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Exposé:  America’s Investigative Reports

Find Out What They Don’t Want You to Know

America’s Investigative Reports is an award-winning PBS documentary series that gives a primetime spotlight to some of the most important investigative journalism in America.
From Portland to El Paso, Chicago to Miami, San Francisco to Hartford (and of course in Washington, D.C.), investigative journalism in the United States is alive and well.  Every day, reporters are on the trail of those in government, corporations, and other institutions who fail to protect those they serve, whether by covering up harmful actions, using their influential, public-service positions to reap personal gain, or otherwise betraying the public trust.  The reporters chase down leads, question those in power, receive anonymous tips, crunch electronic data, analyze boxfuls of paper documents, visit the scenes, cultivate sources, pursue hunches, check and recheck facts – all in an effort to hold accountable those who are supposed to be serving the public interest.  And when it is time to publish or go on the air, they hope that not only will wrongs be righted, but also that if they are, the “system” will have a chance to work.  Browse seasons 1 and 2.


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