Review about “Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest’

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest is one of the best films about the environment topics you should spend time on watching it with your kids.

It was produced by 20th Century Fox in 1992 with nostalgic power. Almost stories related to fairies and man when the fairies lived in the Ferngully forest. They considered that humans were long gone. Crysta was a fairy princess in this forest. She was being taught in the power of magic by the older Magi. She had ever saved his life by shrinking him to smaller size so that a runaway logging machine couldn’t cut him. But finally, she couldn’t bring his size back as normal shape so Zak accepted to keep this size to shape as now so that he could deeply understand about life among the forest creatures.

But one day, Crysta fairy princess saw smoking around the forest then they knew that humans were still alive. Hexxus is a spirit of chaos to make bulked and polluted. Magi Lune played an important role as Crysta’s magic teacher then he was escaped by the human when they cut down the tree.

Whereas Zak shank by Crysta treated as a liar. It was Zak with Bat- a bat which escaped from a biology lab to prevent the leveler Hexxus’ power supply by turning off it. But it was unluckily that Hexxus power was so terrible to overcome preventions from Zak. While all fairies in Ferngully forest were confusing and scared that their home was once on the verge of destruction because of Hexxus- the evil spirit, Crysta used the power of creation in seeds to solve strong power’s Hexxua.

If your kid prefers to mythical and magical concept, this film is followed up this style. The animation of fairies looks beautiful and lovely. So this film has been deserved one of the best films about the environment topic for kids.

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