Movies that teach kids about climate change (part 3)

Adventure Planet

Adventure Planet is an animated feature film made in Thailand, combining a suspense-filled adventure story with a cautionary tale about the danger of climate change and human’s delay in responding to the crisis. The adventure places three young children and the entire planet in a series of perilous situations: cities under siege from giant fireballs, quakes, explosions, and crashes. The children plummet great distances, are trapped, lost, and knocked unconscious. No specific injuries or deaths are shown. The only “villains” in the story are environmental catastrophes but those events are seen as a result of much of the world’s dependence on technology at the expense of the natural world. Capital State, clearly the leader of planet Earth is initially depicted as arrogant and wrongheaded but without malice. Indeed, its president, along with the rest of the world’s leaders, is transformed by developments and learns hard lessons.

Before the Flood

Before the Flood is a documentary about the climate crisis of the Earth. It tells the story of the U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio traveling the world, looking into various issues and possible solutions. The film provides quite a bit of information that is both alarming and hopeful. DiCaprio is portrayed as a curious, empathetic role model who is helping in leading the world in the fight to save the future. Expect some disturbing imagery related to the possible future of the planet; discussions of what could happen, and is really happening, to the planet could upset younger viewers. There is also a bit of strong language, such as ass, damn, or son of a bitch.

Time to Choose

Narrated by Oscar Isaac, Time to Choose is a well-intentioned documentary that examines the causes of global warming, including fossil fuels and deforestation,  and then showcases the advances in clean energy that can help the planet. Director Charles Ferguson talks to many worldwide leaders about effort to fight against climate change and calls out those who have been identified as villains by those fighting global warming. In the film, there are no big content-based red flags for parents and it will likely help young people understand the issue. It may also be popular with teachers who want to help their students grasp the basic concepts related to global warming.

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