Recommendations for Specific Movies

Recommendations by viewers of Must-See Movies can help you find great movies to watch.


(Below, many different viewers recommend various Must-See Movies):

Abduction of Eden

If you want to become aware of the immensely tragic reality of the rising crime of human sex trafficking in the U.S. without gory rape scenes, this one is the movie to see. People should definitely give this one a watch. It is however a very touchy subject, and you should warn people of that before watching it in a group. I really loved this movie. I watched it with pillows behind my head but never let my head rest on them, I was so into this movie I was tense! Loved it. This is a really good movie and before I knew it, it was over. You must see this for yourself. I saw this movie three times. I highly recommend this film to EVERY female. It truly is a great movie, and the sad part is that it is based on a true story. Five  Stars Stunning.  See Full Review

All the President’s Men

Wish there were more films like this.  Fantastic movie. Superb understated acting, brilliant writing, and a fascinating story make this one of the best movies of all time.  See Full Review


This film is excellent.  It is epic is scope, but understated in tone.   It covers a decade and most of Europe in a style that is paced like a thriller even though we know there is no Hollywood ending waiting for us.  The film takes care not to be graphic in its depiction of suffering and is all the stronger for its indirectness.  A great work, by a great filmmaker, Costa Gavras.  This movie is a must see for any history buff or practicing Catholic.  Truly one of the best movies I have ever seen.  See Full Review

American Addict

An important film for anyone to watch who has concerns about the influence of medications on the American public. Wow, what an outstanding excellent documentary containing vital information for everyone. Great Movie!! Great Facts!! Great interviews!! It will open some eyes and minds. This documentary is brilliant, direct, and pulls no punches!  I applaud the makers of this film. Thank you for writing, producing and distributing this well researched and telling exposé. This is a must-watch. I just wish everyone in the U.S. would watch it and know that you are more likely to die from medical error and prescription drugs than if you eschewed them. This documentary is definitely worth watching to understand why prescription drugs are a big problem in the U.S. See Full Review

American Blackout

This film should be required viewing in all history and political science curriculums.  Every registered voter in America needs to watch this film!  Every non-registered citizen who has the legal right to vote needs to register after watching this film!  And, everyone, after watching this film, needs to vote guided by their moral compass and enhanced consciousness resulting from viewing this film.  Rent it. Buy it. Show it. See Full Review

Art & Copy

Worth watching.  I found this film very inspiring.  I highly recommend it.  See Full Review

Battle of Chernobyl

This was kept secret for twenty years because of a cover-up by the Soviets. See Full Review

The Best Government Money Can Buy?

A “Must See” documentary about how modern contemporary government actually works. Legal Bribery. It’s a pity (but not surprising) this isn’t common knowledge. At any rate, this documentary is worth watching.  Eye-opening to say the least for the ignorant blinded general public. This should be a must-see for all Americans who have failed to see how our elected officials continue to profit from this corrupt system. See Full Review

Better This World

An important film. Loved it.  Everyone should see this. This film should be mandatory viewing in every high school civics class in America.  MUST SEE. See Full Review

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

He took on big business and won. Good for you, Fredrik Gertten. I applaud you for your tenacity and drive to not give up on freedom of speech in the face of such incredible threats. You’re a role model for us all. I was very happy to hear of this triumph of free speech. Gives me a little hope for the rest of us. Bravo to Fredrik Gertten! Thank you for fighting the good fight. Very good story — and extremely important that films like this get out. I encourage anyone with a social conscience to please watch this movie. People need to be more educated about issues like this. It gave me CLEAR insight into what’s going on in the world. Really enjoyed it. Great film! An absolute MUST-see! This is without a doubt one of the most provocative and alarming documentaries about free speech and its impact globally. Very well done. It is one of the most inspiring movies EVER. See Full Review

The Big Fix

Powerful movie exposing pervasive corruption in an intense, disturbing, manner. Shocking even for the informed.  A must-see for anybody concerned about the meaning of our system of Democracy…uh, oops…Bribery. A disturbing fact-based, real reveal of what the Oil Industry, Government and the Corporations are doing to our environment, people and freedom. So saddening. Highly recommended. A must-see if you care deeply about the future of people’s health, the planet’s health and the well-being of the American way of life. This film should be playing in every theater in America!  See Full Review


This documentary is worth watching just to see what humanity has made possible through dreams, hard work, and risk of death. So inspiring! Have to love people that do the unthinkable. Those who test the limits inspire me to push myself to do more daring stuff — but not that daring — yet! What a great documentary. Amazing. This film made my jaw drop. I love this film. Daring and risk make this a must-see. See Full Review


This made me cry like a baby, but I am happy to know the truth! Very sad! This is emotional material with no dull moments, a conversation starter if there ever was one, and accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: outrage its audience. This should have been nominated for an Oscar. I feel everyone needs to watch this movie. Definitely changed how I view SeaWorld and animals in captivity. So heartbreaking. See Full Review

Blind Mountain

This film makes you see, hear, and feel the horror their lives have become, in a way that no news outlet story could ever make you understand.  Blind Mountain accomplishes more for human rights and especially for the rights of women than a dozen well-intentioned books could ever do. See Full Review

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

I think this movie was well-made, and the story was told with amazing emotional detail. This is a really good film. Five stars. I would give it six stars! One of the best movies I’ve viewed in some time.The best docudrama I have ever seen. It was outstanding!  All Americans should see it – what a tragedy! Earned an Emmy Award for Best Made-for-Television Movie. See Full Review

The Camden 28

I would recommend the film to activists, and those interested in the subjects of civil disobedience and justice. This would be a good documentary to show to high school age children in history class. This documentary is a must see for all: those who lived through that Vietnam era, whether oblivious to the war, serving in the war, and/or protesting against the war, and to those who are too young to remember the times.  See Full Review

Camp 14 (N. Korea)

Wow! What a powerful documentary. Very moving. Completely riveting. Thought provoking. Profound. One of the most heart-breaking documentaries I’ve ever watched. I think this is an important film that everyone should see. This film should be mandatory viewing for all citizens above the age of 13 years old in the United States. Everyone in the world should see this. This documentary may literally change your life. It’s more than 5 stars — it’s more like****************************** See Full Review

Can You Afford to Retire?

Does the notion of working until the age of 85 seem daunting? It’s a real possibility for many. See Full Review

Catch Me If You Can

I recommend this movie to everyone, especially anyone looking for non-violent movie. Wish there were more movies like this.  Great film. See Full Review

The Central Park Five

A very important documentary documenting one of the worst miscarriages of justice in modern American history. Very well done about a case that has been forgotten but at the time was the biggest news story out there and for the year. The film captures a time period in New York City quite vividly. Riveting would be the word I would use. When I heard famous documentary maker Ken Burns and his daughter Sarah were involved in producing this film, I immediately wanted to see it.  See Full Review

Chasing Madoff

I found the movie to be very informative and interesting, spellbinding and enlightening.  Despite this being a documentary, it has all the intrigue, suspense, and action of any good flick out of Hollywood.  Will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat.  Once I started to watch it, it was such an intriguing story that I couldn’t stop.  We watched it twice!  This is a movie that you must see.  Without a doubt, deserves 5-stars!  Top honors.  Not only is it stylish and entertaining, it is also more informative.  See Full Review

Children of Internment

During WW2 the FBI secretly arrested 11,000 German-Americans technically classified as “aliens”, perhaps too busy trying to earn a living to learn English and pass the citizenship tests. So this group of new Americans were technically still citizens of Germany, and these “aliens” unprotected by the US Constitution could be interned for no good reason, during wartime Nazi hysteria. Rights that we, as Americans, view as our birthright are still being taken from those who are coming here for a better life. We also see the loss of freedoms that come from fear and the need for security. This isn’t dead history — it’s a wake-up call. See Full Review

Citizen Koch

This is a great documentary, especially if you are concerned about the political influences of big money. This film is necessary viewing for anyone concerned about how the richest 1% are influencing American politics. This is a powerfully important film! Knowledge is power, and this is a must-see film that no American should miss. If you live in America and want to know where all the frenzied, hate-filled, divisive rhetoric is coming from, watch this documentary. If you only watch one documentary in your life, watch this documentary.  See Full Review

