New Problem of Over-Choice of Movies

There is a new problem of over-choice of movies available to watch at home.


A new problem of over-choice – too many movies to choose from – now exists that was impossible during the first hundred years of movies.

For the first hundred years of movies there was no choice — only one movie at a time was available at each theater around the country.

When a movie theater first was built in almost every town in the country, people had a choice of going to see the one movie at the theater — or not going to a movie.

Choice gradually increased, but very slowly.

First the addition of double features gave viewers two movies to watch one after the other.

The choice of movies to see gradually grew to several in cities with more than one theater.

In large cities, multiple theaters resulted in a more choices of movies to see.

Starting with television in the 1950’s, the original three channels resulted in a few choices between several movies to see.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that video stores appeared that gave people several hundred movies to choose from.

Now Netflix offers you over 100,000 movies to choose from.

This has created a new problem of over-choice – too many movies to choose from.

The problem is that of the 100,000 movies to choose from, you’ve only heard of a relatively few.


So how can you find the best movies hiding among such vast number to choose from?

First, you might choose to see one of the recently made movies you’ve heard about because of all the advertising spending of a 100 million dollars per selected films – going to see them in the theaters or waiting to rent them when they come out on DVD

Second, you might wait until after the end of the year when the awards shows like the Academy Awards picks out the best movies of the past year.

This web site can help you find the best films to choose.


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