Patriocracy is an incisive and timely documentary that examines the extreme polarization of the U.S. political landscape and seeks to identify the underlying causes. Politicians, journalists and pundits share their theories regarding America’s current age of anxiety. This country has had many cases of political antagonism throughout its history, and it was even worse in the past, when one remembers the Civil War era before and after the war. If you’ve ever wondered how the U.S.A.’s political system has begun to fail us when we’ve really needed it, then this movie will help show you just that. Without assigning blame to one party or another, Patriocracy takes the route of simply showing how both sides of the political spectrum have been hijacked by their more radical members, and how everything from media coverage to money and special interest groups has helped this to happen. While the show is short on presenting solutions, it does a good job of identifying some of the major issues that contribute to the frequent stalemates and endless bickering that we see in Washington. If you have left or right leanings this film will definitely offend you. Why? Because it discusses the polarizing of people on both sides. This film is about how our political system has degenerated into a dysfunctional state of hostility towards each other. This film is about how these kinds of people, left and right wingers, have high-jacked our political system and crippled it with their inability to be civil to others who disagree with them. This film is about how these people will “uphold” the first amendment provided you speak their language and agree with them. This film is about how organized labor and big business have become increasingly more destructive to our political system through their actions, and how we as citizens have allowed it to happen. This film is about how we the majority have been held hostage by these polarizing aspects and feel almost helpless to stop it. This film is about how our media is playing an ever-increasing role in spreading that dysfunction by giving us opinion as “news.” It also describes how political commentators are believed as news by people. Watching cable news for hours doesn’t make you informed whether it’s MSNBC or Fox News! This fascinating, timely and, most importantly, non-partisan documentary examines the extreme polarization of the U.S. political landscape and, in my opinion, clearly identifies the underlying causes. Equal finger pointing here that is much deserved. Brian Malone did a great job detailing the problem with our current political climate, and he did it in a way that is completely non-partisan. I have seen very few documentaries that even attempt objectivity and balance on the subject of politics. Both sides do the country a disservice by labeling anyone of opposing viewpoint as un-American. Such behavior does nothing to foster solutions or compromise. The role of money in politics was explored in a thoughtful and non-partisan way as well. The best part about this video is that it comes from a centrist point of view so even though you may not agree with everything that was said, you should be able to understand that viewpoint. I think the majority of us are frustrated by the polarization but don’t know what to do about it. This documentary offers some solutions. I like that solutions to gridlock were explored, not just the usual complaining with no hope for resolution. It points out instances where both parties could not come together to compromise when it really counted. It lists possible reason why this might be occurring and lists some ways in which we can reform the process. Unless we as a people demand accountability from our elected leaders, then nothing will change. If the silent majority were to speak out, I think both parties would be very surprised to find out how many centrists exist in America today. This is a really good film. It is a thought-provoking, highly informative documentary that is worth watching. Required viewing for those of us who are sick and tired of the status quo. This film should be viewed by every American of voting age, and  teenagers under 18 should watch it as well in preparation for voting. This is easily the best documentary I have ever watched. Seek it out. In addition, it lists website that can help you get involved in politics that are not geared toward one group or another. Documentary 2011 NR 1hr  26m.


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