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AVATAR- A film about the environment, you should try

Avatar was released in 2009 by James Cameron. It is one of the best films related to the environment problem. Some people concluded that Avatar is a beautiful state for deep connection between the human and the natural world.





Estimated that James Cameron invested $237 million and almost spent a decade to make a blockbuster movie for environmental protection and respect about indigenous lands. It is a truly remarkable effort to wake up the human’ thought and action about the environment issues. It is the most expensive environmental film in human history. Then it reaches wildly successful and respect.

The content of Avatar focused on the story of paraplegic ex-marine, named Jake Sully. He was responsibility to op-operate with a scientific team to help mediate peace between the local and the humans. Jake had to arrange his new Avatar. Over time, Jake improved a strong connection between the natives and the human. He also immersed the intricacies of the planet and set confusing about his place and Na’vi societies.

Simple speaking, Na’vi societies was a combination of pantheism and theism. The major theme throughout the movie was value of cherishing happy life. Although they were humanoid with blue-skinned and cat feature, they still wished that they were treated as the human. Actually, this character seemed as unusual and weird.  It really was normal wishes which all people in the world had the right to think and get it. They deserved for nice things.

As a good consequence, it could earn about $3 billion from total revenue all over the world. It is considered as the highest-grossing movie of in human history. As the importance of the film, the meaning of Avatar can last until the next 50 years with cultural role in the era of climate change.

AVATAR Review- Beautiful film about the environment

In the near future, in 2154, when people exploited all of the resources, the earth has nothing left, no tree, no resources. The level of science and technology at this time is quite good, we were able to travel to other planets and exploit the products here to serve the needs of the Earth.

During their travels, humans found an unspoiled planet named Pandora. The intelligent creature that lives on Pandora is the Na’vi, which are tall, blue-skinned, tailed, and exceptionally powerful people, yet they live very peacefully with the nature . The Na’vi people and creatures here do not breathe by oxygen, so when scientists live and work here, they need to wear oxygen masks.
Jake Sully is a discharged marines due to his spinal cord injury, and Jake’s twin brother is a scientist who volunteered to work at Pandora, Jake’s brother.His gene was used to create an avatar, but then he died in battle, and because no one else could control the avatar except the one with the matching gene, Jake was invited to come up. Pandora to continue to control his brother’s avatar. Jake hit the road with the promise that when he was done with his mission, he would be given money to change his legs, allowing him to walk normally.

In Jake’s head, this was just a mission like any other, he agreed, he controlled his brother’s avatar easily, and for the first time since being paralyzed, Jake was able to free himself. Run and jump thanks to his avatar. In order to control the avatar, one must enter in a box with some connection, the human being will be put into the unconscious state and the consciousness will be transmitted wirelessly to his avatar. The operator and the avatar can be hundreds of kilometers apart, which is still okay.
Humans after some time, now they was impatient with Na’vi’s plan so decided to use force. They bring guns and deaths to people there. Jake now recognizes the true nature of war, humanity is always violent, therefore he stands up to help the Na’vi and brings peace to Pandora’s planet.

2 beautiful films about the environment

Film about the environment is an never-old topic of Hollywood movies. Here, let’s look at  the Top 7 best environmental films that everyone should watch!

1. WALL-E (2008)

“Wall-E” is a computer graphic animation, a science fiction genre that contains romantic scene, giving viewers a magical story, meaningful, humorous and sad. The film sets in the context of the world in the future when it has fallen into the endless mountains of garbage covering the earth. The earth is now almost no place for people to live anymore. Earth has completely lost the green of the forest, of the sea, all humanity has to board a spaceship to live, on earth only robots working on the task of clearing garbage, but garbage is still overwhelmed the planet. As time went on, 700 years after human leave the earth, robots are stopped because the human fail to come back to earth.

The only WALL-E robot that still works doesn’t know anything because it is nearly broken. Day by day, WALL-E collects things like it is a routine job. One day, he spots a “strange object”, a sprout of plants growing from an old boot…

2. Avatar (2009)

The classic 3D epic film directed by James Cameron once shocked the cinema with record sales. But when it comes to “Avatar”, there is more to say than box office. When watching “Avatar”, the audience will have the most profound and beautiful connection with the natural world. James Cameron was invested $ 237 million and spent nearly a decade to make an incomparable blockbuster film, in which, a plea came out: Protect environmental nature.

In the film history, “Avatar” is the most expensive film (literally) that refers to the environmental aspect. It earned nearly $ 3 billion from box offices around the world, and has become one of the most successful movies in film history.

After even ten years, the next generations will still remember “Avatar” as a classic environmental film in the era of climate change issues placed on the round of world politics.