John Perkins Speaking Freely

John Perkins, author and former economic consultant, takes aim at himself by confessing his shameful role in helping organizations such as World Bank and the IMF drive poor nations into crippling debt while enriching U.S. corporations. A truly outstanding movie to understand how today’s wealthy nations enslave the third world nations, and keep them in poverty to exploit their people and their resources. Perkins lifts a veil on a layer of international relations that functions both independent of, and in collaboration with government. John Perkins is a former economist who worked in behalf of large corporations and explains how international aid is by design intended to control and manipulate other countries and keep most of the population in poverty. This very eloquent man speaks honestly of his role as one who had the dirty job to pose options to world leaders, either play ball and get rich, or you will be eliminated, assassinated. About the misleading and corrupt agendas of big corporations who control our political system as well as world political system with imperialistic agendas. After you watch this movie, I recommend as a sequel another movie called South of the Border — which focuses on many South American countries who have taken back their countries and are leading a united front to oppose American imperialism. Exactly what John Perkins says in his video is shown in this movie South of the Border. His social conscience awakened, Perkinsfinally got fed up and quit his job. Now, he runs a successful nonprofit group that works to help indigenous peoples protect and strengthen their environments and cultures. John Perkins had a mea culpa, and luckily his 180 degree turn of consciousness allows us to see what’s really going on through an insider that had personal experience in helping to perpetuate global corporatization. He paints a realistic big picture as the royal scam it is. I’ve read Mr. Perkins’ books over the past few years with great interest and passion, including the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire. I greatly enjoyed Mr. Perkins’ insights and recommendations for a better, gentler world ruled less by greed and materialism than by principles and fair play. Student of this discipline should pick up Mr. Perkins’ books and explore the details of the political and economic assassinations that have turned America into the most evil empire in the world, and by far, the most hated one of our time. I have lived abroad for ten years of my adult life witnessing exactly what he is talking about in his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. He is pertinent and relevant and we should all step out of our little boxes and listen and find a way that we can play a part in creating change. At the least for our own self-interest and self-preservation. We have to walk away from the gaming, television, and other mundane distractions and pay attention. Most people in the U.S. feel powerless to do anything about this, but each and every one of us has power over mega corporations in the way we spend our money, if you just stop buying products from the corporations who are offenders creating world poverty. Wow! Nothing like being forced to wake up in America. We need to hear this. Couldn’t help but think, that although he was talking about the rape of other countries besides USA, after the Wall Street rape of Americans, we are in the same spot as the rest of the world. Lecture 2007 NR.


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