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“This is what films should do — educate and entertain.  Because of this movie, I don’t want to watch Hollywood movies any more. This is a film that Hollywood filmmakers should learn from and stop making junk and stupid movies. I completely recommend this film.  I will watch this again!

What a breath of fresh air. I watch so much flotsam and jetsam, that a fine film like this makes up for hundreds of flops and misses. This is a first rate film, about a first rate man.

This is a powerful movie well worth watching.  I recommend it for the information it provides. Very eye-opening.  Very sad story.  The story is so compelling, so horrific, and so well told that it deserves higher ratings than the usual Hollywood mere fictional treatments dressed up with high-speed car chases, gunfights, maniacal villains, and obligatory sex. It’s a shame some of those big-name producers don’t get involved in making more true-life movies about this kind of stuff — and less nonsense.

Skip the movies with actors and scripts…this is the war by the guys fighting it. I spent a nine month deployment there and to echo what many of the reviews say…this is the closest thing to real.

The movie unfolds like a thriller–but it is all true.  Despite this being a documentary, it has all the intrigue, suspense, and action of any good flick out of Hollywood.  Will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat.  Once I started to watch, it was such an intriguing story that I couldn’t stop.  Watched it twice!

Years later this movie can stand side by side with all the Avengers, Avatars, blah- blah gazillion dollar budget movies of nowadays and kick their butts and get the Oscar again! Way to hold up! I have seen this movie many times and it is as much fun as the first.  Timeless, timeless stunning classical movie. One of the very greatest movies ever made!

This kind of movie really makes you think. These kinds of movies should be on mainstream television. This is a wonderful, insightful film.  A must-see for everyone. Changing the world for the better seems possible after watching this documentary.

This film does what a documentary should do: it objectively documents a subject and allows viewers to empathize with everyone involved, permitting our own opinions to develop while also challenging our perceptions.

This film revolutionized the documentary film.  After more than 30 years the film’s stylish presentation still feels fresh and compelling.  Quite a masterpiece of a film. The director truly created his own genre of documentary, with so many innovations in documentary film that all subsequent directors owe homage to.  Documentary-making at its best. Muckraking, thought-provoking and honest. Watch it.  If you’re a fan of documentary films, this is a must-see. This is one of the greatest documentaries ever made.  This is the benchmark documentary against which all others should be measured. This documentary really helped open up the genre to a wider audience.  And thanks to film-makers who force us to see what’s really going on.

The movie delivers a lot you won’t get from the mass media. If one relies on just what the news media feeds you or the government tells you, then you will only get a very small part of the story. These types of documentaries are good to watch to get another more in-depth viewpoint on a story.

So call them documentaries. To me, they are a series of ‘college level’ education courses. We as Americans should all be learning what we can. This documentary is first rate and well worth seeing.

This film is much smarter, much funnier, and much better than I had expected, and that is impressive, because I had expected it to be good.  One of the best documentaries ever. As a viewer you can see how tightly many people still hold on to old values that are not relevant in today’s society. Overall a great movie.  Highly recommended.  Brilliantly funny.

I found this film to be funny, but more than that it was a sad commentary on our society. It was well put together and even inspirational by the end. Well done — way to go!

This is a really good movie. I never thought I’d like it, but it was truly amazing and sad. Great movie, so don’t hesitate to watch it.  The first time I saw this movie was in junior high school for a class assignment. While everyone else was complaining about having to sit though an “educational” movie, I was delighted with it.  This movie was the best thriller I have watched. The terror of what was happening to them was so vivid. Well-written, well-acted, and had me literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. This movie had me glued to my screen. It was scary, but very informational and entertaining as well. I would recommend this movie to all.  I think everyone in American should watch it.  I can watch this over and over and never grow tired of this movie!  It is sooo good.  Great movie!  A Must See Film.

Best documentary I have seen! Impeccably done! I am recommending this to everyone I know. Everyone on the planet should watch this film. Overall it’s a must see.

I judge how good a movie is when it draws me in to the point where I don’t want it to end. There are only a few movies I’ve seen that I can say that about, and this is certainly one of them. All the actors were fantastic. An emotional movie that I actually felt, not just watched. I recommend this movie if you love feel-good dramas. Great movie!  The film is a must see, and one that makes me feel better having seen it.

