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Top 3 the best film about environment issue in 2019

Films have the power both as political tools and as cultural influence. So there are many films about environment topic released so that human people want to wake up people awareness about role of environment.

Here is top the best film about environment in 2019. Top films are the latest and nearest in our mindset about our survival.

1/ City without Water

Directed by: Dorothe Dörholt, Antje Christ

Purpose: “City without Water” is a true portrait of an arid landscape as well a rallying cry for change and a wake-up call to all nations in the world. Anytime they have to face the similar fate as nation in film.

Main concept: The situation in Cape Town is terrible. Because the rainfall rate is below average, the Government have imposing strict policies on water usage. The crisis impacts on many factors: pricing of water bills has been risen, the increased unemployment, economy issue so on. Throughout the film, the director want to focus on the daily lives of destitute citizens who face up to the shortage of water.

2/ Thailand: Holiday Paradise in Danger

Directed by: Johannes Höflich, Jo Angerer

Purpose: It seems a wake-up call to local people and visitors in traveling to Paradise that corroding ecosystem have gradually reached its breaking point.

Main concept: By natural beauty, Thailand attract many tourist annually with spectacular island views or the myriad of sun-drenched beaches. However, it causes danger for the environment where tourist visit as throwing garbage out of the waters or sandy beaches. When ecosystem is dwindling, it endangers to quality of life for humans and wildlife.

3/ The Diesel Disaster

Main concept: The Diesel Disaster inquires harm of emissions and explain what it means for the future of “green” automobiles. By combination environmental scientists and medical professionals, the filmmakers makes debate about impacting of diesel disaster on the health.









The best 4 films about environment problems

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life. So, watching films about environmental topic helps you to clearly understand about threats and accidents we can face in the future. Let it watch and change though about the environment immediately

Prophecy was released in 1979

It is a horror movie about prophecies of scientists. Frankenstein’s monster appeared, the fallout of our nuclear weapons until deep diving directly into the environment. You have to wake up from mistakes to save the world

It is highly recommended for the environment topic of film

Avatar was shown in 2009

Starting from unoriginal premise, then it used violence as the way for problem-solving until speeches and battles for death. It is remarkable effort of human to protect history and lives.

It is considers as a bloated, sentimental blockbuster film

The Last Rainforest was seen in 1992

It is an animation with many deep meanings. It connects between humanity and the planet. The main rendition is Australia’s rainforests where the life was magical within the woods

It is reviewed as a treasured environmental films

I Heart Huckabees was invented in 2004

It is a strange film about two existential detectives and their work. The outstanding feature is all actors cared about climate change and action for environmental protection. Actually, I Heart Huckabees called as a rare non-documentary films of the past decade.

In this film, people were aware of about consequence of destroying the environment, so they were serious to protect values of conservation. Through stories, the director implied to remind solution from thoughts to actions so that we can keep and save our earth forever


3 horror films about environmental pollution

1. The Host (2007)


The Host is one of the highest profit horror movies in Korean history

The Host is one of the highest profit horror movies in Korean history. The film is about Hee Bong’s fight and his relatives with a hideous monster that emerged on the banks of the Han River when it took away a member of his family. The root cause of the incident is that extremely toxic chemical wastes are discharged directly in the river.

2. Contagion (2011)

Entrepreneur Beth Emhoff died suddenly of an unidentified disease in Hong Kong, but only a few days later the number of symptomatic people like her began to grow very quickly and spread throughout the world. The US Centers for Disease Control took action and began studying the vaccine against the mystery of the true origin of the disease.

Contagion has brought in huge revenue of USD 135 million compared to the cost of USD 60 million, the film also brings together a big star group including: Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet … under the guidance of the talented director who won Oscar – Steven Soderbergh. The MEV-1 virus in the film, although only a fictitious product, is very similar to the SARS virus. The film itself is highly valued for building true panic and fear as the world once faced the SARS outbreak
3. Deranged (2012)

Deranged also focuses on a catastrophic disaster but focuses on a parasite with the name Yeongasi or horsehair that can decompose the body by controlling the brain and destroying them gradually.

The film attracted more than 4.5 million viewers in Korea’s domestic market and received many high reviews from critics. The main content of the film is not only the race to gain survival for the parasite but also the evil conspiracy when the origin of this pandemic comes from the human race.

An Inconvenient Truth comes back with shocking truths

Recently, Paramount has combined with the leading ticketing company in the United States – Fandago held a special film screening at the Los Angeles City Theater, to promote the sequel to the film on the subject.

