In Sicko, Michael Moore sets his sights on the plight of the uninsured in this Oscar-nominated documentary that uses Moore’s trademark humor and confrontational style to ask the difficult questions and get to the truth behind the healthcare crisis. He has created a film that simultaneously entertains and makes you think. Take a look at how sick things really are in this country. In the world’s richest country, 45 million people have no health insurance, while HMOs grow in size and wealth. This is a look into the health insurance industry in the U.S. and why it’s so bad compared to other countries with government healthcare. Moore exposes the shameful mess we’ve created in this country and juxtaposes it against five other countries that actually care about and take care of their ill citizens. Shows the differences between the US medical insurance system and those of other industrialized nations. Michael travels to Canada, England, France, and even Cuba to see how their healthcare stacks up versus the U.S. Sometimes done in a touching, heartfelt way, other times done in a humorous way. It was actually pretty depressing at times at how poor our system is here, and how big a financial drain it is on people at the lower end of the economic ladder. The film focuses on how health insurance companies take advantage of people and can also be the thing that kills them by denying them healthcare. Watch this documentary and be stunned at how health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors who sell out to them are turning against the people of America and watching our health sink while their profits skyrocket! The US is sadly and pathetically behind where healthcare is concerned. What we do our fellow Americans is disgusting. We actually let people die because they don’t have insurance…or they do have it, but the insurance company refuses to cover a needed treatment or medication. I’m not naive. I’ve always known that this was happening, but to see the people affected by this is heartbreaking. This should not be happening in this country. It’s disgusting and shameful. The “deciders” should be held accountable. It is no secret; the United States has a convoluted healthcare system that is primarily set up for the financial benefit of the companies who administer the plans. People who are hurt or sick are considered commodities. While the politicians enjoy the best plans money can buy, at taxpayer expense, sick people are routinely bankrupted by the corrupt system politicians refuse to change – mainly because the healthcare industry pumps billions of dollars into their election and reelection campaigns. It is a prime example of what happens when money and corporate profits take precedence over the well-being of the population. The pharmaceutical industry robs us, but to also see how much the health insurance companies are robbing us blind is criminal. It’s a total disgrace that this country allows “Fat Cat” Insurance companies to dictate healthcare. It seems difficult to comprehend why we spend more money on healthcare per person than any other country, yet we have lower life expectancies, and higher infant mortalities than many other countries. This movie is shocking. I cannot understand how it cannot be a human right to have healthcare in a country like this! I am a Canadian living in southeast Texas, since moving down here I am constantly learning more and more of just how corrupt the healthcare system is in the United States. There is so much political rhetoric supporting all that corruption. The whole system is clearly run by the insurance companies and also in big part by the drug companies, and of course the politicians help make it easy for them to get away with it. Premiums are insanely high, poor people are dying and going without treatments. My own wife needs to see a doctor, but I can’t afford it right now. If she gets on insurance at her workplace, it takes a huge chunk out of her paycheck. If you think Michael Moore is off base, check out the facts yourself. All you will hear is how bad social medicine is, but stop for a minute and take note of who is telling you this — it isn’t the average citizens of the United States, its politicians and talk/radio hosts and medical doctors/nurse practitioners, and yes of course the good ole insurance companies. I can tell you as a person that has experienced social medicine first hand and has used it, it just isn’t so. You get the same quality of care that you get in the United States, if not better. My sisters have had a total of 6 babies and have never paid a penny out of their pockets. Both my mother and father have had cataracts removed in both eyes and have never paid one penny. They have had multiple doctor office visits, and still no payments. I myself had an accident years ago, and once again never paid a cent for anything. I suppose the situation might change if the U.S.A. finally puts the people ahead of billion dollar corporations — if greed takes a back seat to compassion. I can only see it getting worse as time goes on. I despise what is so loosely called “healthcare” here! Why is the US the only advanced country which will turn away sick and injured people. We are suppose to be proud of our compassion for others less fortunate, but our pride seems to end up in the pockets of insurance company CEO’s and political coffers. Actual cost per person would be a fraction of what it is now with single-payer, universal healthcare program. If we help patients before their maladies become chronic and expensive to treat, and offer preventive care, the savings would be substantial. How do we call ourselves a ‘super power’ nation when we cannot even keep our healthcare system healthy. This movie proves what we already fear is the truth. We care more about money in this country than we do the value of human lives. Children, parents, seniors, babies are all dying, and we are responsible because we are afraid of change, or afraid to have healthcare like other countries…who are living longer and not paying a dime to take care of any and every citizen who becomes ill or injured. It doesn’t make sense. How is it that Cuba, a third-world country, treated our 9/11 heroes better than our own medical facilities did? Wanna find out? Watch this documentary. The comparisons between US and Cuban healthcare might at first seem repetitive, but it still warrants attention. Cuba is far different from France, England or any of the other countries Moore visits earlier in the movie. This shows us that even Cuba was able to get it right. We all know that Cuba is very flawed and would not want to live there. However, they do appear to have a healthcare system superior to ours. As usual another excellent movie from Michael Moore. The main issue of the pathetic state of healthcare in the wealthiest nation on the planet is very well presented here. It’s disturbing, unpleasant and sadly accurate. This is a really good and thorough movie, very educational. If you want to educate yourself about our healthcare system verses other healthcare systems around the world, definitely watch this movie. I’d recommend this to anyone. I liked this movie a lot. I really like Michael Moore. Some people are not the biggest fans of Michael Moore, but this film is a good one. There are those who simply can’t accept that Moore is making valid points. In this case, those people are closed-minded and lead by conservative media to believe healthcare for all is socialist.But the USA already has many free social services: free public education, free social security, free police protection, free fire protection – so why not free medical care also? But I recommend putting any dislike you might have for Moore on hold, and take a look at what this film has to say about healthcare. While I am a very pro-business person, it’s hard to find any sympathy for healthcare companies and their rescission policies. These are some very difficult words for me to write, but here it goes: this Michael Moore film is somewhat thought-provoking. This helps us all see that decent healthcare is a human right, not a privilege, while exposing corruption, greed and an inhuman disdain for the sick on the part of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. It is no wonder the powers that be want Moore’s head on a spike. Truth tellers are always the victims of character assassination by the rich and powerful these days. If he induces viewers to bring at least a little common sense to their thinking on a controversial topic, then, in my view, he has succeeded. If he makes you wonder why the subject is even controversial in the first place, then he has achieved an even greater success. This was a great documentary that made a very clear point. It shows exactly how messed up our “Health For Profit” is in this country. Our healthcare system needs to change. There is no denying that. What an eye-opener this movie is! I hope this movie wakes up enough people! This is a film that should be seen by every American. Yes, I understand now why everyone needs universal healthcare. Therefore, it is necessary for every caring American, because we are a good people, to see Sicko. Every American should see this and see how we’re getting ripped off! This will make you want to move out of the USA to some country where you have a right to healthcare and where your health is not a business! Be careful though — this might make you want to move to France. Michael Moore’s documentaries can really open your eyes to some atrocities in the US. This is one of Moore’s best, and it should be shown on national TV at least once a week, and keep showing it for at least several years non-stop. It should be required viewing in school classrooms. This movie should be mandatory viewing by all Americans and the people in Congress who allow for the destruction and demise of our healthcare system! I highly recommend this film to everyone. This movie is a must-see! The bonus feature are also a must-see! This is also one of the few DVDs I have watched where the extras bring added insight. See the fascinating interview with former British MP Tony Benn to see what I mean. A GREAT FILM! Documentary 2007 PG-13 123 minutes.


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