Poisoned Waters

Poisoned Waters focuses a critical eye on the growing problem of water pollution. This sobering installment of Frontline examines the conditions that lead to water contamination and the danger it poses to human health. The program exposes the worsening conditions of Puget Sound on the West Coast and Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast, pointing to the threat of continued runoff from development, agriculture and industry.  This two-hour long documentary takes an inquisitive look into some of America’s waterways, exposing the environmental and public health risks rapidly rising. Dead-zones are analyzed as having a direct correlation to animal waste runoff. Contaminated waterways show PCB levels still not receding decades after legislation was passed restricting their use. The segment dealing with the EPA and how it’s “teeth” were gradually filed down is right on. Water treatment plants are discussed in how scientists are just now able to test for certain contaminants (and finding shocking amounts) but these impurities are not yet being filtered out of our drinking water.  An amazing documentary showing clearly how industry fights tooth and nail to stop regulation, and spends more time & money fighting regulations than it does on cleaning its own mess.  The only CEO who did not decline to be interviewed was the CEO of Perdue. Everybody else who was asked went into hiding or declined to comment as they always do.  I liked how this was presented with different perspectives and clear illustrations of the difficult complications involved in protecting water.  This is one of the fairest documentaries I’ve ever seen in trying to show every viewpoint and every aspect of how water gets contaminated and doesn’t simply blame big business.  This is the reason why we need public health oversight to ensure health is not compromised by contaminated water sources.  A must view if you care about Public Health.  Write your congressman, governor, etc today to demand action.  An important subject and especially relevant to those unfamiliar with the poisoned waters of our nation and of our earth.  It’s really truly a very seriously problem that sadly gets put on the back burner. esp. during the post-meltdown recession.  We need to take action because this issue affects everyone.  Very good program.  This is a must-see and very informative and disturbing.  A fantastic look at water pollution with the understated treatment you’d expect from Frontline, but a quality (and running time) that you’d expect from a feature documentary. I saw this for free on PBS, but I would have spent $9 to see it in a theater. One of the best documentaries I’ve seen on any subject. I consider this a must-see.  Another Frontline masterpiece.  I’m a Frontline addict.  I’ve loved every Frontline documentary I’ve ever seen.  Documentary Frontline 2009 NR 120 minutes.


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