The Company Men

What I loved was how clearly the filmmakers showed the staggering wealth of the slimy corporate kingpins and their shocking disrespect for the people who had worked so hard to make them so. And I loved the clear-eyed presentation of what life is like after getting fired from a big corporation after serving it faithfully for many years. It did what I want in a movie – it kept my attention all the way through with no big dead spots and reasonable accuracy. Great film. It has a lot of great themes and involves class, corruption, power and practically anything worthy of academic and social debate. See Full Review

The Confessions

This is a MUST SEE for anyone who believes confessions are always reliable. I felt so angry watching this. A chilling story.  Good movie. Well worth watching. It’s a real wake-up call. See Full Review

The Corporation

The details of various corporate crimes makes you want to get up out of your seat and fight for social change. I strongly recommend this movie! See Full Review

Countdown to Zero

Watch this video and learn something. The film itself is an excellent example of a crisp and fluid documentary that looks sharp and really holds the attention of the audience. This is a terrific film that also should be required viewing–for everyone in the entire world, though especially for those in positions of power. See Full Review

Crude Impact

Excellent documentary. Everyone should watch this documentary — very well made, insightful and accurate. A must-watch documentary, a real eye-opener!   See Full Review

CSA: Confederate States of America

While I have not seen many “mocumentaries”, I can confidently say that “CSA: Confederate States of America” will be a tough film to beat!  I loved this movie.  I thought it was brilliantly made.  The witty sarcasm is genius.  Certainly worth seeing. See Full Review

Dances with Wolves

This is my favorite movie of all time.  Impossible to stop watching once it begins, and worth re-watching over and over again. What an excellent movie!  One of the best movies you will ever see!  The epic qualities of this story will linger in your thoughts for years to come. See Full Review

Death by China

Enlightening documentary. A real eye opener. Very highly recommended. A must-watch film. Every American citizen should watch this documentary — democrat, republican, liberal, and conservative. Watch it, you won’t be disappointed. This movie should be required watching in every classroom. This movie should also be played on every major TV network throughout this country, because the people of America really do need to know the truth behind the relationship between America and Communist China.  See Full Review

Dr. Strangelove

One of the best films ever made, one of the best comedies of all time; and probably the best of political satires. My highest recommendation. Dr. Strangelove still remains as one of my top 5 favorites of all time. See Full Review

By the People: The Election of Barack Obama

Definitely a good watch if you are democratic and a fan of the Barack Obama.  This is a skillfully made and engaging film. See Full Review

The End of Poverty?

In the land of mass consumption, we owe it the world to watch this film.  Every person who complains about immigration into the US should have to watch this movie, so they can understand how their own lifestyle encourages immigration.  This is an excellent movie, and should be a required viewing for every American to understand the New World Order. This movie should be required viewing in all colleges and schools.  Every person in this country should see this movie!  See Full Review

The End of the Line

While it’s hard to say I enjoyed this movie – it was informative, depressing and yet hopeful at the same time – I believe they laid out the issues and problems in a non-biased way. I think everyone should watch this movie and make an informed decision on how they can contribute to help solve the problem. Good documentary on an important subject. See Full Review

Erin Brockovich

GREAT movie!  My highest recommendation. I would recommend this film to anyone.  I truly love this movie — one of my favorites.  I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. This movie is inspirational!  It tells us that one person can make a difference.  I love it when people stand up for the right thing.  More people should be willing to do what is right. We need more Erin Brockovichs in this world!  The power of this movie makes it a must-see. See Full Review

Fahrenheit 9/11

This is an exceptional documentary.  Moore won an Oscar for this very well-made film. I enjoyed the movie. See Full Review

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

So inspiring. Made me cry & cheer for these guys to take hold of their lives. I am inspired myself. See Full Review

Fed Up

A great documentary. It is very informative and well done. This is a film that every parent should see to understand the way in which they could be risking their children’s health, and their own, with excessive and dangerous sugar consumption. This makes a very compelling argument. The film lays out what’s wrong, and some possible solutions — to take or leave at our discretion. This movie is absolutely a MUST SEE for all Americans, a must-see for everyone who values their health. Watch it with kids, it’s must-education, in my opinion. Every parent and child in America should have an opportunity to view this together. This is well-worth your time for your own well-being and that of your children. Definitely worth a look. I recommend watching it. I urge you to see this movie and make up your own mind. See Full Review

The Flaw: Financial Collapse

So call them documentaries. To me, they are a series of “college level” education courses. We as Americans should all be learning what we can, especially about our financial system. This documentary is first rate and well worth seeing. See Full Review

Flow: For Love of Water

This film should be required viewing.  This amazing documentary brought many interesting facts to my attention. I would like to see more documentary information on the same subject. See Full Review

Flying Cheap

Excellent documentary. Very informative and a little scary if you fly a lot. If you fly often; you owe it to yourself to watch this. You will find this documentary worth your time.  This documentary served as a real eye-opener for me. See Full Review

Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution

This movie is slow and long, but it blows your mind and must be seen. A lot of facts regarding cancer are revealed.  It is a great documentary, full of interesting facts. See Full Review

Food Matters

The overall theme and advice is well-worth heeding by everyone. There is a lot of good information in this video. This film is worth the watch and study. I recommend it. Well-done. See Full Review

Forks Over Knives

This is quite possibly the most important documentary you will ever see. Well written and well documented, the evidence is absolutely convincing. Seeing this film could save your life. Lots to think about. This is probably the most important documentary I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend it. Everyone should watch this film. See Full Review


Overall, this is a short informative documentary.  Well worth the 44 minutes to view it.  This film is an eye opener. It’s a stomach-clenching, heart-aching, and informative documentary that deserves acclaim for putting this information out there. I for one will show this to as many people as I can, which we should all do out of concern for our fellow citizens.  Bravo to the makers and financial supporters that made this film possible. This movie makes you think, that in itself is something to celebrate. See Full Review

Freedom Riders

Highly recommended. Excellent!  Absolutely essential!  Absolutely a MUST SEE! I honestly believe everyone in the US would benefit from seeing this film — especially in high school classes.  See Full Review

Fuel (Fields of Fuel)

This kind of movie really makes you think. These kinds of movies should be on mainstream television.  This is a wonderful, insightful film.  A must-see for everyone. Changing the world for the better seems possible after watching this documentary. See Full Review

The Future of Food

This film is depressing, but in a good way — yeah, there are horrible things happening to our food, but hopefully movies like this will spur people into action.  Add this to your queue now, and wake up and take a stand against these greedy companies poisoning you and your family.  Share it with everyone you know.  We like these documentaries critical of Big Food (Food Inc. was very influential on us and King Corn was solid).  Bravo to all who had a hand in making this movie. See Full Review

Game Change

Great movie. Excellent. This is an outstanding docudrama. I liked it, and you should watch it. It is very frightening that a candidate such as Palin could get a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the USA. It’s horrifying to think they could have won an election with a candidate that could only memorize foreign policy but not understand it. See Full Review


This film is eye-opening and terrifying.  This is a must see. Everyone needs to see what is being done to our home — our land, our country is being poisoned.  Watch it, make your friends watch it, make your family watch it. Tell everyone you know to watch it. This is a “must-see” movie for all citizens.  We need more people that are passionate about making films to present the major problems of our country. See Full Review

Generation RX

Great eye opener!  Worth watching.  A must-watch for anyone who has children.  Every parent needs to watch this! This is a must-see documentary. See Full Review


This is an informative documentary about all the things we should know about GMOs, and the news is not good. Watch it and be informed. Definitely recommended. Kudos to a young director. See Full Review

The Grapes of Wrath

This is a great film that shows America in a way that few other films dared at any time in American history.  A great emotional movie that reveals the desperation of people during the Great Depression.  This film is still relevant. Anyone who does not know what poverty is like should watch this. It’s an American story which far too few younger people know about today.  I’ll be one of the millions who have said it – this is one of the greatest films of all time.  Definitely, a must see movie. See Full Review

Harlan County, U.S.A.