While based on a true story, like many movies of this docudrama type, the accuracy of the details is suspect — unlike a documentary. (The team did beat the reigning champion, but the actual champion at the time was not the team from Harvard. In fact, Harvard’s participation is fictional. The Wiley team actually beat out the student debaters from the University of Southern California.) Still, I prefer to give it the benefit of the doubt. Here the goal seems to be to educate and entertain at the same time. I feel like this film ultimately succeeds at that and it is also a work of art. I highly recommend it. A must-see for everyone.

I recommend this movie to everyone, especially anyone looking for a non-violent movie. Wish there were more movies like this.  Great film.

I loved this documentary. It’s really a work of art. Probably the best one I’ve seen.  My children loved all the different parts. They were glued to the video, and it was very informative.  After viewing this astonishing documentary you will realize that every minute of your life is a miracle. I would give this six stars if I could! Fascinating! Great from start to finish! WOW!

This is a stunning story.  The photography is top rate and the acting by the children is amazing.  Kids and parents will love it, and since based on a true story will help kids understand.  More kids need to see this to be thankful for what they have. The fact it is a true story elevates this quest narrative.  This movie is well worth seeing and beautifully photographed.  This is a beautiful film that should not be missed. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is one of those films we will remember. I would recommend this movie to anyone.  I had seen this before and it was just as powerful the second time. Terrific film.

Great eye-opener!  Worth watching.  A must-watch for anyone who has children and concerns about the future. This is a must-see documentary.

This film should be required viewing.  This amazing documentary brought many interesting facts to my attention. I would like to see more documentary information on the same subject.

The film presents a thorough investigation, as well as interviews with credible witnesses and investigators. It also goes into great detail about how our government tried to hide the truth and how they failed miserably to cover it up. It avoids sensationalism or the drawing of any political conclusions. I am a lawyer and I do not consider myself a gullible person. I don’t believe in UFO’s, 9/11 conspiracy, or any other kook stuff you see on the “History” channel. But this movie has convinced me that this was a cover-up . This movie presents the producers’ theory of what occurred, without speculating on motives, and I believe their theory is supported by the evidence.

A must see!  Vitally important information contained in this film. No wonder this quiet little documentary has won such high praise.

More people need to know this information. This should be required viewing for every American.

Overall, this is a short informative documentary.  Well worth the 44 minutes to view it.  This film is an eye-opener. It’s a stomach-clenching, heart-aching, and informative documentary that deserves acclaim for putting this information out there. I for one will show this to as many people as I can, which we should all do out of concern for our fellow citizens.  Bravo to the makers and financial supporters that made this film possible. This movie makes you think, and that in itself is something to celebrate.

Excellent documentary. Very informative and a little scary. You owe it to yourself to watch this. You will find this film worth your time.  This documentary served as a real eye-opener for me.

This film is eye-opening and terrifying.  This is a must see. Everyone needs to see what is being done to our home — our land, our country is being poisoned.  Watch it, make your friends watch it, make your family watch it. Tell everyone you know to watch it. This is a “must-see” movie for all citizens.  We need more people that are passionate about making films that present the major problems of our country.

Very good story — and extremely important that films like this get out. I encourage anyone with a social conscience to please watch this movie. People need to be more educated about issues like this. It gave me CLEAR insight into what’s going on in the world.

I believe they laid out the issues and problems in a non-biased way. I think everyone should watch this movie and make an informed decision on how they can contribute to help solve the problem. Good documentary on an important subject.

I felt so angry watching this. A chilling story.  Good movie. Well worth watching. It’s a real wake-up call

If you are interested in facts, research and due diligence, definitely watch this documentary. If you are the type of person who dismisses every allegation questioning the official statement of an event as a conspiracy theory, this is a film I would recommend. If you are the type of American who thinks that your government is always completely honest in their statements, this is a film I would recommend (and pray for the intellectually underdeveloped sorts that call this a “conspiracy theory”). This is proof of how easy it is to fool some Duh-mericans and make them believe everything the combined propaganda machine of the government and media tells them. As frustrating as it is to know the lengths our government will go to stonewall investigations, it is also uplifting to see some people in this country work tirelessly and never give up to expose the truth, like the makers of this film.