Natural disasters have won two Oscars – An Inconvenient Truth. The second part of the film that once made this history is officially An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. At the event, actor Joseph Gordon Levitt hosted an interview with the film’s main character – former US Vice President Al Gore before the film took place.

When An Inconvenient Truth first debuted in 2006, the film shocked the world with its lively images and shocking figures showing the shocking truth about a series of disasters. going on globally. The film captures a powerful and inspirational, witty, funny speech by former US Vice President Al Gore, who has become co-owner of the Nobel Prize for thanks to his contributions. His contribution in the effort to bring knowledge about climate change to the community. After exactly a decade, the second In Invenvenient Truth will return to once again to make the whole humanity awaken to the fact that the nature is cruelly destroyed. Unlike the first part, this time An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power goes beyond the boundaries of the speech of the former vice president of the United States to follow in his footsteps around the world to spread the zeal of action in the war persistently build a more sustainable future for the Earth.

Exactly 10 years ago, An Inconvenient Truth was honored with a big applause from the most demanding audiences and critics of the prestigious Sundance film festival and then went on to win two gold statue awards. Best documentary film and best song in the Oscar ceremony. Besides, the film also sets a historical milestone when it grossed profit was $ 25.6 million. Although it was only limitedly released, an Inconvenient Sequel’s return: Truth To Power will bring more interesting and novel colors to the global environment panorama and promise to inspire a strong wave of inspiration in the community.

human-awakening film about environmental disaster

Erin Brockovich – 2000

The topic of environmental protection is one of the difficult topic to exploit in cinema, because to make an art-rich film brings a message about the environment is a challenge. However, “Erin Brockovich” can please the majority of viewers about the environment subject.

The environment is becoming an issue that is of interest to the whole world, especially the directors. Many of the works of art on this topic have been successful with winning prestigious Oscar. Erin Brockovich had received 5 Oscar nominations including Film / Director / Female / Male / Nomination / Excellent Original Screenplay. Finally, Julia Roberts won an Oscar for Best Actress.

This is one of the rare films revolving around the theme of the environment being done in an engaging way. The film has a good script, impressive acting (female lead Julia Roberts), when it opened, “Erin Brockovich” had a big won in terms of revenue. In fact, when watching a movie, the audience will be so caught up in the movie that they don’t know if they’re watching a movie about environmental issues.

The environmental aspect of “Erin Brockovich” is about an unscrupulous industrial group that poisoned the water in a residential area, causing people here to suffer from deadly diseases.

The story of the film is based on a true story, in addition to the great content of environmental topics, “Erin Brockovich” is also intriguing with the story of the vitality of the heroine of the same name. She used to be in distress when she had to feed her three children alone and still owe a debt after a traffic accident.

After finding a job at the law office, from a “failed” woman at the beginning of the film, Erin bravely pursued the same lawsuit against a poisonous discharge plant into the environment, she became a branch hero. judicial state of California. Erin alone faced the wrong to finally force the company to pay compensation to the sick.

Oscar-winning films about the environment

1. Erin Brockovich

It is undeniable that environmental topics are a difficult topic for directors. Therefore, to make a film that carries both environmental and artistic messages is a challenge. However, when “Erin Brockovich” was born, everyone had a different view on this issue.

This is a good movie with excellent script, good acting and a rare film about the environment. When watching this movie, many viewers do not know if this is a good movie about the environment because the film’s content is about an unscrupulous industrial corporation that discharges waste directly to the ocean, causing water to become contaminated and giving people a lot of illnesses.

Not only attracted by the great environmental content, but Erin Brockovich is also noticed by the vitality of the main female actress of the same name. If in the early episodes this girl was a failure, after working at her lawyer’s office, she was determined to pursue the lawsuit of discharging waste to the environment.

Erin Brockovich received five Academy Award nominations and eventually Julia Roberts won an Oscar for best actress. This is one of the Oscar-winning films that talks about the environment you should watch.
2. An Inconvenient Truth

This is a film that is put into the educational environment to give young people the correct and essential awareness about environmental protection. This film is about a former US vice president named Al Gore as a narrator looking for the cause of the global warming and increasing natural disasters, floods, droughts … In the film, the main reason is human. It is people who have exploited the natural resources, hunting wild animals and over-exploiting them so that they have no place to live and many species have been extinct, discharging untreated waste into the environment.
Al Gore is the film that won 2 Oscars in 2017. This is one of the Oscar-winning films about the environment that has the viewers like most.

AVATAR Review- Beautiful film about the environment

In the near future, in 2154, when people exploited all of the resources, the earth has nothing left, no tree, no resources. The level of science and technology at this time is quite good, we were able to travel to other planets and exploit the products here to serve the needs of the Earth.

