Listing Order of Must-See Movies

On this website, films are generally listed in the following order, for the following reasons:

A. By Date

Most recent films are generally listed first as being most up-to-date, so people can quickly find what’s new, followed by descending order of date down to the oldest and perhaps most out-of-date.

(Exceptions are made when necessary, when the historical order may be helpful in understanding the development of an idea, for example listing Silent Spring first as the start of the environmental movement.).

B. By Type of Movie

1. Docudramas, because they are closest to the drama movies that people love to see.

2. Documentaries, because they are the most factual, bus may not be as gripping as a docudrama

3. Satires, if they derive humor from the existing facts.

The following movies come lower in the list because they are wholly fictional, written in the hope of holding the viewers interest, saying whatever might succeed.

4.. Dramas, because they are designed to be gripping, but may have little relation to reality.

5. Thrillers have the main goal of being exciting however possible.

6. Comedies, because they are designed to be funny, but have the least relation to reality.

These are general guidelines to the listing order of Must-See Movies on this website.

But variations to this listing order are used whenever appropriate.


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