I Am Slave

I Am Slave is the heartbreaking story of a girl who was kidnapped in 1993 in Sudan Africa at age twelve and sold into slavery, first in Khartoum Sudan and then in London. I had no idea that such atrocities are happening today in western countries. Slavery sounds the stuff of yesteryear, but the horrifying truth is that today slavery still exists, as absurd as it may intellectually seem. In Sudan, tribes are raided for their young women; their families killed and villages razed to the ground. This is a powerful story of modern day slavery that will touch you to the core. It all began one horrific night when Arab raiders swept through a Nuba village, murdering the adults and rounding up thirty-one children. Young Malia was sold into slavery to a wealthy Arab family in Sudan’s capital city, Khartoum. Her Arab owners called her “Yebit,” meaning “black slave.” She called them “master.” She was subjected to appalling physical, sexual, and mental abuse. She slept in a shed and was fed leftovers like a dog. She had no rights, no freedom, and no life of her own. This drama inspired by true events follows this Sudanese girl who learns to fight her oppressors. I was drawn into the terror, despair and helplessness of the young Malia serving a cruel mistress in Khartoum, and then as a late teen serving a selfish Arab mistress in London. She was caged for six long years, but Malia never gave up her dream of freedom. In September 2000, she made a dramatic break for freedom. My heart was pounding as I cheered for Malia to run for her life. This story is simultaneously heartbreaking and triumphant. It reminds us all of the psychological and physical abuse placed upon Africans for centuries for economic gain. Really shows how things must have been in USA not too long ago. Many folks think slavery went out with Lincoln, but it is still present. Highly recommend this movie for everyone, so hopefully people will get some awareness of these horrible crimes. Please, please, please watch it. This is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. I do not give too many six stars, but this little gem is more than worthy! On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 15. I’m still in tears!!! This movie will haunt me for a quite a while. Thank you to the producers, writers, and actors for making it. And I didn’t even have to read subtitles, as these Sudan people speak English. This is a do-not-miss — a must-see, heart-touching, heart-breaking film. Read the book also: Slave: My True Story by Mende Nazer (real name of “Malia”) and Damien Lewis.  It goes into so much more depth on her entire life story. In the movie at the end are postscripts estimating that 5,000 women are living as slaves today in London, and that 20,000 people have been enslaved in Sudan. It’s tragic that in this enlightened age and society slavery still exists – everywhere. Women, men, and children are taken and forced to be slaves. Breaks my heart to know this is happening all over the world to thousands of people.  It brings tears to my eyes knowing that people in Africa and Asia and the Middle East are still being sold into slavery every day. One of the reviewers wrote about slavery as a “world issue” as if it was something outside of the USA. If people think this just happens in Africa to blacks, think again, since people of all races are taken and forced into slavery – yes, even in America. Sadly, there are invisible and silent slaves in every city in the US, and no doubt in the suburbs and rolling estates, as well. The fact that human beings can treat others like this does not speak well of the human race. How can anyone believe they truly own another human being? It’s despicable that these atrocities continue to happen. What is being done to stop this?? As more survivors speak out and expose the horrible truth of slavery, there is a greater chance this will be stopped. I love this film. It actually was a wake-up call for me. I think I was ignorant that this is happening in the world around me. I am now going to look for ways I can get involved to help.  Docudrama 2010 NR 1hr 20m.






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