then Crysta feel happy to enjoy with her friends.

One day, Zak starts to discover his adventure to the forest. He brings cutting crews to destroy the tranquil peace of the rain forest. One accident happens to Zak. Crystal is sociable to help him by shrinking Zak to her size. But then she can’t adjust Zak back to his normal size.

Firstly, Zak feel boring and disappointed in a small shape. He has to live among creatures in the forest. But thanks to his small own size, he total understands devastation from the human to life in the forest.

Unluckily, the loggers accidentally rescue Hexxus evil. Before danger from the human and Hexxus, Crysta fairy, Zak and other tiny creatures will have to do so that they can save the forest and their lives?


To transfer meaningful message to Kid, producer did perfect sketches on location in the rain forest so that Kid feel close and nature from the beauty in forest.