Review about Chinatown- a film about the environment topic

The environment issue has always been a hot topic for film. Through other stories related to the environment, watcher can clearly aware of these changes of the human life when we are destroying the environment around us.

Chinatown is also a film belonging to the environment topic. However it was launched in 1974- from nearly 50 years ago. The fact that we can predict disasters from the environment from many years ago, but we refuse and take other actions to destroy survival of our lives.

The content of Chinatown

In general, Chinatown is granted as a neo-noir masterpiece of Polanski’s magnum opus. This story tells about Gittes being a sleazy private investigator. He has a funny nick name as Jake. He is hired by Evelyn Mulwray to follow her husband- Hollis Mulwray who is an excellent engineer. But the fact that, Jake only collected photos of him and his mistress then sold to the press and exchanged money.

Everything become more complicated when Evenlyn Mulwray knew this trouble and went to Jake’s office to threaten him that he would suit it to lawyer. Then he found out more serious issues. Then he still decided to investigate this case anyway.

As consequence of investigation, he was dropped in a group of deceit involving murder, incest and even municipal corruption in his city. All deceit related to the pure water supply in the city. This film considered as a newo-noir detective story around the environment issues. Besides Jake as the main actor, you could hear some stories about Mulwray’s business, father-in-law Noah Cross or an unscrupulously old man.

Sure that this film could wake up many watchers about awareness and selfishness when polluting the environment.

Good screenplay

This screenplay was highly appreciated by some reporters and writers. This content was from the mind of Robert Towne- screenwriter. He was from Southern California, so the inspiration of this film was authentic and close with our lives.

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