During their travels, humans found an unspoiled planet named Pandora. The intelligent creature that lives on Pandora is the Na’vi, which are tall, blue-skinned, tailed, and exceptionally powerful people, yet they live very peacefully with the nature . The Na’vi people and creatures here do not breathe by oxygen, so when scientists live and work here, they need to wear oxygen masks.
Jake Sully is a discharged marines due to his spinal cord injury, and Jake’s twin brother is a scientist who volunteered to work at Pandora, Jake’s brother.His gene was used to create an avatar, but then he died in battle, and because no one else could control the avatar except the one with the matching gene, Jake was invited to come up. Pandora to continue to control his brother’s avatar. Jake hit the road with the promise that when he was done with his mission, he would be given money to change his legs, allowing him to walk normally.

In Jake’s head, this was just a mission like any other, he agreed, he controlled his brother’s avatar easily, and for the first time since being paralyzed, Jake was able to free himself. Run and jump thanks to his avatar. In order to control the avatar, one must enter in a box with some connection, the human being will be put into the unconscious state and the consciousness will be transmitted wirelessly to his avatar. The operator and the avatar can be hundreds of kilometers apart, which is still okay.
Humans after some time, now they was impatient with Na’vi’s plan so decided to use force. They bring guns and deaths to people there. Jake now recognizes the true nature of war, humanity is always violent, therefore he stands up to help the Na’vi and brings peace to Pandora’s planet.

WALL.E – Listen to Pixar telling a love story

Wall.E was established in a simple love story. A lovely guy, met his dream girl. He went for her to go out into the big world and did great things for love. Finally they had a happy ending, they loved each other and lived together forever. Director Stanton himself affirmed that, he only created a love story, the political or environmental significance only came later as spices.

WALL.E is still Pixar’s first and only love story. And you know Pixar, nothing is impossible, right? Why not create a friendship story between children’s toys? What good is the world of cars? What about freedom for beetles?  You want a love story? So even the coldest, coldest things which are the robots that can love each other. I like it! This studio’s fearless creative spirit is always amazing. And they use that spirit to create the cutest robot in the world.

WALL.E’s life is very fun with the thing he worked, played, raised a pet, a funny guy. And one day, from heaven, an angel appeared. She was extremely beautiful, something new and unprecedented in WALL.E’s world and he soon fell in love with her. But of course Eve was also very chic. She was a diligent civil servant, only paying attention to completing the task. But WALL.E was persistent, stays with her, helped her to complete her mission, made her laugh, made her angry, or even worried. And of course no girl can’t fall in love with such a cute guy. WALL.E is clumsy, simple but kind and if he has to do anything, he does his best to do it.

In 2019, the color of the year is Greenary, green. The color of the natural mother’s revival, hope, like the WALL.E and Eve sprouts protected. What an exciting start if you choose to review WALL.E. Especially for those who are still in shocks after HBO’s Westworld series, also talk about robots, but this version is much darker than WallE.

2 beautiful films about the environment

Film about the environment is an never-old topic of Hollywood movies. Here, let’s look at  the Top 7 best environmental films that everyone should watch!

1. WALL-E (2008)

“Wall-E” is a computer graphic animation, a science fiction genre that contains romantic scene, giving viewers a magical story, meaningful, humorous and sad. The film sets in the context of the world in the future when it has fallen into the endless mountains of garbage covering the earth. The earth is now almost no place for people to live anymore. Earth has completely lost the green of the forest, of the sea, all humanity has to board a spaceship to live, on earth only robots working on the task of clearing garbage, but garbage is still overwhelmed the planet. As time went on, 700 years after human leave the earth, robots are stopped because the human fail to come back to earth.

The only WALL-E robot that still works doesn’t know anything because it is nearly broken. Day by day, WALL-E collects things like it is a routine job. One day, he spots a “strange object”, a sprout of plants growing from an old boot…

2. Avatar (2009)

The classic 3D epic film directed by James Cameron once shocked the cinema with record sales. But when it comes to “Avatar”, there is more to say than box office. When watching “Avatar”, the audience will have the most profound and beautiful connection with the natural world. James Cameron was invested $ 237 million and spent nearly a decade to make an incomparable blockbuster film, in which, a plea came out: Protect environmental nature.

In the film history, “Avatar” is the most expensive film (literally) that refers to the environmental aspect. It earned nearly $ 3 billion from box offices around the world, and has become one of the most successful movies in film history.

After even ten years, the next generations will still remember “Avatar” as a classic environmental film in the era of climate change issues placed on the round of world politics.