Nazi Hunters

Nazi Hunters is a docudrama series that reveals how determined agents captured some of the most evil criminals the world has ever known, chronicling eight missions.  It is important that we recognize that this genocidal behavior was committed by ordinary men and women.  When brought to trial for crimes against humanity, most tried to excuse their deeds by claiming, “I was only following orders.”  I am so appreciative of people like Wiesenthal & the Klarsfelds — these Nazi Hunters are inspiring heroes.  I think their stories are important, because it shows what individuals can do, against all odds.  If you like these kind of justice films this is a series worth watching, offering several educational facts that are not widely known.

These real-life detective stories tell how a band of secret agents and avengers collared and brought to justice some of the most evil men in history:
1 Herbert Cukurs
2 Adolf Eichmann
3 Klaus Barbie
4 Erich Priebke
5 Joseph Mengele
6 Kurt Lischka
7 Paul Touvier
8 Gustav Wagner/Franz Strangl

Episode 1, 44 minutes.  Herbert Cukurs.  The Israeli secret service heads to Brazil to nab Herbert Cukurs, the notorious “Hangman of Riga” responsible for the deaths of 30,000 Latvian Jews.

The best episode is about Paul Tovier, upon which a commercial thriller was made entitled “The Statement” with Michael Caine. Although some artistic freedoms were taken that digressed from the real capture, the ending was hugely gratifying.  As was this movie.  I especially like the fact that this also focuses on lesser known Nazi’s, not just Mengele and Eichmann.

I learned that West Germany wouldn’t charge or prosecute their war criminals, and that the Catholic Church was supporting their escapes & relocations, both facts that stunned me.  This is a frightening look at how racist and antisemitic the Catholic Church really is.  Their aiding and abetting Nazi mass murders defies every holy cannon they pretend to represent.  It is a sobering hypocrisy.  I was raised Catholic, and to learn that the Vatican helped protect Nazi war criminals makes me sick.  Why any country or person, would knowingly shelter and/or associate with such scum of the earth is beyond me — I cannot wrap my brain around that at all.

Worth watching.  It’s important to hear from the participants in hunting down these war criminals while they are still alive.  But it is never mentioned that killed in concentration camps were not just Jewish but also Polish and victims of every other occupied country.  Aside from it being mostly unknown history, I think the icy statistic of the relatively few people who chose to write a review of this important film is heartbreaking.  I realize it’s been more than a half century since this history.  It is a crying shame that younger generations have so little knowledge (or care) about these atrocities.  Similar crimes against humanity still continue today, and we see a similar demon unleashed, through radical Islamists, terrorists and other monsters.  I only hope that one day our youth will understand how such terrorism takes hold — by ignorance, greed, and consensual stupidity.  We need to teach our children it is intolerable.  You will find this film mesmerizing — you will find it fascinating and upsetting.  A well-done series.  Docudrama series 1 season 2010 NR.

Inside The Nazi Hunters
(Nazi Hunters)

Documentary 2010 NR 1 Season. This series documents the work of Nazi hunters who chased down a few of the most hated individuals on earth, often employing controversial methods.  The dogged, sometimes shocking methods of real-life Nazi hunters are documented in searches for war criminals such as Adolf Eichmann and Klaus Barbie.

1 Hunting the Nazi Rocket
2 The Hunt for Martin Bormann
3 Justice SAS Style
4 Peiper: The Murder of Malmedy
5 Death Camp Kommandant Franz Strangl
6 Albert Speer: The ‘Good’ Nazi
7 The Angel of Death
8 The Jewish Avenger
9 Killing Reinhardt Heydrich
10 Hunting Adolf Eichmann
11 The Monster and the Butcher
12 Goering: The Start Exhibit
13 Who Killed Heinrich Himmler

Season 1 Episode 6, 50 minutes.  Albert Speer: The ‘Good’ Nazi.  He was responsible for the exploitation of millions of slave laborers, but escaped the hangman’s noose, becoming “the Good Nazi.”


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