Homo Toxicus

Homo Toxicus uses wit, intelligence and common sense to unravel bureaucratic red tape and illuminate the science of the more than 100,000 chemicals created since World War II that contaminate mammals, plants, fish and even human DNA. Documentarian Carole Poliquin examines the prevalence of estrogen-mimicking compounds resulting in a lower birth rate of human males and the mutations of various species, and how science and governments are reacting. A must see! The vitally important information contained in this film was gathered through scientific investigation and impartial statistical analysis, and led to quite startling valid conclusions. This worthy documentary presents clear impartial evidence of the severely pernicious biological impact of man-made chemicals. In addition it shows unjustifiable resistance negligently ignoring public injury caused by global chemical corporations. Global corporations have consistently ranked financial profit above the value of life. One need only examine lobbying efforts of those who undermine environmental regulations and then look at the huge number of the declared environmental disaster areas, most of which they abandoned. It should be recognized that when most industrial chemicals were invented no one could have foreseen the long-term consequences of a world with thousands of tons of them. Nevertheless it is now up to us to reduce and eventually eliminate our reliance on them. Not only is our own nation the most wasteful on Earth, but foreign nations end up polluting themselves in order to produce our cheap consumer goods and foods. Polluted clouds and waters know no borders… and so the contagion spreads. Governments have been bought out and paid for by giant corporations imposing their best interests over the interests of the individual by force of their money and political coercion with lobby groups and public dis-information and mis-information campaigns. The difficult problem we face is that this dilemma cannot be changed easily. After all, making the needed changes would take a huge bite out of many corporations’ profit margins. Making money has always taken precedence over our health throughout the industrial revolution and on into our present day. Don’t wait for industries or politicians or technologies to change. The time has come for us to change, as individuals, as a matter of survival. Change our eating habits, change our spending habits, change all our wasteful habits. No one else can do that for us, we actually have to make the effort and do it ourselves. Change. It’s not too late. We have been warned. No wonder this quiet little documentary has won such high praise. Documentary 2008 NR 87 minutes.


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