This movie makes me hate corporations and government more than anything I’ve seen. So sad. Exposes the direction the USA has gone in turning everything over to the corporations. When will we realize that capitalism must have limits. A great documentary about some really dedicated folks who keep the dream alive.

The details of various corporate crimes makes you want to get up out of your seat and fight for social change. I strongly recommend this movie!

Hopefully movies like this will spur people into action.  Add this to your queue now, and wake up and take a stand against these greedy companies poisoning you and your family. Share it with everyone you know.  Bravo to all who had a hand in making this movie.

Documentaries can really open your eyes to some atrocities in the US.  This should be shown on national TV at least once a week, and keep showing it for at least several years non-stop. It should be required viewing in school classrooms. This movie should be mandatory viewing by all Americans and the people in Congress.  I highly recommend this film to everyone. This movie is a must-see!  The bonus feature are also a must-see! This is also one of the few DVDs I have watched where the extras bring added insight.  A GREAT FILM!

Worth watching.  I found this film very inspiring.  I highly recommend it.

This is a wonderful and inspirational documentary.  Worth the watch.  I recommend enjoying it and using 78 minutes of your life to grow!  This film will make you think long and hard about America’s place in world history, and more importantly, it’s future.  This is a film of a great man and great ideas.  There should be more people him in the world.

GREAT movie!  My highest recommendation. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone.  I truly love this movie — one of my favorites.  I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. This movie is inspirational!  It tells us that one person can make a difference.  I love it when people stand up for the right thing.  More people should be willing to do what is right. The power of this movie makes it a must-see.

Seldom are films in the documentary / biography category as personally gripping and stirring as this one.  Who should see this? Maybe everyone, especially those who need to know that a single person can make a difference for the better, especially young people who are very manipulated these days and wonder what they can do.  This movie should be mandatory viewing of all U.S. citizens as part of their education in how U.S. politics work, or doesn’t work.

This is definitely a must-see. In my opinion, every member of the legislative and executive branches of government ought to be required by law to view this movie. So should every journalism major.  Every American should watch this and wake up.

Please rent this movie and show it to as many people as you possibly can. If it does not set your democratic soul aflame, then I do not know what will. You will want to see this if you are an American citizen. See what happens when your rights are ignored.  Very informative documentary.  A worthwhile investment of your time.  The film points out earlier issues, such as the underhanded tactics used to pass the Patriot Act.

This movie should be shown to every American in high school. This documentary should also be translated into all languages and seen by every single citizen of the world and repeatedly played on all TV channels every time any evil elitist bozo suggests going to war.  Overall, a thought-provoking film worth watching.  An excellent documentary delivered with finesse.  Irrefutable, concise, eye-opening.  A must-see for all people of conscience.

In the land of mass consumption, we owe it the world to watch this film.  This is an excellent movie, and should be a required viewing for every American to understand the New World Order. This movie should be required viewing in all colleges and schools.  Every person in this country should see this movie!

I wish there were more films like this in the mass media. I believe schools should show revealing documentaries like this as a mandatory curriculum. I personally do not watch TV because of the degrading programs being shoved down our throats. At least with Netflix I get to choose what I watch.

Every American needs to see this film: every conservative, every liberal, every Bible-thumping fundamentalist, every radical activist. This is an important, honest look at American foreign policy from the receiving end — and it doesn’t sound very much like the versions we were told, which is becoming an alarmingly frequent occurrence these days.

Great documentary on what we knew all along — well, some of us who did not fall for the Bushonian propaganda.  In college I learned that in order to see what is going on in the USA, one has to read and watch foreign media, and this drove it home yet again. This documentary sums up the reasons why I read international newspapers to find out what’s really going on in America the “Great.”

This is an excellent presentation of a rotten story.  It is interesting and worth watching.  I recommend it highly.  It should be required viewing in all schools. Anyone who still thinks that the U.S. government is always the good guy, and does what it does for the sake of truth, justice and freedom, should watch this film.

This film presents you with the facts and lets you form an opinion. The impact is stunning. Overall, I recommend this movie because it does bring up serious problems with the defense establishment and raises questions that citizens MUST ask of their leadership.  This is an outstanding documentary that everyone should see, and it is very important for understanding what is going on right now politically and militarily. If you love or even just care about the United States of America, you should watch this documentary.

