Sweet Misery Aspartame

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World shows that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke and other drinks, causes health problems, brain damage, and death — which the FDA Food and Drug Administration fails to protect the public against. Filmmaker Cori Brackett’s riveting documentary probes the link between various health problems and the artificial sweetener aspartame. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Brackett set out to expose the toxicity of aspartame, prevalent in many foods despite warnings by the National Institutes of Health. This is an excellent presentation of why aspartame should not have been approved as safe by the FDA. Biochemists, doctors, and a lawyer explain the flawed the science and political process behind the FDA approval of aspartame. Interviews with doctors, a former Food and Drug Administration investigator and other experts reveal controversial information about the sweetener. It reveals the corruption and dishonesty surrounding the approval and marketing of aspartame as well as sharing personal stories of people affected by this poisonous substance. What if 6000 food and beverages sold worldwide were poisoned with an additive that was known to be extremely toxic? First causing headaches, leading to lethargic depression and then to a brain tumor? Aspartame is another product rammed through the sham of a watchdog the FDA. Anyone who trusts the FDA to protect them from harm better ensure their health insurance is up to date. Just one more prime example of how our government agencies are as corrupt. It is amazing that Donald Rumsfeld was the final force to push an obvious poison onto the American people then go on to supposedly protect America. Donald Rumsfeld, then CEO of Searle corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto, made it his mission to make sure this chemical additive gained FDA approval. And just when it looked like it would be rejected. Ronald Reagan’s first executive order after being sworn in was to Suspend the authority of the FDA commissioner to take any action against it and it was cleared to be consumed by millions of unsuspecting people. Is this the latest re imagining of Soylent Green? No, it’s the true story of aspartame, told by doctors, lawyers, and a former FDA investigator. If you care about your health and the health of your family and friends you need to see this documentary. The bottom line: our government simply cannot be trusted to tell us what is or is not safe to put into our bodies. Apparently even “well-researched” additives cannot be trusted. Absolutely amazing information. before even watching this video I was avoiding aspartame because every time I ate or drank something with aspartame I had some weird adverse reaction. Don’t even get me started with MSG. Share this with someone you care about. I appreciate this effort to expose aspartame after decades of cover-up. This movie exposes the secret hidden cause of so much chronic and fatal illness. My wife has been off this toxic diet death potion for about a month and she’s already regaining her health. There should be more coverage of the dangers of artificial sweeteners. The obvious dangers can’t be ignored. Please demand stores and government to ban this poisonous substance. Like most other toxic substances it will end up in our water supplies and unlabeled foods. Demand change and stick with natural foods! Fifteen years ago I did some contracting work in a Nutra-Sweet plant in Manteno Illinois and noticed that the workers seemed a little slow in the thinking department, which made me wonder if this stuff was safe. The sweetener was in the air. You could taste it with every breath. The plant was in a small town setting and I knew many of the workers from their childhood. The way they acted was not in keeping with their personality (at least as I knew them). People who were smart and articulate as children and teenagers weren’t that way anymore. Relatives that I had known all my life acted like they had brain damage, in that they could barely form a coherent sentence without effort. From what I saw, my opinion is that the plant should be regarded as a toxic industrial site and off-limits to human beings. The subject matter is worth its price in Gold, but the documentary itself is worth its price in Lint. It could have been much more interesting to watch, but the Truth was told and that’s all that really matters. I have stopped drinking all Aspartame after watching this. Documentary 2004 NR 90 minutes.


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