Incredible Human Machine

The Incredible Human Machine is an excellent and astonishing anatomical documentary. This documentary illustrates the workings of the body from the inside out through great camera work. Take a fantastic voyage through the human body and explore the fascinating inner workings of the organs and physiological functions with this awe-inspiring documentary from National Geographic. Through the use of tiny cameras, X-rays, microscopes and groundbreaking CGI technology, this amazing journey offers a glimpse into the “human machine” like no other. One particularly vivid segment captures rocker Steven Tyler’s vocal cords in action. The computer graphics are very good but the videography is most impressive esp. when showing internal functions of every part of the human body, including a pill-cam voyage through the digestive system. Did you know all the skin that covers our body weigh six pounds? Lots of interesting footage that looks at the human body from a very different perspective than we are used to seeing. Lots of great information. It covers all the senses, most body systems, and inside peeks of different parts of the body and how they function. One amazing fact after the other, it was hard to grasp it all in one watching! I particularly enjoyed the transition they made from one body system to the next. It also has various doctors talking about the body and what technology has been and is able to do to repair and discover different things the body is capable of doing when given the right environment. I thought the segments where they focused on current medical procedures and methods of healing (ex. ECM for healing joint tissue and meditation for changing brain activity) were interesting and really made me want to know more. I loved this documentary. Being a physiology major, I’ve seen a lot of human body educational films, and this one in particular outlined the basic principles in such great visual detail, it’s really a work of art. Probably the best one I’ve seen. My children loved all the different parts. They were glued to the video, and it was very informative. This really shows how amazing the human body really is! After viewing this astonishing documentary you will realize that every minute of your life is a miracle. What a fantastic documentary about the human body. I would give this 6 stars if I could! Fascinating! Great from start to finish! WOW! Documentary National Geographic 2007 NR 95 minutes.


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