I watched this movie way back when it first came out, and it actually seems to have gotten better with time. Well worth watching if for nothing more than a window to the American mining subculture, but also an uplifting David vs. Goliath story. Really great!  Human beings fighting desperately for a living wage, a decent standard of living for their families, and their own dignity. This is one film not to be missed.  This is one of the most important movies ever made and one of the best documentaries that you will ever see.  See Full Review

Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau

This is one of the best human interest stories I’ve seen, and definitely the best sports movie I’ve come across.  Moving and inspiring.  Something about this film really connected with me.  His story still pops up in my brain from time to time, and I wonder how many Eddies are out there.  I will recommend this to others.  If I could give more than five stars, I would. See Full Review

The Help

For me, I judge how good a movie is when it draws me in to the point where I don’t want it to end. There are only a few movies I’ve seen that I can say that about and The Help is certainly one of them. All the actors were fantastic. An emotional movie that I actually felt, not just watched. I recommend this movie if you love feel good dramas. And guys, even though it has an almost all women cast, it isn’t a chick flick. Great movie!  The film is a must see, and one that makes me feel better having seen it. See Full Review

Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk

Overall, a good film about higher ed! I would certainly recommend watching it to get a better understanding for what challenges our higher education community faces. I strongly recommend this documentary to anyone planning to attend college, and HIGHLY recommended for all adults who are preparing to send their kids off to college. Excellent, must-see
documentary. See Full Review

Holes in My Shoes

Great story, and told so beautifully by the man himself. He did live a Wonderful Life, overcoming all obstacles along the way. From beginning to end, I absolutely and totally loved, loved, loved this extraordinary man’s bio. Watched this documentary three times, then I joined my husband who watched it twice! The BEST documentary I have ever viewed. I highly recommend this one, I recommend to anyone, anywhere. Watch this, you won’t be sorry!  Wonderful story, wonderful man.  See Full Review

Homo Toxicus

A must see!  Vitally important information contained in this film. No wonder this quiet little documentary has won such high praise. See Full Review

Hoop Dreams

Ebert declared it the best film of the 1990’s.  After watching the movie, I see what all the talk was about. You can hear a movie is classic, but it won’t sink in until you actually watch it for yourself. Hoop Dreams is one of the top three films I have ever seen.  (I feel like I have seen many great films, so that really means something to me.) For sure though, it’s the greatest documentary I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few of those also.  One of the few real achievements in filmmaking that actually says something.  Really great.  This is one I could watch many times over. I strongly urge everyone not to be discouraged with the nearly three hours running time. This is a truly special film that shouldn’t be avoided by anyone. This Hoops Dreams may really be the greatest documentary ever made. See Full Review

Hot Coffee

The film got a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival. It is very well-presented, educational, and not boring at all. Great movie! Everyone needs to see this film. I am so glad that I did. It’s heartbreaking but eye-opening. Should be standard part of the curriculum in schools. This is a must-see for all Americans. See Full Review

House of Cards

You should watch this. Terrific documentary on the housing and economic crisis.  I very much enjoyed this movie and recommend it to anyone looking for a great way to understand the process that preceded the financial crisis.  It’s an excellent, excellent documentary that explains in great detail exactly what caused the US economic crash of 2008. I highly recommend it because this is easy to follow.  One of the better documentaries I’ve seen on the financial crisis.   See Full Review

How to Grow a Planet

This series is incredible.  I believe that all school age students should watch this to help them connect with the land that gives them life.  It some how makes botany interesting and entertaining.  I learned things about plants, flowers and trees that I never knew before.  And I am an avid biology buff, with a college degree in the subject.  I have been watching documentaries like this for 50 years, and they keep getting better and better.  But hands down this is the best ever, and tells the story of life in new and interesting ways.  The cinematography is astounding, and the computer graphics jaw-dropping.  I’ve seen a lot of great documentaries but nearly passed on this one, because I’m not curious about plants and thought it’d be boring.  Turned out to be the most fascinating and enjoyable documentary I’ve seen yet.  See Full Review

Howard ZinnYou Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

This is a wonderful and inspirational documentary.  Worth the watch.  I recommend enjoying it and using 78 minutes of your life to grow!  This film will make you think long and hard about America’s place in world history, and more importantly, it’s future.  This is a film of a great man and great ideas.  Howard Zinn was a great human being, a hero, plain and simple. There should be more people him in the world.  See Full Review

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

This leaves you to wonder what will happen if one day there is an epidemic of drug-resistant infections that becomes truly uncontrollable?  I definitely recommend this!  Definitely worth watching. See Full Review

I Am Slave

Highly recommend this movie for everyone, so hopefully people will get some awareness of these horrible crimes. Please, please, please watch it. This is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. I do not give too many six stars, but this little gem is more than worthy! On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 15. I’m still in tears!!! This movie will haunt me for a quite a while. Thank you to the producers, writers, and actors for making it. And I didn’t even have to read subtitles, as these Sudan people speak English. This is a do-not-miss — a must-see, heart-touching, heart-breaking film.   See Full Review

An Inconvenient Truth

There are a lot of great reasons to see this film. The star of the show was almost elected to be the president of the United States of America. He won two Oscars for the film, and a Nobel peace prize for his work. It is a powerful presentation delivered by a skilled presenter about facts and evidence pertaining to the earth’s climate cycles and man’s impact upon them. These few reasons alone deserve five stars. Everyone with an hour to spare should see this movie. It has done more to raise public consciousness than anything that came before it. This is very watchable for the way it presents what is fast becoming one of the most important international issues of our time. I am glad I finally took the time to sit down and watch it. This movie has become part of our history. It is a “must watch”.  Everyone must see this film. No question. Make your parents watch it too. And your friends. And your kids. Really! Everyone should watch it, period. It will give you a new perspective on the subject of climate change. I learn more every time I watch this film. Watch it every year or two.  See Full Review

The Incredible Human Machine

I loved this documentary. It’s really a work of art. Probably the best one I’ve seen.  My children loved all the different parts. They were glued to the video and it was very informative.  This really shows how amazing the human body really is!  After viewing this astonishing documentary you will realize that every minute of your life is a miracle.  What a fantastic documentary about the human body. I would give this 6 stars if I could! Fascinating! Great from start to finish! WOW! See Full Review

Inside Job  (crash 2008)

Best documentary I have seen! Impeccably done! I am recommending this to everyone I know. Everyone on the planet should watch this film. Overall it’s a must see. There are a lot of great reasons to see this film. The star of the show was almost elected to be the president of the United States of America. He won two Oscars for the film, and a Nobel peace prize for his work. It is a powerful presentation delivered by a skilled presenter about facts and evidence pertaining to the earth’s climate cycles and man’s impact upon them. These few reasons alone deserve five stars. Everyone with an hour to spare should see this movie. It has done more to raise public consciousness than anything that came before it. This is very watchable for the way it presents what is fast becoming one of the most important international issues of our time. I am glad I finally took the time to sit down and watch it. This movie has become part of our history. It is a “must watch”.  Everyone must see this film. No question. Make your parents watch it too. And your friends. And your kids. Really! Everyone should watch it, period. It will give you a new perspective on the subject of climate change. I learn more every time I watch this film. Watch it every year or two.. See Full Review

Inside North Korea

This documentary was well done, informative, and offered a glimpse into that culture — I think this gives us a pretty good insight as to how things are in North Korea.  I’m happy I watched it, and I have gained some insights from it. See Full Review

Inside the Mind of Google

I thought the documentary was informative, interesting, and balanced.  I would recommend this to anyone who uses Google.  Great documentary. I loved it and thought it was very interesting.  I definitely recommend you watch this. Enjoy! See Full Review

Intelligent Design on Trial

This doc is put together so well — it’s smart, it’s explanatory, it’s relevant. I highly recommend this doc to all, and especially to people who think it wouldn’t be so bad to teach “intelligent design” in science class. In all, this NOVA production does an excellent job of profiling the debate, re-enacting the court case, and contextualizing the urgency of this issue. See Full Review

The Invention of Lying

This is a very entertaining movie. A great premise. Cute concept which is a great commentary on how we live (including advertising, etc). This movie does not provide many “laugh out loud” moments, but it consistently amuses, provides tons of cameos by brilliant performers, and keeps you thinking long after the lights come up. A nice little gem with a powerful message. The movie is somewhat deep and requires a bit of thought to appreciate it. Original, smart, thoughtful and witty. If you like those qualities in a film, you will love this one. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie; it was entertaining, well cast, and very funny in a way only the utter truth can be so funny. The movie is everything a comedy ought to be: it’s funny and creative and interesting. It’s well worth the time. Loved it! See Full Review

