Ralph Nader: Unreasonable

Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man is a biographical documentary that profiles the personal and professional life of Ralph Nader, one of America’s most controversial consumer advocates and political activists. Thought-provoking and revealing interviews and archival footage help illuminate the career of an influential public figure whose willingness to take on big industry earned him a reputation as a working-class hero. This chronicles the career of Ralph Nader from the early days as a political activist and consumer advocate to eventual scapegoat for the Democratic Party’s lack of vision and direction. From his early years with his Nader’s Raiders, till his falling out with the Dems, you’re given good insights into this man. Ralph Nader has been a voice for justice for a long time in this country, and it is only in recent years that his reputation has become tarnished. This doc explores who this man really is and why he gets under the skin of so many politicos and business people. Contains a very enlightening discussion of the way in which corporations have bought our government and reversed the legislation put in place by Nader and his peers. The portion that focuses on the 2000 election is a real eye-opener and worth close examination. The film explores the topic of whether or not Nader “cost” the democrats the election in 2000. I’ve always found this argument absurd, and this film fairly shows both sides of the argument and should finally put this debate to rest. I was outraged by the way Nader was treated at the so-called Presidential Debates. I found it hard to believe that here in America a bona fide candidate for the presidential election could be barred from the Presidential Debates, not only from participating, but from even being present. Nobody in the media made a scene about such a terrible Hitler-like debacle taking place and going unpunished. Where was the media? This documentary showed how severe the media can distort the real arguments of politicians. Nader’s criticisms and solutions to the problems seem the most inspired and thorough. He is sharp, charismatic, and very capable of landing a few words edgewise in a debate setting, which is key, since it never happened. This tells how the big corporations did all they could to silence him during his presidential run. I too blamed Nader for the 2000 election and re-election of G. W. Bush in 2004. But I’ve come to realize that no one is to blame but the Democratic Party itself and their half-hearted response to the underhanded efforts of the Republican Party and its thinly-veiled associates. It turned out that he was correct about these two parties. Look at us now. I look at the choice we have been given for the upcoming election, and moan, “Surely there must be someone in America to stand for the people.” Well, maybe there is, but it’s pretty certain they will never appear on the ballot–nobody other than a billionaire would be able to overcome the pressures of such an attempt. Too little, too late, but after seeing what could have been, I’m going to write in “Ralph Nader” rather than vote for either of the two evils. Too bad we didn’t have sense enough to do that when it would have counted. It’s so refreshing in the bad taste of today’s politics to know that he was one true patriot, even though we didn’t appreciate him at the time. Some have gone on to dismiss him, but he’s done more good for Americans than most can easily document or have ever done themselves. He is clearly in no one’s pocket and both sides are rankled by that fact. You have to love a smart articulate guy who can’t be bought. Many former allies appear who are still bitterly angry at him being a spoiler in the 2000 election. Previously I had felt he was a spoiler and really did not appreciate his presence in the 2000 and 2004 elections. But, once you watch the entire movie (and thereby his detailed reasons for running) you realize there was much more to it than most of us originally understood. Both sides for and against his presidential campaigns are voiced. Pro and anti Nader elements are both presented. Finally then, you make up your own mind on the opinions expressed on his motivations. Nader has done more to improve the lives of Americans than any President or Congressperson I can think of. So much of the common sense in our country was brought into law by the determination of this man, i.e. seatbelts. There is a great legacy of “gifts” that Ralph has given to the American people. More impressively, he gives freely. This film examines his relentless hard work and dedication. In my view, the degree to which the two mainstream parties have distanced themselves from him is the degree to which they have sold out to corporate interests and sold out American citizens in the process. The Democrats need to find some way out of the corporate pocket and quit compromising with the Republican Party (the party of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich). This shows how corporate America is now the only America… and not the one we grew up in. He gives me hope that our nation someday will not be run by money. He has always held reasonable views — his main concern is that America have a healthy form of capitalism which benefits the working class as well as the ultra-rich. I didn’t really know much about this man until I saw this. I had no expectations of this film or opinions of Mr. Nader before watching this documentary. Well, I come away changed. I was all wrong about this man. A true American hero who stands up to the big corporations and the two-headed corporate party known as the Republicans and Democrats. I didn’t realize the depth of his dedication to ferreting out the truth about so many of our most revered corporations and fearlessly exposing their greed, negligence and disregard for the public’s health and safety. He was truly a secular saint, foregoing a private life and dedicated to promoting the common good. I will remember the good he did. I never knew how much of a positive impact this man has had in my life (and yours). I learned a lot and gained a new perspective on life. We don’t have to put up with the b.s. we keep getting from these politicians. This film did completely re-mold my view on Nader, on what a politician should and can be. As an American you owe yourself to get to know this man and how he dedicated his life to make yours safer. Excellent story of how one American can make a difference in the world. He is a man who will stand up for what he believes to the very end even if it costs him everything he worked for. I admire this guy so much, and what he’s done to actually make a positive difference in this world. Ralph…you weren’t wrong! I have more respect for you now than ever. You are my hero. Thank You for everything you have done. Bottom line, I liked watching this film. We need serious political change in this country, third party change. This film showed the need, the way, and the reason — all of which Nader embodies. This film was excellent. I’m so grateful for this eye-opening documentary. Seldom are films in the documentary / biography category as personally gripping and stirring as this one. Who should see this? Maybe everyone, especially those who need to know that a single person can make a difference for the better, especially young people who are very manipulated these days and wonder what they can do. This movie should be mandatory viewing of all U.S. citizens as part of their education in how U.S. politics work, or doesn’t work. Forget liberal or conservative bias, just watch the film and then judge Ralph Nader and the American political process. Highly recommended for those interested in ethical government and a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. I strongly recommend the film. This is really eye-opening and worth a watch. Amazing man and an engaging movie. I’ve seen twice. This is a great film about a great American. Documentary 2006 NR 2hr 2m.


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