Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet examines the ways in which plastic saturates our modern lives, and how our dependency on this petroleum product harms ourselves and our planet. See how plastic’s toxic chemicals enter the food chain and other disturbing secrets. A bit dull at first, but when they start getting into the actual dangers of plastics, and how chemicals get released into our food and water, I started to take notice and pay more attention. One problem is how many people simply do not question our technology simply because a politician or news anchor says our technology is safe. Wake-up call. I knew plastic was bad. I’ve recently started gardening to avoid pesticides in my food, but this documentary has caused me to question the use of plastic: plastic pots, plastic rain barrels, plastic sheeting. If it’s not wood or stone, then it’s most likely plastic. This was an amazing documentary. Such an innocent substance has the power to do so much damage. The information about sterility and plastic chemical agents that act as hormones was news to me. I had always heard how BPA was bad, but I had no idea our bodies reacted to it like estrogen… scary stuff. I buy locally, organic food and meat. But I am undermining my health keeping it in plastic containers! Will make a change ASAP. Why not use glass, which is plentiful for storing foods and other things instead of plastics that leak cancer-causing chemicals into our food, water and the air we breathe? Very informative, again big business and politics know and knew what is bad. Money wins every time. Plastic is much more ubiquitous than even I knew. Look, petroleum based plastic is a real threat to our way of life on the Earth. The creators of this film did a good job at demonstrating the enormity of this problem. Manufacturers of plastic take no responsibility in providing materials that are non-toxic and safe for our environment. If more people would bother to confront these corporations and hold them to strict safety standards and practices, then maybe our planet would be on a better way to an ecological recovery. Ask yourself then, how much good are you doing to avoid pesticides and then poison yourself with a plastic container that’s disintegrating in the sun. I will desist immediately. Our society is so swamped with plastic that we don’t see it any more. Thanks for opening my eyes a little wider. I rarely buy bottled water anymore, because I bought a water filter over a year ago. That is a problem in itself–I recommend the documentary TAPPED regarding the bottled water industry. People need to watch this–especially those who have children. This is a great documentary. It’s eye-opening, and I think everyone should watch it. Documentary 2009 NR 1hr 39m.


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