The Invisible War

If you think that rape in the military happens because of “a few bad apples,” watch this Oscar-nominated film. This film should be required viewing for anyone considering joining the US military. EVERY potential female soldier needs to be required to watch this documentary during their recruitment process. Every PARENT with little girls should watch this documentary in order to protect them from potential harm in the event that they join the armed forces. Everyone, especially members of the Armed Forces Committee should see this film. I hope it makes a difference. THIS IS A MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY FOR ALL! See Full Review

Ishi, The Last Yahi

A great documentary for all adults, and kids in middle school and above. Interesting, devastating, inspiring. Very highly recommended and essential viewing.  Every American should know about Ishi. See Full Review

It Was a Wonderful Life

Wow, this movie struck a chord in my heart and mind. Powerful stuff here. Everyone needs to see this documentary. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone in all walks of life. This movie is an eye-opener, sad but true. I think all women should see this movie. It should be required viewing prior to a wedding sanctioned by state or church. This documentary deeply affected me when I saw it and has stayed with me since then. If one of the purposes of a documentary is to embed images in your consciousness, this one succeeded. Well worth the 84 minutes it will take to watch it, if only to stimulate your thinking…and rethinking…of this social issue. I will be viewing it a second time, tomorrow, as it has had a great impact upon me after just seeing it. I rated this documentary as 5 stars because it is extremely enlightening and forcefully informative. See Full Review

Jean de Florette / Manon of the Spring

If you like good movies, don’t miss this pair. See Full Review

John Perkins Speaking Freely

Wow! Nothing like being forced to wake up in America. We need to hear this.   See Full Review

The King of Comedy

This movie is an overlooked Scorsese masterpiece, a brilliant satire about show business and fame.  A brutally honest film about a star-struck “comedian” totally out of touch with reality. Rarely has a movie been so hilarious and so unsettling at the same time.  The theme of this movie, obsession for fame and for famous people, is prescient and ahead of it’s time.  This is such a unique film and one of the most underrated & under-appreciated ones at that.  Check it out, if you’re up for a quirky, undiscovered gem. See Full Review

The King of Masks

I think parents and families can enjoy this feel-good movie with younger children.  Plus, this is a good way to introduce a younger viewer to foreign cinema.  King of Masks is a must-see, especially if you are a patron of the performing arts.  It’s a movie that you will find yourself thinking about long after you finish watching.  This is what movies were meant to be and do for the viewers  — “leave an impression inside our souls forever”. See Full Review

Koch Brothers Exposed

I highly recommend this excellent documentary on the Koch brothers.  A bit alarmist at times, but given the subject matter, how could it not?  These are two selfish evildoers you need to know about.  This is a thought provoking film which shows just how much influence these men have. Scary indeed.  Outstanding!  Bravo!  This is a must-see for everyone. See Full Review


Highly recommended for documentary-lovers and animal-lovers alike.  This is a remarkable and poignant film which I found moving and intellectually amazing.  This is a rich and profound film that should not be missed.  Koko’s story is fascinating and should be shared with everyone. See Full Review

Korkoro Gypsies

This is what films should do — educate and entertain.  Because of this movie, I don’t want to watch Hollywood movies any more. This is a film that Hollywood filmmakers should learn from and stop making junk and stupid movies. I completely recommend this film.  I will watch this again!   See Full Review

The Last Cigarette

This film does a good job in illustrating the cover-ups of the tobacco industry, and the activity of government to try to control tobacco. The film is still very relevant, especially good as a historical document to show how we got to this point of the current anti-smoking sentiment that exists today. See Full Review

The Last Mountain

This is a very important movie.  I highly recommend that anyone who breaths air or drinks water should watch this.  Great documentary! See Full Review

Let’s Make Money

Great documentary! Probably the most “cinematic” doc I’ve seen — beautiful. This is the most important movie I’ve watched in the last five years. Six Stars. For documentaries about the times that we live in, this one is well above the rest in a class of its own. It will leave you aware of the global scale of the financial catastrophe of 2008, how wide and deep it is. This is worth a re-watch — didn’t take it out of my queue. Mandatory viewing. See Full Review

Libby, Montana (asbestos)

Everyone should see this documentary. It is educational and interesting — informative, unbiased and riveting. Real life, great stuff. MUST SEE. See Full Review

Life 2.0

This is so surreal. I do not even know what to make of it. It is a definite must-see. This is an astonishingly meaningful and entertaining look at the subculture of Second Life. All I can say is Wow! I was fascinated by their stories, but watched in utter disbelief the emotional destruction these folks brought upon themselves. It is like passing a bad auto wreck and not being able to look away. Fascinating. See Full Review

The Loving Story

This documentary is very beautiful in its simplicity. A moving film! One of the best I have seen in a long time, and I loved the documentary format. Really enjoyed this documentary even more than I ever thought I would. Very touching, powerful. Amazing story. I do not think I have ever seen a better documentary, one that has better caught and held my interest. Kudos to all on this one! An important subject that people should learn of and from.  See Full Review

Man on Wire

This is a must-see film for anyone who thinks that their dream is impossible, or who needs the support in knowing that anything is possible. I promise you will share your experience about Man on Wire with all of your friends.   A movie for all ages. I highly recommend this movie to a wide audience.  My only regret is that the rest of our country is off watching typical Hollywood movies, rather than a beautifully charming and well-made unique film like Man on Wire.  A quote from movie: “It was once in a lifetime.”  Well-done documentary. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever watched, as well as one of my all-time favorite films. I highly recommend this unforgettable story.  Love the documentary.  I plan to buy this movie for my own personal library. A must-see movie. What a great story! Amazing story! See Full Review

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

Overall, this documentary has a lot to say and kept me thinking after the movie ended.  Grade A education. This was a great lesson, not entertainment. Essential viewing for every US citizen.  All of the USA should be required to watch this. See Full Review

The Man Who Loved Women

Great flick. For all human beings. Period. Exuberant and entertaining.  This is a thoughtful date movie filled with very interesting characters.  A pleasant movie worth watching once at least.  A viewer would benefit by watching this film a couple of times to get all the subtle points. I saw this film when it was new but didn’t think any more of it than good entertainment. Seeing it for the second time, Truffaut’s psychological insights became quite clear. This is a great movie for those who want a bit more than just entertainment.  What a great little film, loved it.  I made it through the two-hour running time without ever looking at the clock.  I enjoyed the film a lot and recommend it highly.  See Full Review


This film is amazing and compelling.  I was alternately surprised, delighted, pissed off, and appalled by this film.  This isn’t just a great film, it is a valuable piece of American history that most people don’t know about but should.  This movie is more than worthwhile, it has a point to make.  What it does is show you who Marjoe was and is and the point he is making which is loud and clear; “You can fool some of the people most of the time” …. or however that P.T. Barnum quote goes.  This is a great doc, a timely story (despite being over 30 years old), and a thoroughly engaging film.  One of the finest documentaries ever made.  See Full Review

A Matter of Sex

This was a surprisingly great movie that captured and held my attention.  Enjoyable due to a wonderful cast re-enacting heroic women!  This is one of the best and most uplifting movies I have seen in a long time.  One of those movies that gets you mad while watching it — but then liking it at the end!  I watched the movie twice — back to back.  Kudos for this movie.  This should be a must-see movie for all. See Full Review

Money and Medicine

I highly recommend this film for all people, especially those currently working in the medical field. Also recommended to anyone who has recently gone to a hospital, is still coping with sky-high medical bills, or just wonders what the future of our country will look like when medical expenses consume 70% of GDP. Fascinating and informative. Really excellent. Loved it!  See Full Review

Monumental: David Brower’s Fight for Wild America

Every American should stop to consider what life, our country, this world, would be like without the places David Brower saved from the great economic and industrial spoil. Every American should know this man’s name and thank him for what he did. If you have any interest in the outdoors, conservation or our national parks, this film is worth your time. Outstanding movie about an outstanding man during the first moments of the environmental movement. Great film. Highly recommended. A must-see. See Full Review