Watch this wonderful view on what our democracy is supposed to be all about. If everyone watched this, we might hold some of those yahoos in Washington today to account for not behaving better. We’ve watched this movie countless times over the years and each time we do, I wish I could make all our congressmen & senators sit down for two hours in one room and watch this movie.  This movie should be required viewing for everyone who takes a high school civics class.

One of the best films ever made, one of the best comedies of all time; and probably the best of political satires. My highest recommendation. It still remains one of my top five favorites of all time.

I loved this movie. It’s a great example of what a documentary should do. First of all, it’s a movie, it should entertain. Check. Secondly, it should be as fair and well researched as possible in presenting it’s basic premise. Check. Thirdly, it should cause the viewer to think critically about its subject matter. Check, check, check.

This documentary is worth every moment of your time. Despite leaving me incensed and dejected, I want to see it again. It was well done and inspiring.  I highly recommend it.

A viewer would benefit by watching this film a couple of times to get all the subtle points. I saw this film when it was new but didn’t think any more of it than good entertainment. Seeing it for the second time, its psychological insights became quite clear. This is a great movie for those who want a bit more than just entertainment.  What a great little film, loved it.  I made it through the two-hour running time without ever looking at the clock.  I enjoyed the film a lot and recommend it highly.

This is the most important MUST SEE documentary ever! There so much provocative information concentrated in this hour and a half that it screams to be taken seriously and viewed many times. And, I am not one who views films more than once. I watched it twice back-to-back, which was about four hours with all of the note taking and the extras. I’m now going to buy a copy to watch a few times more. Very factual. Everyone should see this. Please tell all your friends to see this. I offer thanks to those who made this film.

What a great movie. I absolutely love this film. The cast is great and the movie was very well written. Great acting, great story, you won’t be disappointed.  For some reason, I really can’t stop watching this movie.  I really enjoy this every time I watch it. No matter how many times I see this film, I love it!  I would recommend this to anyone.  Definitely a must-see movie.

You can hear a movie is classic, but it won’t sink in until you actually watch it for yourself. Thisis one of the top three films I have ever seen.  (I feel like I have seen many great films, so that really means something to me.) For sure though, it’s the greatest documentary I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few of those also.  Really great.  This is one I could watch many times over. This is a truly special film that shouldn’t be avoided by anyone. This may really be the greatest documentary ever made.

Excellent movie!  Exciting, fast paced.  I watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it!  After seeing this movie again after 20 years, I still give it 5-stars.  This one I recommend.  In my opinion it is a must-see.

I have never met a person who did not love this film.  I’ve never been more affected by a film emotionally. After 40 years the film has lost none of its power.  A rare film that can be viewed over and over with satisfaction.  This is a great story that will leave you deep in thought and contemplating your relationships and attitudes about family, community, honesty, violence and race.  Sometimes we need to find a “fresh” movie and that can include one that was made years ago. Sometimes we are blown away by a vintage movie that we have never seen or saw only once a long time ago. This beloved film is consistently ranked near the top and ranked #25 among all films by the American Film Institute.  As close to perfection as a film gets!

I watched this movie way back when it first came out, and it actually seems to have gotten better with time. An uplifting David vs. Goliath story. Really great! This is one film not to be missed.  This is one of the most important movies ever made and one of the best documentaries that you will ever see.

This is worth a re-watch — didn’t take it out of my queue. Mandatory viewing.

This is quite possibly the most important documentary you will ever see. Well written and well documented, the evidence is absolutely convincing. Seeing this film could save your life. Lots to think about. This is probably the most important documentary I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend it. Everyone should watch this film.

Overall, this documentary has a lot to say and kept me thinking after the movie ended.  Grade A education. This was a great lesson, not just entertainment. Essential viewing for every US citizen.  All of the USA should be required to watch this.

It’s a movie that you will find yourself thinking about long after you finish watching.  This is what movies were meant to be and do for the viewers  — “leave an impression inside our souls forever”.

This movie forever changed my life — and it can change yours.

We need more people that are passionate about making films to present the major problems of our country.

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