Money and Medicine

As rising health care costs threaten to bankrupt the country, Money and Medicineis a documentary that tackles the medical, ethical and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending, especially in the last two years of life. This documentary takes a look at so-called conventional medicine, and the un-talked about risks to the quality of life for the patient. You get views from physicians who work at different hospitals, including comparing/contrasting between various hospitals as far as costs and outcomes. Excellent, truthful and factual. I am a doctor, and this is an excellent documentary showing our thoughts as doctors. I have worked in healthcare for 40 years and I know for sure that this kind of stuff happens all the time. The care for terminal stroke patients costs millions with no cure in sight. If the families had to pay out of pocket would they still treat these patients for 10 months? Would they quit their jobs to take care of the patients? As long as someone else is paying, the sky is the limit. This film is an informative affirmation of my belief that hospitals are more for profit than the health of the patient. I will say the place I work at is “for profit” — and a lot of unnecessary lab test are done repeatedly with no difference in treatment. The fear of malpractice lawsuits is a huge factor in doing so many tests and procedures, so everyone is “covering their butts”. Healthcare is really in a sad state nowadays, and it doesn’t look very hopeful in the future. We get a glimpse here at what a more efficient medical industry could–and should–look like. Now if only we could find the political and economic will to get there. This society is based on money, and since medical care is based on profit, then hospitals are going to offer options to patients, regardless of the very low chances that medical procedures will help. In the end, they make more money prescribing care that most of the time ends up being meaningless. What a business! Who pays? Insurance companies, who are in the business of making money, and the federal government. Choose your health care based on facts — and remember that everyone dies. The main message is that our current healthcare system needs more collaboration between healthcare providers nationwide, not just within one hospital, to achieve the highest quality patient care, with the best outcome, with the lowest cost, and that all of the risks vs. benefits need to be on the table for the patient. I highly recommend this film for all people, especially those currently working in the medical field. Also recommended to anyone who has recently gone to a hospital, is still coping with sky-high medical bills, or just wonders what the future of our country will look like when medical expenses consume 70% of GDP. Fascinating and informative. Really excellent. Loved it! Documentary 2012 NR 1hr 23m.



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