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Watch this wonderful view on what our democracy is supposed to be all about. If everyone watched this, we might hold some of those yahoo’s in Washington today to account for not behaving better. We’ve watched this movie countless times over the years and each time we do, I wish I could make all our congressmen& senators sit down for two hours in one room and watch this movie.  This movie should be required viewing for everyone who takes a high school civics class. See Full Review

The Murder of Emmett Till

For 53 minutes, do yourself the service of watching this documentary that highlights the event that many cite as the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement in the US. It is a prized collection of documents and interviews from the people that were a part of this horrific moment in our collective history. But it needs to be seen by everyone. See Full Review

Music Saved My Life

What a touching and inspiring documentary. Absolutely beautiful! A true inspiration that we all should take lessons from. We can learn a lot about how to live our own lives with joy, fulfillment, mental fortitude, and positivity from listening to and learning from Alice. She could teach all of us with the beauty of her spirit. She certainly helped me put some things in perspective. A great lesson for all generations. Wise words and beautiful music. An amazing life. Really makes you think about your own. This won the 2013 Oscar for Best Short Documentary. A must-see film. Do not miss this one. Watch it, that’s all I can say. Watch it and be amazed, touched and enlivened. See Full Review

Nazi Hunters

Worth watching.  You will find this film mesmerizing — you will find it fascinating and upsetting.  A well-done series.  See Full Review

The NFL’s Concussion Crisis

This film is a must-see for anyone who played football in the past, and everyone with children thinking about possibly playing football in the future on any level, and for all NFL football fans. See Full Review

Not Without My Daughter

This is a really good movie. I never thought I’d like it, but it was truly amazing and sad. Great movie, so don’t hesitate to watch it.  The first time I saw this movie was in junior high school for a class assignment. While everyone else was complaining about having to sit though an “educational” movie, I was delighted with it.  This movie was the best thriller I have watched. The terror of what was happening to them was so vivid. Well-written, well-acted, and had me literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. I would recommend this movie to all.  This movie had me glued to my screen. It was scary, but very informational and entertaining as well. I think everyone in American should watch it.  I can watch this over and over and never grow tired of this movie!  It is sooo good.  Great movie!  See Full Review

Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat

I definitely recommend this documentary. This surpasses any of the “mainstream” films that were released in past decade on issues such as fast food & food industry. I wish they would air all these types of documentaries on TV round the clock for about a week. Waking people up to the truth is taking too long, in my opinion. I believe most people have no idea what is really going on. I think if they realized the extent of it, they would change. How can you change when you don’t know there is anything wrong. Please, watch this video. See Full Review

The Oil Factor

This is the most important MUST SEE documentary ever! There so much provocative information concentrated in this hour and a half that it screams to be taken seriously and viewed many times. And, I am not one who views films more than once. I watched it twice back-to-back, which was about four hours with all of the note taking and the extras. I’m now going to buy a copy to watch a few times more. Very factual. Everyone should see this. Please tell all your friends to see this. I offer thanks to those who made this film. See Full Review

The Other Side of Immigration

I praise the director for bringing light to such a hot topic. Very simple and straightforward, very moving, and informative for those of us North of the Border. It is a very insightful and thought-provoking movie. This film was excellent. Absolutely, positively excellent.  I really liked this documentary — LOVED it! I wish more Americans would watch this film. I hope you watch it. Watch this fine movie, and feel your brain (and heart) expand. ***** 5 Stars.
See Full Review

Our Fathers

This is a truly excellent movie about the Catholic Church scandal of the 2000’s.  Not fun to watch, but we shouldn’t miss its message.  If you have kids, watch this movie and shake in your shoes.  Show Time did an excellent job handling a very delicate subject.  I didn’t find it to have the typical one-sided Hollywood spin.  There was a reasonable attempt to be fair with the Catholic Church, given the heinous nature of the crimes committed.  The movie is well done, not sensational but provocative.  This movie should be seen by all.  We need more movies on this topic. See Full Review

Out of Balance

I liked this move; it is an important look at how our freedoms are being encroached upon by big oil. Overall, this documentary accomplishes its goals and is well produced and executed. Watch this movie if you want to learn more about the business practices employed to raise false doubts about global warming.  If you’re like me, it will feed the fire that makes you care about the bigger picture. See Full Review

The Panama Deception

This documentary should be seen if for no other reason to demonstrate the adage that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. See Full Review

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

This is an amazing documentary that sheds light on the reality of American politics and the startling things that the rich will do to maintain their wealth, and how the political system has given in to the rich to the detriment of American society. All I can say is I wish everyone in America would take the time to watch this movie and consider the alternatives to a failed system. This review is not coming from some poor radical living on welfare, this is coming from a lawyer of 27 years that is fully aware of the machine at work. Watch the documentary and learn. Should be required viewing for all high schools. Fascinating and frightening. Watch it. I liked it. See Full Review


This is a really good film. It is a thought-provoking, highly informative documentary that is worth watching. Required viewing for those of us who are sick and tired of the status quo. This film should be viewed by every American of voting age, and teenagers under 18 should watch it as well in preparation for voting. This is easily the best documentary I have ever watched. Seek it out. See Full Review

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

A really great exposé on the industry of cancer. I’m soo glad someone is speaking out against the publicity and marketing role of the Pink Ribbons. This documentary is excellent — shocking and eye-opening. A must-watch for anyone who gives a damn about what actually is or isn’t being done for the millions of women who live and die with breast cancer every year. Women of all ages need to watch this and tell others too. Anyone who has breast cancer, knows anyone who has it, or is concerned with cancer, really must see this film. A must-watch for all. The whole world needs to see this!!!  See Full Review

A Place at the Table

Truly an eye opener!!! Very well done, great statistics. This is an incredibly insightful documentary about the REAL hunger in this country. Sad. . . just sad. This is a well-made movie that cannot help but affect all but the hardest-hearted businessman or politician. Just watch this documentary and weep. I recommend this movie for everyone to see. This film should be required viewing for Civics and Political Science classes. This film should be mandatory viewing for all members of Congress and local legislative bodies, not to mention every one of us who is blessed with the ability to afford to eat nutritiously. See Full Review

Plastic Planet

People need to watch this–especially those who have children.  This is a great documentary. It’s eye-opening, and I think everyone should watch it. See Full Review

The Player

Great writing, performances, directing. It’s well-cast and Tim Robbins was particularly good in this. It’s not a traditional comedy, but certainly filled with dark humor.  Recommended if you like movies about showbiz. If you’re a fan of film-making, or are in the film industry, you’ll find this intriguing. Certainly a hidden treasure.  This is the movie that turned me into a huge Altman fan.  A must-see film for any Altman fan.  If you like films that explode with subtlety, you may agree with me that he is one of the greatest American film-makers of the last 50 years. See Full Review

Please Remove Your Shoes

GREAT FILM! Fascinating documentary. One of the best I have ever seen. Thoughtful and well made, with interviews of knowledgeable sources. You will not be disappointed by this extremely professional film. You will learn a lot you didn’t know, and you will appreciate and admire the men and women who made this documentary. Good pace, great style and editing. Very much worthy of your time, really worth watching. Not often do I say this, but this documentary is a MUST WATCH, a must-see! This documentary needs to be viewed by every American air traveler before getting on a plane. It’s so scary. After watching this film — I never want to fly again. See Full Review

Poisoned by Polonium: The Litvinenko File

Heroic individual. His personal reflections of life in the Soviet Union and modern-day Russia and poignant and help to explain much about this sad tormented country. For those interested in the Litvinenko case and Putin’s Russia in general, this is a must see. Brilliant exposé of the brutal Kremlin regime of Vladimir Putin. This powerful and terrifying documentary offers a clear indictment of Putin’s criminal regime. Compelling story. See Full Review

Poisoned Waters

This is a must-see and very informative and disturbing.  A fantastic look at water pollution with the understated treatment you’d expect from Frontline, but a quality (and running time) that you’d expect from a feature documentary. I saw this for free on PBS, but I would have spent $9 to see it in a theater. One of the best documentaries I’ve seen on any subject. I consider this a must-see.  Another Frontline masterpiece.  I’m a Frontline addict.  I’ve loved every Frontline documentary I’ve ever seen.  An astoundingly good series.  Must-see series.  Everybody should see it.  Watch it and tell others to watch it.  I’m tempted to say that you really can’t have a well-grounded opinion about world events, economics, America or politics unless you’ve seen The Power of Nightmares. See Full Review

