Inside the Mind of Google

Inside the Mind of Google shows how Google came to dominate the online search industry. Its strategies for growth and how it’s addressing the hot issue of online privacy. Get a rare look at the company that hundreds of millions of people touch every day. I use the Google search engine a lot. Google is worth learning about, and this is a wonderful glimpse into the company. The documentary provides interesting insights into how Google works. Google is a fascinating company. Aside from the technology, just the corporate culture is groundbreaking. The documentary makes you mindful of tools we use every day but never really consider. The information is educational. This documentary was made by CNBC so it is in a news story style and made for a general audience, and not super techie. This is worth a watch if you want a window into Google. This is an interesting documentary that doesn’t only look at how Google was created but also looks at the controversial subject of privacy laws and the Patriot Act. If you want to learn more about Google’s philosophy and vision, as well as some potentially scary implications vis-a-vis our privacy rights, the presentation is excellent. Google has done a lot for search engines and has helped us mine everything that we could possibly find online. But, like they say, nothing’s really for free. It is scary how much information Google has on everyone. But, then again, how different is that from Facebook? Just hope that when they get big, they don’t lose their humanity. It was very informative and eye-opening. It might give you pause when you go to do a search, because of the “Big Brother” feel. This film shows what issues of privacy or the lack thereof are present when using this search engine. There are other free search engines that have a better privacy policy, but they just haven’t been as successfully marketed. I sought out a search engine other than Google and discovered Yippy and have been happily using it ever since. Don’t get me wrong — Google is a good product, but if you are interested in privacy then you may want to search elsewhere. I do find the documentary a bit paranoid when talking about our information being an invasion of privacy. If Google wants to use my info for research, I do not have a problem with that. Hopefully this will make my search faster, better. I thought the documentary was informative, interesting, and balanced. This was released in 2009, but a lot has changed since then. So maybe somewhat out-dated, but informative still. I would recommend this to anyone who uses Google. Great documentary. I loved it and thought it was very interesting. I definitely recommend you watch this. Enjoy! Documentary CNBC Originals 2009 TV-PG 43m.


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