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“Citizen Kane”, an old masterpiece you may have not known

“Citizen Kane” is the movie that was made in 1941 by Orson Welles. It led the top 100 movies of all time in the American Film Institute. It is famous in everything, from the cast to the director, meanings, plots and background music. You should go watch it now after reading this review!

The film has been highly praised by experts, critics and moviegoers. Maybe the answer will be clear after you watch it. Welles made this movie when he started to learn making films, and it was his first movie when he was only 25. He co-worked with the imaginative director of photography Gregg Toland, who then admitted the impression of the young man who love filmmaking and has a free mind. Therefore, this is also a film of unlimited creation.

There are wonderful actors and actresses featuring in this movie, from Ray Collins, Everett Sloan, Agnes Moorehead, to Joseph Cotten. Their appearance on the movie can also play a part in the common success of the movie. According to the movie critics, “Citizen Kane” is even more than a movie. It marked a new blooming era of sounds, and made this masterpiece stand out from all others.

The construction of the film helps us understand how the lives of us go on in the memories of the others after we died. With the character Kane, we can see plenty of “us” with plenty personas, which we have to play the role in to complete the responsibility and make the life worth-living. But in the end, will we be happy? It is a big question that we must ask ourselves, when seeing Kane died alone after all he had done during his life. 

After all, it is a must-watch movie of all time. You should find “Citizen Kane” and enjoy it by yourself to know why it is admired and praised by every audience.