The Power of Nightmares

An astoundingly good series.  Must-see series.  Everybody should see it.  Watch it and tell others to watch it.  I’m tempted to say that you really can’t have a well-grounded opinion about world events, economics, America or politics unless you’ve seen The Power of Nightmares.  See Full Review


Very interesting documentary.  It is one of the very few films I think everyone should take a look at.  If enough people watch this documentary it has the potential to change the world that we live in for the better.  Very motivating — you may be inspired to do something.  This is the best documentary on automobiles I’ve seen since Who Killed the Electric Car?  I recommend both documentaries to anyone interested in the power issues the United States is facing.  See Full Review

Rabbit-Proof Fence

What a beautiful movie. The fact it is a true story elevates this quest narrative.  This movie is well worth seeing and beautifully photographed.  This is a beautiful film that should not be missed. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is one of those films we will remember. I would recommend this movie to anyone.  I had seen this before and it was just as powerful the second time. Terrific film. See Full Review

Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man

This film was excellent.  I’m so grateful for this eye-opening documentary.  Seldom are films in the documentary / biography category as personally gripping and stirring as this one.  Who should see this? Maybe everyone, especially those who need to know that a single person can make a difference for the better, especially young people who are very manipulated these days and wonder what they can do.  This movie should be mandatory viewing of all U.S. citizens as part of their education in how U.S. politics work, or doesn’t work. Highly recommended for those interested in ethical government and a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.  I strongly recommend the film. This is really eye-opening and worth a watch. Amazing man and an engaging movie.  I’ve seen twice. This is a great film about a great American. See Full Review

The Red Violin (Le Violon Rouge)

I thought it was magnificent. Perfect, no, but still magnificent, and that goes a long way in my book these days. Usually I am disappointed with modern movies. This movie makes Shakespeare in Love look like The Blair Witch Project. Without exaggeration, this is the best movie I have seen in 10 years! This is a masterpiece. I am absolutely in love with this movie. This is by far my favorite movie of all. I’ll simply suggest you see the film. See Full Review


Finally a movie that brings to light the fact that there are a lot of religious nutjobs out there.  This film was much smarter, much funnier, and much better than I had expected, and that is impressive, because I had expected it to be good.  One of the best documentaries ever… It’s an honest look at religion from a modern viewpoint. Overall a great movie.  Highly recommended.  Brilliantly funny. See Full Review


Skip the movies with actors and scripts…this is the war in Afghanistan showing the guys fighting it. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever watched. Tell people about this movie. It’s a must-see for sure! I believe that every American who ever votes to send kids to war must watch this film. I love this movie because it shows in detail the camaraderie and emotions that help me understand what they went through. Some scenes are hard to watch when you realize that it’s not fiction, but this is a riveting trip into the most dangerous place on earth. I sobbed watching this story. This film was life-altering for me. This has got to be the single best analysis of the human experience of war I have ever seen.  I hope that more documentaries like this are filmed and shown to the public. This will educate our civilian population, again, about how little is accomplished in war. See Full Review

The Revisionaries

Easily one of the most important documentaries I have ever watched. EVERYONE should watch this film. Definitely a must-see from no matter where you stand. Whether you are Christian or not, a student, a teacher, or a community member, the “Revisionaries” informs us all on what has been happening behind closed-doors, and the effect of such behavior. Everyone must see for themselves that there are people in politics changing the wording in textbooks. See Full Review

Revolution Green Biodiesel

This movie hits at just the right level to appeal to viewers across a wide spectrum on an important subject. Also… Willie Nelson. Watch it! See Full Review


Years later this movie can stand side by side with all the Avengers, Avatars, blah- blah gazillion dollar budget movies of nowadays and kick their butts and get the Oscar again! Way to hold up! I have seen this movie many times and it is as much fun as the first. Thanks Sly for letting us all have it. Timeless, timeless stunning classical movie. One of the very greatest movies ever made!  See Full Review

A Royal Affair

The performances are powerful.  The story is fascinating, full of intelligence and heart.  It is riveting and so very moving.  This is a completely beautiful film in all ways!  Very lavish production, art direction, screenplay, acting, directing, photography, all of it is just magnificent.  It’s a brilliant perfect film, actually.  You will have to see the film yourself.  See Full Review

Schindler’s List

This is the best film about the Holocaust ever made; and it has been ranked #8 among all American films, by the American Film Institute.  Plus it has the advantage of being based on a true story. Every young person should see it as an introduction to the horrors of the Holocaust.  It is a must see. A masterpiece! I highly recommend this movie to everyone.  So moving. So sad and profound. A tough film to watch because of its subject matter. Be warned, this movie is heavy.  My feeling is that everyone should see it once. See Full Review

School Ties

A definite must-see for anyone to learn about the real-life face of prejudice.  What a great movie. I absolutely love this film. The cast is great and the movie was very well written. Great acting, great story, you won’t be disappointed.  For some reason, I really can’t stop watching this movie.  I really enjoy this every time I watch it. No matter how many times I see this film, I love it!  I would recommend this to anyone.  Definitely a must-see movie. See Full Review

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy

This is a fabulous and chilling documentary.  This is a story that every American should know.  It is a must see!  See Full Review

Shut Up & Sing

The Dixie Chicks were spot on and ahead of other citizens when it came to the (deserved) criticism of the Bush doctrine. It’s scary to watch what happened just a few years ago in this freeze on free speech. It is refreshing to see these true artists hold onto their integrity, whatever you think of their politics.  It is shameful that an ordinary jab at the president, that was so innocuous, led to such a crazy witch hunt. This movie is a wonderful cautionary tale. Highly recommended! Wake up, America! See Full Review

Sick Around the World

This documentary ought to be required viewing of all those participating in the healthcare debate in our own country, especially as our system is so very deficient in each and every respect. See Full Review

Sick Around America

Heartbreaking look at health (un-)care in America today.  The movie is interesting, informative and a definite wake-up call to all Americans! See Full Review


What an eye-opener this movie is!  I hope this movie wakes up enough people!  This is a film that should be seen by every American.  Every American should see this and see how we’re getting ripped off!  Michael Moore’s documentaries can really open your eyes to some atrocities in the US.  This is one of Moore’s best, and it should be shown on national TV at least once a week, and keep showing it for at least several years non-stop. It should be required viewing in school classrooms. This movie should be mandatory viewing by all Americans and the people in Congress who allow for the destruction and demise of our healthcare system!  I highly recommend this film to everyone. This movie is a must-see!  The bonus feature are also a must-see! This is also one of the few DVDs I have watched where the extras bring added insight.  A GREAT FILM! See Full Review

Silence in the House of God

An excellent and powerful documentary. Excellent expose. I have been following the Catholic clergy pedophilia story for years, and this is a summation of everything I have read and seen. This documentary gives a big-picture view to the whole sordid scene. I cannot praise this documentary enough. Really an amazing piece of work. Some of this information about sexual abuse by priests is not new, but it was the first time I’d heard the stories about the abuse at the School for the Deaf. Takes things to a whole new level of manipulation and cover up. The survivors recent testimonies, the level of predatory will, and the immense background legwork and research by Gibney make a credible, solidly compelling film. This alone may get it watched by people who certainly need to see it. And any reasonable Catholic with a conscience must watch it, and I know you are out there by the millions. A must-see for documentary hounds. Highly recommended. Wow, another breathtaking, brilliant doc from Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side). It’s thoroughly heartbreaking and yet courageous and hopeful — you may be unable to turn away. Director Alex Gibney deserves an award for giving the victims of abuse the platform to tell the story to the world that they have been trying so desperately to share for decades. See Full Review

Sir! No Sir!

