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Reading About Must-See-Movies on this website can help you find the best documentaries and docudramas to watch.

And reading the summaries of these films can also serve as a short course in the issues and problems of the world.

If someone has given the effort to make a movie summing up all that is known about an important social issue, at great cost, it would be ideal if you could watch it. And also ideal to watch every movie listed on this website.

But watching every one of these movies would require many hours and days, even if you watched one per day.

An easier and quicker approach would be to first read the descriptions of these movies on this website, beginning with The Best of the Best list, then the movie listings under any and all topics you might be interested in.

That amount of reading would require only a fraction of the time as compared to watching every movie listed on this website.

So you could read from this website first, and then see the movies themselves for more detailed information.

Almost all these movies are available on Netflix or similar competing movie providers.

But if you live in a place where these documentaries and docudramas are not yet easily and cheaply available, you can read this website for the important information summaries it contains.


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Must-See Movies—For What You Need to Know