Six Degrees Could Change the World

This sobering documentary examines the incremental effects of climate change across the globe. Each degree of temperature change means devastating new consequences, and some scientists believe mankind is just six degrees away from utter disaster. Heat waves, drought, rising ocean levels and armed conflict over resources are just some of the grim predictions. Is there anything that can be done to reverse this alarming trend? I’ve seen several videos and read several books on climate change, and this is the clearest explanation I’ve seen so far. There is indication now that warming may be happening faster than predicted – the arctic, for example, is apparently melting faster than expected. Usage of oil and coal – energy in general – is accelerating, not decreasing. The third world is only getting started on industrialization. You don’t have to be an I.T. professional that has a degree in Computer Science to understand that Global Warming is actually taking place. It’s simple mathematics and not rocket science. In 1984 the Earth’s population was 4.6 billion people. 2012 the Earth’s population is now beyond 6 billion people. O.K. now figure in all the poorer countries of the past now using more and more automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, and trucks. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The US shows little will to decrease its carbon output. It appears to me that continued warming is now inevitable. The only question is how fast it will get really bad. Climate will continue to change — the question is can humanity change with it? Our hunger for energy will be downfall of us all. Clean or not, we will never get enough energy. I thought this movie brought up some interesting points about what could happen if things keep going as they are. However, I don’t see people acting upon anything as long as the majority of people have football & American idol the & a beer to wash it down with. They aren’t going to care until they get smacked in the head with the ramifications. I feel more badly I think for the kids who are yet to be then I am for the current population because they are the innocents who will have to deal with our legacy of greed & instant gratification. When young kids grow up they are going to ask one question? You guys had the data, you had the chance to reverse the damage, why in the hell didn’t you do something about this problem before it was too late? Like most things; Americans just don’t care about anyone’s future but their own. Documentary National Geographic The Age of Stupid 2007 NR 90 minutes.


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