I never knew that GIs were against the war while they were still in the service. Wow! Sir! No sir! is a real gem. Great film. I’d say that everyone should see this, especially young American males. Everyone, whether or not they were of age during ‘Nam should see “Sir! No Sir!” This really should be required viewing, because “Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.” See Full Review

Six Degrees Could Change the World

I’ve seen several videos and read several books on climate change, and this is the clearest explanation I’ve seen so far. See Full Review

Super Size Me

This movie will show you exactly, specifically, how bad fast food is. See Full Review

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

This riveting documentary probes the link between various health problems and the artificial sweetener aspartame. See Full Review


This film explores the high cost — to both the environment and our health — of bottled water.  More people need to know this information. This should be required viewing for every American. See Full Review

Terms And Conditions May Apply

This is a must-watch documentary and should be shared so everyone can wake up and see what has happened to society. This is a film that everyone with a Facebook page, or a smart phone, or an email account should see. I hope you recommend this movie to all your friends and family. To the producers of this film, thank you, truly. Highly recommended. THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS THAT I WATCHED THIS MOVIE AND THAT I WROTE THIS REVIEW. AM I CONSIDERED A THREAT? WATCH THE MOVIE TO FIND OUT. See Full Review

The Thin Blue Line

Good film, sad story. Riveting and frightening.  This is a great film that should be made mandatory in every law enforcement agency and school of law.  Not only did this film free an innocent man, it also revolutionized the documentary film.  After more than 30 years the film’s stylish presentation still feels fresh and compelling.  Quite a masterpiece of a film. Morris truly created his own genre of documentary, with so many innovations in documentary film that all subsequent directors owe homage to.  Documentary-making at its best. Muckraking, thought-provoking and honest. Watch it.  If you’re a fan of documentary films, this is a must-see. This is one of the greatest documentaries ever made.  The Thin Blue Line is the benchmark documentary against which all others should be measured. This documentary really helped open up the genre to a wider audience.  And thanks to film-makers who force us to see what’s really going on. See Full Review

Thirteen Days

This is a wonderful piece of historical film that is thought-provoking, tense, frightening, and well-performed. Thirteen Days very effectively captures the tensions and compresses a pivotal historical event into a very impressive movie.  This movie could serve as an excellent introduction for those who are not familiar with the event or those whose memories have been blurred by time. The high drama of the world poised at the brink, and the decision making that pulled us back from it, make for a compelling story indeed.  The actors convince you that they are the actual players involved in the crisis. This movie is more exciting than anything Tom Clancy could have dreamed up.  This movie should be required viewing for all Americans today. That crisis is presented in a believable way for those of us who were old enough in 1962 to remember what a time of stress that was for our nation. Frightening times well-communicated in this film. See Full Review

The Tillman Story

This documentary is worth every moment of your time. Amir Bar-Lev gives us an experience we so rarely have anymore in fact-based reporting, which is not a slanted view of a situation, but an acknowledgement that one party’s version of the truth has a more factual basis than another and should be presented as such.  Despite leaving me incensed and dejected, I want to see it again. It was well done and inspiring.  I highly recommend it. See Full Review

The Tobacco Conspiracy

This is a hard hitting film. The information provided is documented, expert opinion is provided, and while the bias is clear, denying the message would be a challenge.  The Tobacco Conspiracy should be required viewing for all high school students. See Full Review

To Kill a Mockingbird

I have never met a person who did not love this film.  I’ve never been more affected by a film emotionally than by To Kill a Mockingbird. After 40 years the film has lost none of its power.  A rare film that can be viewed over and over with satisfaction.  This is a great story that will leave you deep in thought and contemplating your relationships and attitudes about family, community, honesty, violence and race.  Sometimes we need to find a “fresh” movie and that can include one that was made years ago. Sometimes we are blown away by a vintage movie that we have never seen or saw only once a long time ago. To Kill a Mockingbird is that movie for me.  This beloved film is consistently ranked near the top and ranked #25 among all films by the American Film Institute.  As close to perfection as a film gets! See Full Review

To the Limit

An excellent German documentary about a couple of world-class rock-climbers. This is one of the best climbing documentaries I’ve ever seen.  The climbing kept me on the edge of my seat (and amazed). If you’ve ever been to Yosemite, up close to the rocks, this film will be even more dramatic. I love watching people take on crazy, death-defying challenges (she says as she sits in her recliner sipping a daiquiri). I’m in awe of these Huber brothers, the conditioning, both mental and physical it takes to climb vertical rock. This film shows magnificent scenery and heart-in-throat images of Thomas and Alexander speed climbing El Capitan. If you like to experience danger vicariously as I do, this is the film for you.   See Full Review

Touching the Void

This is a well re-created story about the greatest non-fictional feat of endurance that I have ever heard of.  It is a sort of documentary / docudrama hybrid that combines brutally honest narration and interviews with extremely realistic recreated footage to re-enact this thrilling tale.  And the best thing about it is that there is not a drop of Hollywood anywhere near this film.  This is likely the best mountain climbing film ever made, and certainly one of the very best documentaries I’ve seen.  The movie is a “must see”.  See Full Review

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

This film should be titled An American War Criminal. This is an excellent presentation of a rotten story.  It is interesting and worth watching.  I recommend it highly.  It should be required viewing in all schools. Anyone who still thinks that the U.S. government is always the good guy, and does what it does for the sake of truth, justice and freedom, should watch this film. See Full Review

Trinity & Beyond, The Atomic Bomb Movie

May be the most thrilling – and the most chilling – documentary you’ll ever see. The terrifying power on display is absolutely mesmerizing. This is a must-see for everyone living under the threat of the Atomic Bomb. I feel that this film should be required viewing in high schools. See Full Review

Triumph of the Nerds

Absolutely a must-watch for anyone who has ever touched a computer. This is really THE film document of the history of the personal computer. I was glued to the screen. With a quick pace the material provided is never dry, and the three hour run time goes by quickly. This is definitely worth watching. I highly recommend this — I think you will like it. Two thumbs up! This has got to be one of the great historical documentaries — one of the very best documentaries ever!  See Full Review

TWA Flight 800

This is an outstanding documentary — well written, well filmed and researched. Very interesting! I heartily recommend viewing this. I give this a 5 star rating as it goes into great detail of what truly I feel happened. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone and everyone. See Full Review

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties

Please rent this movie and show it to as many people as you possibly can. If it does not set your democratic soul aflame, then I do not know what will. You will want to see this if you are an American citizen. See what happens when your rights are ignored.  Very informative documentary.  A worthwhile investment of your time.  The film points out earlier issues, such as the underhanded tactics used to pass the Patriot Act. See Full Review

UncoveredThe War on Iraq

This is definitely a must-see. In my opinion, every member of the legislative and executive branches of government ought to be required by law to view this movie. So should every journalism major.  Every American should watch this and wake up. See Full Review

United States of Secrets

This is an excellent, well-produced documentary. I really enjoyed it. Much of the information presented I knew very little about. I would recommend this documentary to all, as it is very interesting and informative. Overall, this is one of the best Frontline docs I’ve seen. This has fully reaffirmed my respect for Frontline. See Full Review

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

This documentary shows us that as far as too many office holders are concerned, we are a tin pot democracy ripe for the stealing. They lie, cheat, and steal. See Full Review

Vanishing of the Bees

This documentary is a must see; it was informative and also extremely interesting and even enjoyable in its own way. A very important film.   See Full Review

Vanishing Pearls

Thanks to Nailah Jefferson for making this documentary, because we’re sure not hearing about any of this in the main stream news.  What a moving and sad film.  This a great documentary.  Everyone should see this movie, especially all people who live in Gulf Coast states.  See Full Review


I found the message convincing and delivered in a palatable manner — that a plant-based diet is far more healthy, sustainable, and ethically and morally justifiable than what has become a factory-based cruel and inhumane animal-based food supply. It follows the three persons who undertake a 6-week challenge to adopt a vegan diet — and at the end all three  have significant improvements in weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol measurements. I am convinced. See Full Review

Waging a Living

This is an excellent documentary that really shows you were we are at economically as a country. It shows how hard it is for those on the bottom, but this film also has a lot of good moments. I found myself really wrapped up in the lives of the four characters, eager to see how things would work out for each. Never a dull moment here. A well-made film, that can be difficult to watch at times, but you find yourself falling in love with its subjects! I was moved to tears several times — out of joy and out of sadness. These people are working very hard, but yet they still struggle to make ends meet. Normally you think if you work hard you can get ahead. But it wasn’t that easy for these people.  See Full Review

