Poisoned by Polonium

“Poisoned by Polonium: The Litvinenko File” is a thought-provoking documentary that looks at the role the Russian government may have played in the poisoning death of former spy Alexander Litvinenko. Brilliant exposé of the brutal Kremlin regime of Vladimir Putin. Exiled dissident Alexander Litvinenko (since murdered) comes across in interviews as an honest and articulate critic of Putin’s Kremlin and its FSB (Federal Security Service) murder gang. Formerly an FSB counter-intelligence officer Litvinenko makes his case as somebody who refused to be corrupted by the mafia culture within the FSB, risking prison and assassination by staging a notorious press conference in Moscow in 1998. During this event he accused his FSB superiors of betraying their duty to serve and protect the Russian people by instead engaging in policies of assassination and intimidation in the goal of self-enrichment. After his trial acquittal in 1999, Litvinenko was granted political asylum in Britain, where he continued to be a thorn in Putin’s side until his assassination by poisoning in 2006. Film-maker Andrei Nekrasov got to interview Litvinenko and the journalist Politkovskaya shortly before both were murdered. Nekrasov uses these exclusive interviews, hidden cameras, rare stock footage, and banned tapes from now forbidden Russian programs to paint a tragic picture of an entire nation, one that is both victim and an enabler of one of the most corrupt and cynical regimes currently in power. After seeing this film, you’ll have little doubt in your mind about who did it and why. This powerful and terrifying documentary offers a clear indictment of Putin’s criminal regime. This may not be laid out like a typical 60 minutes report, but the facts are all there. Director Andrei Nekrasov probably put his life in risk by doing this documentary. Heroic individual. His personal reflections of life in the Soviet Union and modern-day Russia and poignant and help to explain much about this sad tormented country. For those interested in the Litvinenko case and Putin’s Russia in general, this is a must see. Compelling story. This movie is well worth watching. Amazing this got so little expose in the western media. (Bunt. Delo Litvinenko) Documentary 2007 NR 1hr 44m.


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