Wall Street

The market manipulations that are shown in this story are enough to scare everyone away. It’s now two decades after this film was made – and it’s hard not to ask: Has anything really changed for the better? See Full Review

War Made Easy

This is a wonderful documentary that deserves to be seen by many, on either side of any war issue.  This movie should be shown to every American in high school. This documentary should also be translated into all languages and seen by every single citizen of the world and repeatedly played on all TV channels every time any evil elitist bozo suggests going to war.  Overall, a thought-provoking film worth watching.  An excellent documentary delivered with finesse.  Irrefutable – concise – eye-opening.  A must-see for all people of conscience. See Full Review

The War of the Roses

Excellent movie!  Exciting, fast paced.  I watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it!  After seeing this movie again after 20 years, I still give it 5-stars.  This one I recommend.  In my opinion it is a must-see. See Full Review

The War on Democracy

Every American needs to see this film: every conservative, every liberal, every Bible-thumping fundamentalist, every radical activist. This is an important, honest look at American foreign policy from the receiving end — and it doesn’t sound very much like the versions we were told, which is becoming an alarmingly frequent occurrence these days. See Full Review

War on Whistleblowers

This is a very good documentary. Eye-opening, frank, and disturbing, this film is a must-watch. See Full Review

WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception

Great documentary on what we knew all along — well, some of us who did not fall for the Bushonian propaganda.  In college I learned that in order to see what is going on in the USA, one has to read and watch foreign media, and this drove it home yet again. This documentary sums up the reasons why I read international newspapers to find out what’s really going on in America the “Great.”  This movie still holds up after a few years have gone by, because you can ask yourself:  Is this still going on and will it happen again?  I think this film is amazing. It will appeal most to everyone interested in major network news broadcasting.  I hope this is shown in journalism classes in colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and abroad.  This is a no-holds-barred look at the media, and everyone should see it. Well put-together and executed. A must see. See Full Review

We’re Not Broke

As somebody who worked in corporate taxation and personally dealt with these issues, I would say this film is well worth any American’s time – whether conservative or liberal.  Extremely well done, fascinating and infuriating film! Everyone needs to watch this and tell their elected officials to stop selling out the American people to corporate interests! See Full Review

Wetback The Undocumented Documentary

You can’t watch this film without feeling genuinely sorry for these poor people. If you support illegal immigration you’ll love this film. If you don’t, you should still see it.  If you struggle with where you stand on this issue you should see this. The documentary doesn’t take sides but rather explores both ends of the spectrum. In the end these are real people with real problems who strive for a piece of the American Dream. See Full Review

The Whale

I highly recommend this to anyone, especially those with a love for animals. I cannot recommend this film enough to anyone who has a passion for understanding our place in nature. This movie had me laughing and crying. I cried from happiness as well as heart-break. Have Kleenex handy. By the end the tissues were out and my eyes were leaking. First I laughed, then I cried, then I smiled, then I sobbed… and sobbed. My heart aches for this beautiful creature. I’ll never forget this whale’s eyes. This movie forever changed my life — and it can change yours. This film is well worth watching.  Don’t miss this one. I think that everyone should watch this. This documentary needs to be seen by more people, especially anyone who attends marine theme parks. Watch it if you love the relationship between man and animal. See Full Review

Where Soldiers Come From

This film is one I would watch with my children as its message is timeless. This is one of the more moving military docs that I have seen on the recent conflicts. The profundity of this film is just simple truth. If you like movies, do yourself a favor and watch this film. This is a great movie, an exceptional documentary, one of the best anti-war films I have seen that isn’t preachy. A must-see. I hope that many people watch this film. See Full Review

Which Way Home

This deceptively simple film delivers a high-impact blow to the heart. This film is amazing and a good eye-opener to anyone who wants to know one of the struggles that immigrants face when coming to the “Land of Dreams.” They need to show this film to all the people that do not understand why immigrants want to come to this country — and to those who take living in the United States for granted. May every soul who sees this have a change of heart for those who come to the U.S illegally! They mean no harm, they don’t come here to take others job intentionally, but to better their lives. Wow! It was a real eye opener for me. Don’t miss this beautiful, moving film! See Full Review

The Whistleblower (2010)

This is a powerful movie well worth watching.  I recommend it for the information it provides. Very eye-opening.  Very sad story.  The story is so compelling, so horrific, and so well told that it deserves higher ratings than the usual Hollywood mere fictional treatments dressed up with high-speed car chases, gunfights, maniacal villains, and obligatory sex. It’s a shame some of those big-name producers don’t get involved in making more true-life movies about this kind of stuff — and less nonsense. The Whistleblower is the real deal. See Full Review

White Light / Black Rain

With the state of the world as it is today, this documentary is a startling reminder of what was and a warning of what could be again.  This documentary should be required viewing in schools and by the public, so such horror will never happen again.  It gets an A+. See Full Review

Who Killed the Electric Car?

This movie makes me hate corporations and government more than anything I’ve seen. So sad. Exposes the direction the USA has gone in turning everything over to the corporations. When will we realize that capitalism must have limits? A great documentary about some really dedicated folks who keep the dream alive.  I truly admire the people that were battling the ones who were determined to destroy the electric car.  This really is a must-see in order to further understand the power and mindset of the oil and auto industries.  Great movie! Very enlightening. I wish everyone in the world would see this one.  A great documentary that will open your eyes. Definitely recommended. See Full Review

Why We Fight

This film presents you with the facts and lets you form an opinion. The impact is stunning. Overall, I recommend this movie because it does bring up serious problems with the defense establishment and raises questions that citizens MUST ask of their leadership.  This is an outstanding documentary that everyone should see, and it is very important for understanding what is going on right now politically and militarily. If you love or even just care about the United States of America, you should watch this documentary. See Full Review

Winter Soldier

This film is a must see. Should you see it? Yes. But this documentary is not meant for children at all. The brutality of it all is mind-boggling.  Difficult to watch but must be seen. See Full Review

The Wolf of Wall Street

This is a big, bold, lively and obscene tale that offers so many pleasures. It is excessive because I think it is trying to portray addiction in all its manifestations. Despite the over-the-top debauchery, it really is entertaining. It is hilarious. I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes! This is the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a couple years! The performances were fascinating, and the story itself is staggering. Conclusion: great movie. Well worth seeing. Loved it. However, if you are easily offended by substance abuse and sexual content, this may not be for you. I LOVED this film! I learned a few things I had not known about that time period.  See Full Review

Women Who Make America

I LOVED this film! I learned a few things I had not known about that time period. This should be required viewing in elementary school since none of the textbooks cover women in history. This should be required viewing for everyone (female and male). See Full Review

The World According to Monsanto

The documentary reports many controversies surrounding the use and promotion of genetically modified seeds, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Agent Orange, and bovine growth hormone. See Full Review

The World at War

Highly recommend. This is a well-researched, well-written, well-narrated, intelligent and moving documentary. Is this the best documentary ever made? Well, it has my vote. It is one of the best documentaries on WWII.  No other World War II documentaries come close to The World at War — it is truly in a class by itself. I’d rate this 10-out-of-5 stars if I could. I can only say that, after finally finishing all 11 volumes, I don’t ever expect to see better documentaries, on history or any other subject, for that matter. This is quite simply one of the greatest documentaries ever produced for television, and in my opinion the best documentary series ever produced. See Full Review

The Yes Men Fix the World

I found this film to be funny, but more than that it was a sad commentary on our society. It was well put together and even inspirational by the end. Well done — way to go! See Full Review

9 /11

This is the most memorable and moving film of that dreadful day.  This movie will make you cry and remember. It is a must-see for anyone who really wants to feel the impact of 9/11 or know about the real heroes who sacrificed their lives on one of the darkest day of American history.  As the years pass and 9/11/01 marches on to be history to students across the nation, this film should have a leading presence in the classroom.  This is a film that every student must see, especially those that are too young to have lived through it. One day my kids (5 and 3) will ask me about 9/11, and we’ll watch this.  This film is a tasteful testament to the horrors and heroics of those days, and anyone who witnesses it will surely never forget. See Full Review

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